Power Rangers Hexagon : Power for Power (Part 2)

December 4th, 2015,

1 ALB,

Power Station,

New York,



With the city all blacked out, the Silver Guardians had carefully driven through any car that had stopped or crashed, or any other obstacle that had been toppled from the crisis of the darkness. After half an hour of traversing through the darkness, the convoy had finally reached the power plant. Stopping at the front of the complex’s gate, everyone had exited the vehicles. From one of the cars, the Megaforce Rangers had come out from both sides of the back, followed by Wes and Eric from the front. The soldiers all gathered in a straight horizontal formation as they crouched down and aimed their guns at the entrance. The two leaders grouped with the Megaforce Rangers.

“Boy, they sure know how to cut the power to this place.” Wes poked fun at the current situation, but Eric was not amused.

“Come on, Wes.” he complained. “Even at a time like this you find humour? Makes me wonder why you’re in charge with me instead of just me in charge.”

“Aw, lighten up, Eric.” Putting aside the ranting, the two then looked to the Megaforce Rangers again, ready to initiate their plan to act against whatever had put the power out.

“But Eric’s right though.” Wes said with a serious tone. “Once we get in there, we have to keep our eyes open, even if we have no lights to brighten up the subject.”

“No matter what, we’ll be ready, Wes.” Troy assured.

“So how are we going to do this?” asked Emma.

“First things first. We split up into five groups. The Silver Guardians will take three of them. Eric.” Wes turned to Eric. “You and I will take a small number of our men.”

“Understood.” Eric complied with a nod. Without wasting time, Eric walked away and went to assign the men he needed to join them. Wes then turned his attention to the young teenagers.

“You guys will stick together as another group. Your powers will be more effective when you’re all one.”

“Not a bad idea, sir.” agreed Jake.

“You can just call me, Wes, Jake.” Wes offered. “Alright then. Let’s get this show on the road.” He then walked for the groups of Silver Guardians already separated and formed up. The Megaforce team followed him. “Teams, listen up. You have been separated into your respective groups. Team One.” He pointed out to the leftmost team of the bunch. “You will check the left powerhouse. Team Two.” Next, he directed the team next to them, and so on and so forth. “You guys will scout at the power lines. See if any damage was done there. Team Three, you’re with me and Eric.” Finally, Wes finished his briefing as he faced the Megaforce Rangers. “You will be Team Four. Check the power generators. Judging by how slowly the power was put out in the city, there could be a leak or drainage in the power source.”

“Got it.” acknowledged Troy.

“Okay. You know your jobs. Remember. If you see any X-Borgs or other creeps we should be worried about, attack on sight. Teams. Make ready.” With his directions, all of the teams stood at the ready, waiting for the word to move right in to where the action will take place. “Team Four, time to morph.”

The Megaforce Rangers each pulled their Gosei-shaped Morphers and summoned their Power Cards. They pulled out the mouth of the Morpher and inserted their Cards in.

GO GO MEGAFORCE!” Pressing down the mouths, the Morphers then transformed the five Rangers into their signature Ranger Modes. They made their battle poses in front of their superiors.

“Well, looks like they’re ready to go.” Eric said.

“Okay men.” Wes made sure his men were all formed up and awaiting further orders. Wes and Eric returned to their team while the Rangers followed. “You know what to do. Find out what happened to the power in this place and come back out. Any X-Borg in sight, report to us. If you find yourselves under fire, do what you can to hold them off. This place is so quiet now that the slightest sound could mean trouble.”

“Okay. Let’s move out. Go!” At Eric’s orders, the Silver Guardians all hustled and walked in through the entrance. Wes and Eric followed suit.

“Good luck you guys.” wished Wes as he looked at the Megaforce Rangers before walking off.

“We’ll keep in touch.” said Emma. With the Silver Guardians out of sight, the Rangers were next to move out.

“Alright guys. Let’s head out. Stick together and we’ll make it out on top.” addressed Troy to his teammates. “Let’s go.”

“Right!” And so, off they went, into the dark and inactive power plant, ready for whatever threats that may lie ahead.

Into the plant, the Megaforce team maintained their visual as they travelled into the facility. Though they tried their best to find any leads to how the power went out, the pitch black darkness did not seem to be helping very much. There was absolutely no lighting for them to see clearly. They could at least faintly see where they were going, but they really needed some way to illuminate the darkness around them.

“Man, this place sure is… spooky.” Jake shivered as the cold and quietness was starting to give him the chills inside and out.

“We really some light here.” Troy pondered. “Who knows when we are going to be ambushed?”

“Hang on.” Just then, Noah had come up with sudden realization in his voice. “We do have something else. Check this out!”

He reached for his helmet and pressed a small button behind it on the right side. The Rangers couldn’t see it, but when Noah had pressed on the button, his helmet visor had two metal slides coming out from the rims. Between the visors, the now narrow black screen had phased into a bright red colour. It was then that the others noticed the change.

“Wow!” admired Gia.

“What is that?” asked Jake.

“I call it the Thermal Visor Mode.” explained Noah. “It will give us infra-red vision that can detect heat signatures given off by any living organism, such as us and the X-Borgs. In other words, we can see anyone in the dark. Unless they’re cold-blooded. I had Tommy help me out with the tech.”

“Do we all have one?” asked Emma.

“Sure. You guys now have the Thermal Visor Mode too. Just find a button behind the right side of your helmets”

With the Rangers blind in the dark, all they could do was try and feel for any bump that could make for a button. Once they have found one each, they pushed the bumps down. Feeling the bumps actually going down, they could also feel their helmets slowly shaking as their visors started to close down. After that, the visors had changed from the clear and transparent glass look to a digital-looking red screen. As they looked around, they could see orange and blue figures around them.

“Whoa!” Troy was the first to react to this sudden change. “I can see you guys now.”

“More like seeing our heat.” added Emma.

“Hey, Gia!” Jake called. “You’re sure looking ‘hot’ tonight!”

“Haha.” Gia laughed sarcastically. “Very funny, Joker.”

“Right. Now that we have Thermal Visor Mode, we can find anyone in the thickest of darkness. Just make sure to watch out for any suspicious heat signatures.” Noah directed.

“You got it, Noah.” answered Jake.

“Okay then. Let’s get it going now.” Troy ordered. Now with the ability to see in the dark with their new Thermal Visor Modes, the Rangers had felt a little more relieved. Although the visors couldn’t let them identify intimate objects, they made no waste of time scanning the area for any heat sources given off by X-Borgs or any other possible threat.

Soon, the Rangers, with the help of their new technology, had reached the interior of a structure. They checked and checked, hoping to stumble upon an enemy force and find a way to bring the power back to the city. However, the passing minutes of search have not yielded any findings. The facility had all seemed untouched. Not a single sign of damage, other than the loss of the power itself. Inside the building, they continued their search. But even here, again, they couldn’t find anything.

“Aw man. Nothing in here either.” complained Jake.

“There’s gotta be something to find around here.” added Gia.

“Gosh, this is just like finding a needle in a haystack…” said Emma. “…but with the haystack in the middle of the night.”

“Just keep searching, guys.” assured Troy as they made way to the middle of the large room. “We still got a lot of this place to check out.”

Just then…

“Look!” Noah had suddenly called out to his fellow Rangers. “Over there!” Everyone else followed to where Noah was pointing at. They looked there, and to their surprise. There was another orange and blue humanoid figure within their sights just outside the doors leading to the exit. It was simply walking by in an orderly manner, as if it was on patrol. Its structure was distinctively human-like. And it probably would be a human if it were not for a very noticeable odd feature.

“Good eyes, Noah.” commented Troy. “That sure looks like an X-Borg to me.”

“Of course.” said Jake. “I thought it was one of the Silver Guardians, but do Silver Guardians were barrels on their heads?”

“Let’s go follow it.” The Rangers quickly but quietly sneaked their way towards the exit, making sure not to alert the X-Borg. Once there, they peeped behind the door and saw the signature again as it was marching away from them.

“Where do you think it is going?” wondered Gia.

“Well, at least we know that the Empire has something to do with this blackout.” Noah reasoned.

“Maybe we should follow him. We’ll be bound to get closer to wherever he’s going.” suggested Emma.

“Good idea, Emma.” remarked Troy. “But let’s go slowly. We don’t want to attract too much attention.”

“Right.” The team complied. Slowly, coming out of the door, the five Rangers crept towards the unsuspecting minion. They sneaked behind, coming behind one solid object to another. They followed the X-Borg through its patrol path. From where they first saw the X-Borg, it then turned left, away from their sights. They quickly followed it, moving along the opposite building walls. They turned at the corner, where the X-Borg was once again walking away with its back against them.

“I’m just glad these X-Borgs aren’t so observant.” joked Gia.

“Aren’t we all glad?” added Emma.

“Let’s keep it up.” The Rangers then continued to tail the X-Borg to wherever it may take them.

From that point on, the Rangers had followed the X-Borg through the power plant, hiding and creeping up at the same time. To add up to things, the Rangers eventually found yet another X-Borg. Then, they found another. And another. The team began to piece together that the more X-Borgs there were, the closer they were getting towards the possible source of the problems.

Soon, they arrived at yet another building. This time, they were able to find that some X-Borgs were guarding the front doors, standing at both sides of the entrance with weapons at their disposal. Thus, the Rangers were able to deduce that whatever was in there, the X-Borgs seem to be very protective about it. They gathered behind a power generator. Unbeknownst to them, there was a small set of three holes below them on the generator, coupled with a burnt mark around it.

“This looks like the place.” whispered Noah.

“But what is in there?” asked Emma. They also noticed that the interior of the building was flashing with a bluish white light.

“Whatever it is, it must be really important.” added Gia.

“We need to take a closer look.” suggested Troy, inching a little away from his hiding spot. “Come on. Let’s check it out.” One by one, the Rangers sneaked towards the building. They made their way to the side of the building where it was covered in a thick shadow.

The two guards, meanwhile, were continuing to watch out at the doors, while the flashing inside continued. They turned their heads here and there, scanning the perimeter for any intruders. However, as one looked away, little did they know that a group of sneaky little Rangers were lurking towards them in the shadows. Once the Rangers disappeared into the dark part, the guard had turned towards where they had crossed through, only to find nothing there. Facing forward, the two of them stayed at their positions.



The left X-Borg had suddenly been knocked down to the ground, unconscious. Behind it, there was a white glove wrapped in a fist. That fist belonged to the Blue Megaforce Ranger, who had appeared right out of the shadows.

The falling sound of the X-Borg had caught the attention of its comrade, who had turned towards Noah, alerted to its presence…

…a little too late…


Soon, it too had been taken down by the combined might of the Pink and Yellow Rangers, who had jumped down from the building and pinned the soldier down; their hands holding down his head to the concrete ground.

With both guards down, the Rangers, including Troy and Jake, who both had emerged from the shadowy part behind Noah, gathered outside the building.

“That takes care of them.” gloated Jake.

“Okay guys.” Troy said. “How about we see what this little light show is all about?” The others nodded as they sneaked into the building. Fortunately, there were piles of large crates right behind the doors. They hid behind them and crouched down.

Slowly making their way along the piles the moment they went in, they could hear some jolts and fizzes, as well as a few chuckles with a very familiar voice. The flashing was still happening, but this time, it was brighter with each strobe. Heading deeper into the building, they stopped at the corner and Troy peeped over the crates.

Then, they were able to see the source of the flashing.

“Guys.” Troy called quietly. “Look.” The other Rangers soon popped their heads out slightly. They too had a glimpse of what was happening inside the building.

“HAHAHAHA!!!” Soon, the scene was rocked by the joyous but mischievous laughter of an alien; someone who the Rangers had dreaded to see again.

“Jestino…” Troy uttered. Right there, they could see the General watching another alien Commander sucking in electricity from a power box, using his large tentacles connected to his right arm. With them, two lines of X-Borgs stood on both sides of them. The tentacle monster was eagerly draining all the power from the box as Jestino couldn’t help but dance for joy.

“Hahaha!” he chuckled. “Keep on eating, Tezar, my friend. Soon, with enough power, you will be able to attack the city, even without the X-Borgs. Not even the Power Rangers’ little Megazord would be able to stop you! WAAHAHAHAAHA!”

The Rangers were witnessing a theft of power that had been depleting the city of its much needed power. The source of the problem at hand was in sight.

“So that’s how the blackout happened.” whispered Emma.

“Jestino has been playing with his little tricks again.” added Jake.

“That Commander must be draining the power of this place.” deduced Noah. “And then, he will use it to invade the city. If we don’t stop him, the Gosei Great Megazord won’t stand a chance.”

“But how are we going to take that guy on?” wondered Gia with worry. “He’s gotta like a thousand volts of pure shocking terror all over him.” Noah looked up again, studying the monster they would be facing. He pressed another button on the right side of his helmet. From his visor, he could see a flowing stream of blue waves passing towards Tezar. He then scanned for the plugs at the end of the wires, inserted into the box.

“From the looks of things, that monster seems to have the ability to suck in huge amounts of energy. Those tentacles could easily drain the energy from our Powers as well. If we’re not careful, we could be Power-less Rangers.”

“Any ideas?” asked Emma, dropping back down behind the crates. Troy was still looking at the action happening. He was formulating a plan to settle this theft and bring power back to the city. Then, he sat back down to join the others. He brought them together in a circle, as they lent their ears to their leader.

“I got one.”

Meanwhile, the monster was having a blast just devouring the energy from the power box. Jestino was watching the feast with awe as more and more power was being given to Tezar.

“This is magnificent!” he gloated. “All this power gone and not a single sight of those pathetic Power Punks! Hehehehe!”

“Guess again, Jestino!”

“Huh?!” Jestino had jumped in pure shock when he heard the sudden call of a loud and tough man. He and Tezar turned around to find a dreadful sight.

“You!” And that sight was a team of teenagers in multicoloured suits. They were the Megaforce Rangers.

“That’s right, Jestino.” said Troy.

“You know, you gotta watch what you say, dude.” teased Jake. “Cause’ you really tend to get jinxed a lot.”

“Hmph!” Jestino snorted as he stomped his foot. “You Rangers just don’t know when to just let things slide, do you? What’s the matter? Afraid of the dark? Oooh, you poor children.”

“Please tell me he did not call us children!” Gia slammed her fist to her other palm with fury.

“Well look who’s dressed for a children’s party!” Noah ranted back.

“Sure. Call me a clown why don’t ‘ya? So then I guess I shall entertain you. Just sit back as you witness the light show of the new millennium of the Empire’s new rule of Earth!”

“Sorry, but we don’t want any tickets.” joked Jake.

“Too bad then. Because I would have given you the shock of your life. Oh no matter. I still have a little something for you to remember me by. Tezar! Destroy them!”

“With pleasure, boss!” After finally finishing what seemed to be minutes of an electric dinner, Tezar had detached his plugs from the power box and turned around to face the Rangers, while the X-Borgs surrounding them had gathered behind him. The Rangers made ready with their battle stances.

“Careful, guys.” warned Troy. “Just remember what I planned.”

“You Rangers are doomed now!” taunted Tezar. Soon, the abnormal monster began to charge up with all of the power he had consumed and focused it all into his hands.

“We’ll see about that! Ready?!” Troy looked to his teammates, ready to unleash his plan.


“Everyone! Combine weapons!” At Troy’s call, the Rangers caused a Power Card each to phase at their hands. They placed their Cards into their Morphers and shut them in.

Summoning Battle Gear!” A low and deep Gosei voice called out as, in front of the Rangers, there were multiple weapons teleported in the air. The Rangers grabbed hold of these signature weapons and prepared themselves to move on to the next phase.

“Dragon Sword!” Troy unleashed a red sword with a silver-tipped blade that resembled a dragon’s tail.

“Phoenix Shot!” Emma drew out a flat and wide blaster with pink and gold highlights.

“Snake Axe!” Then, Jake summoned a large black axe with a very sharp and long curved blade.

“Tiger Claw!” Gia took out a yellow weapon with a pair of silver fang-like pincers.

“Shark Bowgun!” Finally, Noah pulled out a crossbow-like weapon that resembled that of a shark.

With the five weapons summoned, the Rangers joined forces by linking their weapons together. Troy locked his Dragon Sword into Emma’s Phoenix Shot together as the sword’s hilt locked into the blaster’s front to become a longer sword. Emma and Jake’s weapons were linked onto both sides of Noah’s Shark Bowgun, forming a larger gun.

Finally, the two new weapons are finally combined into one. Now, what the Rangers was an even mightier weapon that required all five Rangers to man and fire. The Rangers grabbed hold of the weapon together and aimed at the still-charging enemy.

“Megaforce Blaster!”


Tezar was about to finish up charging and ready to shoot out his ultimate attack, but the Rangers had one more trick up their sleeves.

“Sky Power! Energize!” Both Troy and Emma took out their Power Cards and placed them onto their respective weapon components.

“Land Power! Energize!” Then, it was Gia and Jake who placed their Cards onto their parts of the weapon.

“Sea Power! Energize!” Lastly, Noah placed his Power Card onto the Bowgun part, completing the process. With all the Cards in place, they then siphoned power into the blaster and directed it into the front barrel, forming an energy orb at it. At this point, the Rangers would fire this energy at their enemies and completely obliterate them. However…

“Alright, guys. Stay put…” Instead of firing the projectile, Troy had the Rangers just remain where they were and kept the weapon at bay. It has now come to an intense stare down between Tezar’s electrifying charge-up and the Rangers’ ethereal energy.

“Now what is this all about?” wondered Jestino. “A little shootout at the “Not-So-Okay-Corral?”

“Just wait for it guys.” But Troy was not the least distracted. He and the Rangers focused on keeping their energy blast powered up to the fullest. On the other side, Tezar was almost ready to unleash his move, causing some worry to the other Rangers.

“Uh, Troy.” called Jake, clearly getting nervous. “Are… you sure this is going to work?”

“Just trust me, Jake.” Troy assured. “He’s not going to know what hit him.” And the waiting continued. The Rangers kept aiming at the monster, but had shown no sign of attacking back. It was seemingly clear to Jestino and Tezar that the Rangers were wasting valuable time.

“It’s no use. You’re just simply wasting all that energy and once Tezar has his attack at your puny weapon, he will be more powerful that you can ever handle!”

“Wait.” Suddenly, doubt had finally reached one of the Rangers. “He’s right.” But what Noah was feeling at that moment was slowly draining away the much needed energy of their Blaster. “If we keep this up, he will suck in this projectile and be invincible. The cannon’s firepower had slowly decreased as the orb at the barrel slowly degenerated.

“Troy.” called Emma. “I really don’t think this plan will work.” And it was Emma’s hesitance that depleted the orb even more. Soon, even Gia and Jake started getting more and more worried. This depletion of faith and hope has started to affect the Rangers’ weapon power, up to the point that the orb was as big as a golf ball.

“Hahaha!” laughed Jestino. “You see. You’re just losing precious energy. And even if it isn’t enough to supplement his hunger, Tezar’s energy wave will sure to vaporize you!”

But the orb had not faded away yet.

“Guys, come on!” Troy exclaimed. “You gotta trust me on this. We can’t make this work if we don’t have enough faith in ourselves. I need your power! It’s our only chance!” Troy’s desperation had started to become evident, much to Jestino’s amusement. It seems that the Rangers were about to give up on their attempt, and thus, their downfall seemed imminent.


“Guys, Troy’s right.” Then, when it all seemed to be coming to an end, Noah had somehow snapped out of his hesitation and started to rally up his fellow Rangers. “If we can’t put more trust in ourselves, we won’t be able to go anywhere.”

“Yeah.” added Gia, with her spirits also high. “We have always pulled together through thick and thin.”

“And that’s how we come out on top!” shouted Jake cheerfully.

“I say…” Finally, Emma was the last to call. “Let’s give it our best shot!” With all of the Rangers finally back to their senses, Troy was elated and was ready to continue charging his weapon again. With the power of the Rangers restored, the energy orb returned to its biggest size.

“Pfft. Even if your little therapy session worked out for you, there’s no way you can stop Tezar from eating your energy!” Jestino chuckled.

“I don’t think so! Come at us then!” Troy yelled at the monster, allowing him to make the first move. Jestino could not hold in his excitement, seeing the Rangers foolishly making the biggest mistake of their lives.

Then, Tezar stomped his foot down, grabbed up all the energy he could muster and aimed at the Rangers’ Megaforce Blaster.

“Steady…” But despite the intensity of the monster’s fury, Troy and the others did not falter. They stood perfectly determined and still as they awaited the Commander’s attack. “Steady…”

It was a jubilant moment for Jestino as he was fanning himself from all the drama and action that will conclude in the Rangers’ destruction.

“Yes! Yes! Do it, Tezar. Blow them out of their miserable lives! HAHAHAHA!!!”

Finally, after filling his attack with great power, Tezar clenched his fists and pushed them right out, firing a large energy blast heading right for the Rangers. And the Rangers’ still refused to act. There was no stopping this projectile in its path to finally put an end to the Power Rangers.


Then, in an instant, the projectile hit the Rangers’ weapon head on. However, there was no explosion. There was only a warping sound coming from the Megaforce Blaster.

The Rangers could only hold on tight to their weapon and push back the deadly force. A stream of energy continued to push them back as it was hitting their own energy with full force.

But then…


At Tezar’s side, the monster had somehow stopped his energy blast. When the energy beam faded away, the monster began to tremble. His entire body shook as he tumbled down to the ground head first.

Jestino couldn’t believe his eyes as what he had seen was not what he had expected.

“No! This can’t be! How?!”

At that moment, in an incredible twist of fate, the Megaforce Blaster remained perfectly intact. Moreover, behind it, there were the Megaforce Rangers, standing strong and firm. The attack had failed to do anything to them.

With the clash over, the Rangers separated the components of the Megaforce Blaster and withdrew them back away. Then, they walked right over to the fallen Commander and the stunned General.

“Looks like we got the advantage now.” remarked Noah.

“But how?! That blast could’ve vaporized you!” Jestino shrieked as he saw the knocked-out Tezar.

“It was very simple.” explained Troy. “We know how much power your friend here must have been draining the whole time. So, that was when I thought of this. If I could have the Megaforce Blaster charged up to the max, your monster would be tempted to try and have a nice little dessert. The blast could’ve destroyed us or drained our weapons away, but you’ve forgotten about one crucial part.”

“And what is that?!”

“You can never have too much of a good thing.”

“Wait! I get it!” Emma had snapped with realization. “When Tezar blasted us with his draining powers, it hit the energy orb from the Megaforce Blaster.”

“But with the energy orb at full power…” Noah added. “It was simply too much for Tezar to handle.”

“And that had neutralized his own powers as well. He was weakened by a simple case of overeating.” Troy concluded, finally putting an end to the explanation of his brilliant plan. Jestino could only stay dumbfounded as he had clearly underestimated the power and intelligence of the Megaforce Rangers. “That plan was full-proof. And I couldn’t have done it without my friends.” The other Rangers felt a heart-warming sensation inside them as Troy thanked his fellow friends for all the power and support they had given him, even at their worst state.

“BAH!” But Jestino merely scoffed at Troy’s dramatic story and got back to his fighting stance. “I must admit. You Rangers are much smarter than I thought. Well, no matter! Tezar may have lost his draining abilities, but he still has enough juice to put you all down! Get up, Tezar! Destroy them!”

At where the Commander had laid down, he had struggled to get back up. Smoke was rising from his body as a result from the overcharge. Still trembling, he was still able to push himself back up. Once he was back on his feet, Tezar took a few seconds to raise his head, still dizzy. Then, after a troublesome moment of recovery, he was back at full strength, growling with frustration.

“You aren’t going to get away with that, Rangers!” he yelled. “X-Borgs!” The X-Borgs all rallied up behind him and prepared their weapons for the attack.

“Looks like I should spectate this scene.” said Jestino as he teleported out of the scene.

“Okay, Rangers.” Troy called. “It’s time to get Super Mega!” The Rangers then pulled out the extra Super Mega Morpher phones behind their belts and their respective Ranger Keys. Next, they showed them to the opposing force and were ready to morph up so more.

SUPER MEGA MODE!” They inserted their Keys into the Morphers and twisted them in place. The next thing they know it, colourful lights warped all around them as they covered their bodies. Finally, after a second, the Rangers reappear. This time, they were wearing their pirate-themed suits and helmets. These were their Super Megaforce modes.

“Super Megaforce Red!” Troy flicked his fingers in a pose.

“Super Megaforce Blue!” Noah brushed his helmet in a cool manner.

“Super Megaforce Green!” Jake rubbed his hands down his pants.

“Super Megaforce Yellow!” Gia crossed her arms before a flick of her right finger.

“Super Megaforce Pink!” And Emma bowed down gracefully.

“HYAA!!!” After their roll call, the Rangers clenched their fists and struck their battle stances. The enemy forces also got themselves prepared against the Rangers.

“Who wants some recycled tin cans?” Jake joked. The others complied.

“Now you’re talking!” Gia remarked.

“Come on, guys! Time for some action!”

Within moments, the Rangers quickly picked up their feet and rushed right at the X-Borgs and Tezar, while they too charged at the Rangers, beginning the battle for the power plant.

The fight had been taken to outside the building as the Rangers tossed aside the X-Borgs and continued to fight them head on. There, the scene was far different from what it was earlier. From the pitch black darkness, the area was now lit with dim orange lightings emitted by the fires formed from a few blasts from the X-Borgs, which the Rangers were able to dodge. Now, thanks to this, they could see who they were fighting.

Tezar, meanwhile, went to confront Troy and Noah, leaving the X-Borgs to deal with the rest.

To begin with, Tezar started by thrusting his wires, which sped right for the two Rangers. With rapid speed, the wires zoomed right for them, but Troy and Noah continuously dodged each and every strike. Some strikes pounded on the floor, leaving cracks on the concrete, while others missed into the air. The wires retracted back, giving the Rangers a chance to rush right in, swords armed. They slashed at the Commander, swinging their swords at him. However, Tezar was still strong enough to block their attacks.

On the other hand, Jake, Gia and Emma were handling the X-Borgs with a little more ease. Jake had three X-Borgs trying to bash him with their club weapons.

“You guys just never learn!” Using his sabres, he blocked out their moves and slashed back at them, followed by a few kicks as well.

Gia and Emma had their own confrontations; Gia with her swords and Emma with her blasters. One X-Borg went for Gia from behind…

“Gia, look out!” Warned by Emma, Gia ducked down and managed to avoid getting hit by the X-Borg before slashing it at the stomach at the same time.

“Thanks, E!”

Emma continued her shooting spree by blasting the other X-Borgs at her end. With all the X-Borgs around, she put her legs together, aimed her blasters at her sides and spun around, blasting away at the X-Borgs down to the ground.

The remaining X-Borgs charged right at the three of them. But they prepared their blasters and fired at the crowd, easily pinning them down.

“That’s the last of them.” said Emma. “Now let’s go help Troy and Noah.” Gia and Jake nodded in agreement and went to their friends’ aid.

But as they got there, Troy and Noah were merely tossed aside by the sheer might of the Action Commander. The monster stepped right over at them.

“Hahaha! This is just too easy!” Tezar laughed as he raised his left arm at them and allowed his two wires to stretch out at them. They then coiled around the Rangers, tightening them in a very strong grip. Troy and Noah could barely breathe as the wires constricted them tighter and tighter.

“Drgh! I… c-can’t… move…” said Noah weakly.

“Too… tight…” added Troy, just as pained.

“Troy! Noah!” The three other Rangers arrived to see their friends caught in a very uncomfortable predicament. Then, having had enough watching around, Emma jumped into the air, pulled out her blaster and shot a three-round burst at Tezar. Taking the full blow, Tezar had stepped back from the recoil, causing him to release his downed enemies and retracted his wires. Troy and Noah both got up, trembling from the force of the constrictions. The others rushed to help them up.

“Man… I know getting tied up on something was stressful, but this…” complained Noah.

“Heads up guys.” Troy cautioned his team, looking at Tezar, who was still recovering from Emma’s attack. “This isn’t over yet.”

“Ergh! Why that does it!” Tezar raged at the Rangers. “Of all the colours, I absolutely despise pink!”

Emma, having felt a mixture of annoyance and mischief inside her, walked right up and pointed her weapons at the monster again.

“Oh really…?” she uttered. “Then I think I know how we can take you on.” She then turned her attention to her allies. “You guys thinking what I’m thinking?”

“I believe so.” Troy agreed. “Let’s give a little bit of pink power!” At the ready, the Rangers pressed on their belt buckles and out came a Ranger key each. All of them had one thing in common; they were all pink in colour. Inserting them to their Morphers, the Rangers began to shift forms yet again. And this time, it would be a most unusual technique.

LEGENDARY PINK RANGER MODE!” The Morphers did their trick and turned the Rangers into different Pink Rangers. Unlike Gia and Emma, though, the male Rangers did not have the skirts that the original Rangers would have used before, sporting the male designs of their respective Ranger forms.


Time Force Pink!” Troy was wearing a Pink Ranger uniform with a bit of white covering his chest, along with a pink heart-shaped space at the centre. His helmet was not black and pink, with a visor also in the shape of a heart and a silver line coming down at the top of it.


Pink Samurai Ranger!” Jake came with a Japanese-style suit with two black lines merged into a ‘Y’ at the chest, and the kanji of Heaven as the shape of the helmet visor.


Operation Overdrive Pink Ranger!” Noah’s form had a wide white line from his neck to the metallic leg guards, with a compass-like symbol with a pair of black and red arrows.


Pink Turbo Ranger!” Gia was wearing a Pink Ranger suit with a car-themed helmet, complete with headlights along a railing.


Zeo Ranger One, Pink!” Lastly, Emma sported a Ranger suit with a white and gold shoulder pad stretching from her shoulders and a helmet with an oval-shaped visor.

They all lined up, with the signature weapons of their Legendary modes at the ready. Troy carried a pair of swords with transparent blades. Jake held a katana-like sword with a disk joining the hilt with the blade. Noah had a large blaster that resembled a hair dryer in one way. Gia had with her a huge bow with two points coming out at the front. Emma wielded a wide shield-like disc with a gold line on top of its black and pink surface.

Tezar was now even more disgusted, what with five Rangers now dressed in his most hated colour.

“What the?!” he exclaimed. “Five Pink Rangers?! Now I’ve seen everything!”

After that, the team ran towards the stunned monster. Troy and Jake were the first to attack, with the former jumping up in the air and swung his swords in a clockwise rotation, projecting an actual clock behind him with his arms at the top and bottom, like a 6 o’ clock position.

“Time Strike!” He then struck Tezar by swinging his swords at their opposite directions. The two strikes simultaneously slashed at him, reeling him back.

“My turn!” Jake was next, taking his katana and spun the wheel disk. The sword then transformed into a metallic hand fan. Jake inserted another ring-shaped disk onto a point at the back of the fan. “Sky Fan! Hah!” He then tossed the fan like a boomerang and the weapon spun right towards the monster, cutting right through him. This repeated as the fan came around and sliced through again and again before finally returning to Jake.

“Okay! How about this one?! Drive Geyser!” Noah pulled the trigger on his weapon and it shot out a stream of fluid that hit Tezar with pinpoint accuracy. In contact, the fluid all over his body then exploded in a small explosion that sent the monster flying. “Yeah! Now that’s the power of H2O!”

Gia and Emma both ran for Tezar, when the Commander shot a laser blast right at them. The two Rangers jumped away from the danger. At the same time, Gia readied her bow weapon and aimed right at Tezar.

“Wind Fire! Hya!” The weapon then fired multiple pink laser bolts at the enemy, spinning him round and round.

“And now, for the finish!” Emma jumped over at Tezar, prompting him to shoot out more electric bolts at her. But Emma used her shield to deflect the energy blasts back at him. The blasts hit the ground around him, rendering him helpless to stop them. Emma landed gracefully on the ground before dashing at him with her shield used as a melee weapon. “Zeo Power Disc!” She swung her shield at him; the sharp silver edges of the weapon cutting him down.

After a few strikes, the battered monster could take no more and rolled off. He got up weakly, crouching down and held his stomach to support himself.

“Dgh…! I… can’t be defeated by a bunch of teenagers!”

“Time to lighten up this atmosphere!” The Rangers pressed on their buckles again and this time, out came Ranger Keys in white. They took out the Keys and locked them to the Morphers.


When they transformed, their forms changed again.


Mighty Morphin White Ranger!” Troy was now a White Ranger with a gold and black battle armour and a white sword with a curved blade and a tiger’s head at the other end.


Dino Thunder White! Drago Power!” Noah was dressed in a white suit with spikes lining down the sides of his stomach, and a helmet that a horned crest sticking out above its red visor.


SPD Omega Ranger!” Jake thrusted his fist out, showing off his Ranger suit with a golden V on his right side and a blue left sleeve.


Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger!” Gia slammed her fist down as she was seen wearing a white rhino-like Ranger suit with black and red shoulder pads and a similarly-coloured belt and a horned helmet over her head.


Noble Tiger! White Wild Force Ranger!” Emma wore another tiger-themed Ranger suit with a gold strap wrapped around her right arm and a golden tiger symbol on her left chest.

“Oh great.” groaned Tezar sarcastically, after he recovered from his fall.

Troy rushed right at Tezar, drawing his sword and struck at him when within range. After a few slashes, Tezar attempted to shoot his electric bolts at him, but Troy jumped out of the way and flipped backwards. When he had Tezar in his sights, Troy turned his sword around, with the tiger head now upright.

“Fire, Saba!” Pressing onto the hilt, Troy had fired red lasers from the fierce eyes of Saba, hitting Tezar with remarkable precision. Troy landed onto the ground safely afterwards.

“Neat trick!” remarked Noah. “Drago Sword!” Noah flew towards the stunned Tezar and slashed right through in a fiery force. Tezar had fell down after the attack.

“He’s down, but is he out?” called Jake in an announcer’s voice. “Didn’t think so. Omega Ranger, Hyper Mode!” He held a stick handle at the side of his wrist Morpher and twisted it twice as if it were a motorcycle handle. This allowed him to increase his speed to extreme limits. He then launched a flurry of punches with his left fist, which to Tezar, was a rapid barrage of endless punches, suppressing his movements.

“He’s mine!” Gia shouted in excitement. “Jungle Blade!” She unleashed an earth-shattering tremor by slamming her weapon’s blade down to the floor, causing the ground to crack underneath her and Tezar. The mighty force of the shaking was enough to send Tezar flying back, landing on the ground just seconds before the tremors stopped.

“White Tiger Baton!” Emma spun her white and pink baton and bashed at Tezar at the stomach and arms before finally lunging at him to the chest. “Tiger Thrust! Hargh!”

Tezar was thrown almost a few feet away from Emma and crashed into a power pole. The tall wooden pole had split in two and toppled over, causing the wires to snap and spark frantically.

“Argh… Duhh… HARGHH!” The injured Commander managed to rise to his feet afterwards, but he was so weak that he couldn’t stick around to fight anymore. He had stumbled off and dizzily walked away before running off from the area.

“Man, why are you retreating? Had enough already?” Noah laughed. After that, the Rangers de-morphed back to their Super Mega Modes.

“I call it, ‘fighting backwards’ Rangers!” Tezar ranted back as he dashed off away from the power plant.

“Come on guys.” Troy called. “We need to beat him if we want that power back.”

“Better call the Silver Guardians.” suggested Emma, before she used her Morpher and dialled in a few numbers. Holding up the phone to her ear, she waited for the recipient to pick up. Then, the call was answered. “Hey Wes. We managed to chase down the source of the power loss. We’re going to pursue him and we might need some backup.”

“I wish we could help, Emma.” responded Wes on the other end.

“But we’re kind of stuck at our end…”

As luck would have it, Wes was seen, in a set of problems of his own. He removed the caller on his wrist from mouth-point and did a spin kick, hitting what appeared to be an X-Borg. Behind him, Eric was also busy blasting away two more X-Borgs with his Quantum Defender. Wes punched another X-Borg in the face before coming back to his call.

“And it looks like we can’t go anywhere. You Rangers have to go on without us. We’ll rendezvous with you guys as soon as we can. Over and out.”

“Right.” Emma sighed before closing her Morpher and putting it back to her belt. She then turned to the other Rangers. “Looks like we’re on our own.”

“No worries.” Troy assured. “We can take him. Let’s go.”

“Right!” The Rangers went out to chase down the runaway monster out of the power plant, leaving behind the Silver Guardians to confront the rest of the Empire’s forces.

December 4th, 2015,

1 ALB,

Lake near New York,


Tezar was scurrying away into a rocky coast around a huge lake just near the power plant. He ran clumsily along the water from his wounds from the battle before. Then, he had stopped to catch his breath. All that fighting had left him extremely exhausted to even make long bursts.

“Whew!” he panted. “There… I… I think I lost them. Those pesky Rangers…”

“Pesky huh?” Tezar couldn’t believe his ears, but when he turned around, there he saw the dreadful sight of five Rangers just standing there, expecting him to react.

“DRGH! Can’t you just let me go and regenerate?!” yelled Tezar.

“No way.” Troy answered strictly, pointing his sabre at Tezar. “You aren’t going anywhere with the power you stole from the plant. Surrender now.”

“Never!” Tezar responded, with lightning bolts surging around his body. The Rangers, however, were not the least intimidated. The only thing they did was to again pull another Ranger Key each and were ready to switch Ranger forms.

“Then let’s have one last showdown!” They swung their Ranger Keys to their Morphers.

LEGENDARY RANGER MODE! MYSTIC FORCE! MAGICAL SOURCE, MYSTIC FORCE!” After that, an enchanting circle of light formed above the Rangers before coming down past them. As the circle passed through, the Rangers’ suits changed once again. The caped suits were the same as the one Noah wore the last time the Empire attacked, albeit with different colours for different Rangers.


After the transformation, the Rangers swung their capes around as they spun and made the signature Mystic Force poses.

 maxresdefault (1).jpg

Power Rangers, MYSTIC FORCE!” They then pulled out the Mystic Morpher phones from their belts and flipped them open. Jake took a look at his phone and saw the buttons labelled ‘1’, ‘7’ and ‘End Call’ shining.

“Whoa! Check this out.” Jake said with awe.

“It looks like some sort of Spell Code.” deduced Noah.

“Well, let’s test it out.” suggested Emma.

“I’m all over it.” Troy and the others swung their phones down and the phone screens flipped, revealing a red crystal each. Next, they went ahead and typed in the shining numbers. Finally pressing the ‘Enter’ button at the top centre, the Rangers pointed their phones up into the air, with the phone wands shining brighter than before.

“Ancient Power! Mystic Strike!” They slashed the wands forward at Tezar’s direction, launching coloured blasts of magic upon him. Soon, Tezar found himself enveloped in a blinding light as he also felt himself tightening in a strong grip. When the light vanished, he found himself tied up, literally.

“Huh? Hey! What gives?!” He was struggling to free himself from being wrapped up in his own metallic wires. He tried and tried to break free, but now he had realized how strong his wires really were when he could feel the tight squeeze himself.

“Whoo! That showed him!” Gia gloated. Jake, followed by the other Rangers, then drew out a weapon from their holsters; a double-bladed scythe-like staff that magically transformed into an assortment of unique weapons. “Let me try this! Magi Staff, Crossbow Mode!” Gia aimed her crossbow-styled staff and fired streaks of electric energy at the tied up Tezar, who took the blows painfully.

“Magi Staff! Water Wave!” Noah casted a spell that summoned explosions of water upon Tezar.

“Argh! Pfttt!” Tezar choked on the strong force of the water splashing on his face.

“Magi Staff! Tornado Blast!” Emma used her staff to focus strong winds into a pink, but furious tornado, sweeping Tezar from his feet and sent him spinning the sky, followed by the sharp cuts of razor winds before landing down on the ground hard.

“Axe Mode! WAAARRGH!” Then, Jake struck the ground with his axe-shaped staff to produce a powerful fissure. Out of the cracks, multiple large vines grew right out with lightning speed and began whipping Tezar in a barrage of sharp and spiky strikes.

Finally, Troy grabbed his Magi Staff in Sword Mode and soared to the sky, leaving behind a trail of blazing fire. Then, he swooped down to the ground, producing an astral form of a Phoenix around him. With only a few inches to the ground, the Red Ranger made a sharp ascent and zoomed right at Tezar. With his sword drawn back, he made one powerful slash, slicing right through Tezar’s body.

With the powerful force of the strike, the shocking monster had felt the shock of his life for a change. He could feel the intense heat searing in his body, burning him in the inside. The heat was too much for him and thus, Tezar had begun to lose his senses, his body becoming numb and he tumbled down to the ground.

The Super Mega Rangers soon de-morphed again, returning to their original forms.

“It looks like he couldn’t stand the heat.” joked Emma.

“Um… think again.” Gia pointed at Tezar, who was slowly standing up, despite the tremendous amount of damage he took. His wire had untangled, but it slumped to the ground after taking such a hit from the powers of the Mystic Force.

“You… have not… seen the last of… me yet, Rangers.” Tezar could barely stand and talk as smoke drifted from his body.

“No problem.” said Troy. “Let’s finish this!” First, the Rangers deployed their Super Mega Blasters. They took out their Super Megaforce Keys and inserted them into the cylinders on the blasters before locking them in place. The Keys charged the weapons to the max, with the Rangers then aiming them at Tezar, bent on one final strike.

Tezar could not move a muscle. His body had been severely damaged up to the point that he was not able to stop himself from being caught in the firing of the Rangers’ blasters. For him, it was the end of the line.

“Super Mega Blast!” Finally, with the pull of the trigger, the blasters opened fire and five coloured projectiles sped right at Tezar. The laser bullets hit their mark, exploding on impact. The explosions were more than enough to rupture Tezar down. And thus, with all bullets hit, the Action Commander had finally blown up with them.

All that was left were bits of metal and severed wires. That was all that remained from this power-hungry alien.

“Yes!” The Rangers cheered as they exchanged high-fives. They then morphed back to their Megaforce modes as they watched the burning ashes of Tezar blow away to the winds.

“Hey. Look!” Noah shouted, pointing back at the nearby power plant.

There, a set of lights had flickered back on, eliminating the darkness caused by Tezar’s grand feast. Then, inside the power station, the turbines were reactivated, spinning around and around.

In the building where Wes, Eric and a pair of Silver Guardians had successfully eliminated the X-Borgs, they soon noticed that the lights at the ceiling had come back on. They looked at each other, knowing that their successors had completed their mission.

December 4th, 2015,

1 ALB,

New York,


Back in the city, some people were seen shining their flashlights or mobile phone lights on a tragic scene. Three men were giving it their all to pull another injured river from a car wreck caused by the blinding darkness and lack of traffic control. The man had some blood stains on his right leg and a few scratches and bruises on his face. As they dragged him away from the burning wreckage, they then noticed something had happened. Once the man was safely on the sidewalk, above him, a miraculous occurrence happened as the streetlight above him had been reactivated. The shining light was then followed by another, and then the traffic lights went back on. Within minutes, the city’s lights had come back to life. Power had been restored, causing widespread celebrations from the crowd down below, knowing that this was the work of the heroes of Earth.

December 4th, 2015,

1 ALB,

Lake near New York,


The Rangers watched from afar. They could see the dark city transform back into a city of light in an instant. They couldn’t help but feel very elated about the success of their battle against Tezar.

“Alright! Power’s has been restored!” Jake jumped for joy.

“The city is safe once again.” added Gia.

“Now that’s a light show!” cheered Emma.

“Morphinominal!” Noah punched into the air.

However, as they watched they city, they were unaware that someone had been watching from a distant rock.

“DRGH! Those fools did it again!” There, an angry Jestino stomped his foot on the ground as he threw his fan down and crushed it under his feet.

December 4th, 2015,


Earth’s Orbit,

Up above the orbit, Jestino was being watched by an equally disappointed set of spectators.

“ARGH!” A furious Empress Verinora slammed her fist on her throne. Down below, her butler, Fedalis was cowering from his master’s wrath. Next to him, a pair of unsatisfied Generals were secretly discussing Jestino’s failure.

“We warned her.” whispered Kalach.

“As expected from the ‘pinnacle of perfection’.” added Arkanos.

“Fedalis!” screamed Verinora. “Fire the Megafiers!” Fedalis ran right towards the big red button and pressed on it. The horse statues of the ship then fired a pair of purple beams onto the planet below.

December 4th, 2015,

1 ALB,

Lake near New York,


The beams had fired down on where Tezar had exploded. From there, the remains had risen up in the air and formed a giant humanoid form. Then, with a bright flash of light, the being became a giant form of Tezar.

“HARGH! HAHAHA!!!” The now towering monster was now almost ten times taller than the Rangers. “I’m one lean mean shocking machine now!” The monster then stomped away, heading right for the power plant again.

The Rangers down below watched as Tezar made his way back to the power plant.

“We got to stop him!” commanded Troy. “The Silver Guardians are still there!”

“Let’s call in the Zords!” exclaimed Noah. Acknowledging Noah’s call, the team pulled out their Mega Morphers and summoned their Zord Power Cards. They placed their Cards into the Morphers and called for their Zords.

Summoning Mecha Zords!

The Rangers pointed their Morphers up in the air, calling forth their Zords.

Up in the sky, the Rangers’ Zord Heads came out of nowhere and went right for a few vehicles; a jumbo jet, a fighter jet, a submarine, a construction vehicle and a bullet train. The heads then attached themselves to the front of the vehicles and transformed into large Zords. The newly-developed machines then sped right for the Rangers, who were ready to start the combination process.

“Alright, here they come!” Jake pointed at the sky, noticing the five Zords approaching from the other side of the lake.

“Okay. Let’s take it to the next level, gang!” Troy pumped his fist into the air as he commanded the other Rangers to rally him to their Zords. They made a huge leap and they warped into the cockpits of the Zords.

Troy had hopped onto his seat and grabbed the controls, with his Dragon Mechazord now soaring above the clouds.

“Time to form the Megazord!” Once again, the Rangers summoned a Power Card each and inserted them into their Morphers. Once locked in, the Zords went right into their formations. The Snake Mechazord joined with the Tiger Mechazord to form legs. The Dragon Mechazord landed on top of the legs and transformed into a torso section. The Phoenix and Shark Mechazords zoomed at the sides and formed the arms, linking with the Dragon body. Finally, the head of the Megazord flipped right out and the winged ears rotated upright.

The Megazord landed down on the ground after the combination and was ready for battle.

Gosei Great Megazord, Ready!

The Megazord positioned for combat as Tezar slowly walked around it. After an intense stare-down, the two had finally come to blows.

First, the Megazord made a punch at Tezar. But the monster was able to whack it off. It made another punch, but it too was blocked.

Then, it was Tezar’s turn to strike back. He swung his arm downwards and scratched the Megazord at the chest. He then kneed the Megazord on the left leg, causing it to lose its balance and fall to the ground at kneeling position. Pinned to the ground, the Megazord could not stop Tezar from giving it an uppercut to the face, sending it tumbling backwards.

“WHHOAHH!” The Rangers inside held on tight from the impact of the punch as they felt the Megazord fly backwards. With a loud crash, the cockpit rocked vigorously again. The Megazord was now lying on the floor, unable to move any further.

“Hehehe.” Tezar chuckled as he approached the Megazord. “Now then, if I can’t have the city’s power, then I could use your Megazord instead!” He extended his arm out front and fired his large wires at the Megazord. The plugs at the end of the cords pierced right into the metal plating of the Megazord. What came next was a real thrilling sensation as he began to siphon energy from the Megazord while at the same time, he struck it with a huge amount of voltage, causing sparks and blasts on the Megazord.

The sparks managed to enter the Megazord’s cockpit, distorting the Rangers’ ability to man the Megazord.

“Argh!” The Rangers yelled in pain.

“Whoa!” Jake exclaimed.

“He’s draining our Megazord’s power!” Emma shouted.

“Noah! Any ideas?” asked Troy while trying to withstand the electric shocks.

“Drgh! Hang on!” But Noah was also trying to deal with the pain. “Can’t think… or else my brains will fry first. Doesn’t he ever want to know how it feels like?” But at that point, he snapped his fingers in realization. “That’s it! We’ll just have to discharge the energy and shoot it out back at him!”

“How are we going to do that?” Gia wondered.

“I’ll work on that. Just give me a minute.”

“We don’t even have a few seconds. Hurry!” Noah quickly logged into his interface on the console and typed in a few codes. With each passing time, however, it was becoming extremely difficult to manage the controls. The Rangers didn’t lose faith in their comrade and held on some more.

“Better be quick, Noah.” Jake called. “Cos’ I don’t know how much more this bucket of bolts can take.”

“Megazord shields are failing!” reported Emma as she saw a silhouette of the Megazord on her console being drained of its colour, becoming a hollow shape.

“Working on it!” Noah said as he typed in some more.

Outside, Tezar was having a feast, consuming the Megazord’s energy, further weakening it. The Megazord was slowly losing its balance as it was helplessly losing power.

Back inside, Noah was still trying to implement some lines of code that might help them counter the monster’s attack. Then, with one final push of a button, the screen had shown ‘Re-Directing Power’.

“I got it!” he cheered. “Let’s see if he likes this!” Noah pushed the red button again.

“What the-?!” Tezar was still feeding on the Megazord when he felt a little bit of tingling in his tentacles. Next, that tingling was replaced with a surging and shocking feeling as a wave of electricity was fired back from the Megazord and right into his own body. The power of the electricity completely gave him total damage, forcing him to finally release his tentacles to be free from the pain. Consequently, the Megazord was able to stand up again.

“Alright, we’re free.” Noah said. “And we managed to siphon back our stolen energy from him. We’re back at full power.”

“Then it’s time to settle this.” Troy pushed his control stick forward, causing the Megazord to move forward.

As it headed for Tezar, the monster attempted to stop it with his electric attacks, zapping at the Megazord with whatever energy he had left. But the shots kept on missing and hit the ground around the Megazord. Sparks flew as the robot walked on and on without stopping.

Within range, the Megazord pulled out the sword from its back and slashed it at him, cutting through his right shoulder. Then it slashed him sideways at the chest. The Megazord then made an uppercut at his chin.

“Argh! I am really starting to get real fed up with you rats!” yelled Tezar.

“It’s not over yet, Commander.” Troy warned. “It’s time to put you down for good.” It was time to finish the job. The Rangers called for their Power Cards and slotted them right into their Morphers.

The Megazord charged its weapon up and raised it in the air.

Victory Charge!” Five Power Cards from behind the Megazord zapped at Tezar and stunned him, freezing him in place.

“Wha-? No!” Tezar yelled helplessly.

“And now, have a taste of the…”

Mega Strike!” With its sword blazing, the Megazord made one last slash, striking Tezar with all of its might.

Tezar was sliced up as the burning blade seared into his body, greatly wounding the Commander.

“DARGH! N- AAARGHHH!!!” The monster’s condition was critically terrible. So terrible that all of his power had been vanquished. Soon, his life-force eventually swept away as his lifeless body toppled down and exploded.

“That’s the way! Yes!” Gia cheered as the rest of the team joined in the celebration.

“Rangers of Hexagon! Mission is accomplished!” Troy made the victory call.

December 4th, 2015,


Earth’s Orbit,

“BLAST IT!” A roaring voice echoed through the bridge as Verinora slammed her fists in pure rage. Fedalis was seen cowering behind the throne as he took cover from the Empress screeching yell. Her temper had continued to get the best of her as she continuously cursed at the Rangers. Down below, a very nervous Jestino, who had fled the battle without doing anything to stop the Rangers, crouched down with his head down, shivering and unable to look up at his master. The two other Generals, Kalach and Arkanos, could only look on in disappointment.

“Hmph. Just look at you, Jestino.” mocked Kalach.

“All bark and not bite.” added Arkanos. Their taunts angered the scared General, causing him to frantically stand up and face them.

“Hey! Like I had to ruin my perfectly beautiful face!” protested Jestino.

“You probably won’t have it anymore when our Empress is done with you. Now leave our sight before any more harm is done!”

“Hmph!” Jestino huffed at them, before trotting away to the exit. The two Generals looked back at their Empress, who was still furious over her defeat.

“Those pesky Rangers will not be so lucky next time… I SWEAR IT!” Again, the raging Empress cursed and slammed on her arm rests.

“Now I know where Prince Vekar got his temper.” whispered Kalach.

“It’s a good thing her Highness doesn’t have Vrak’s carelessness.” added Arkanos.

December 4th, 2015,

1 ALB,

Gosei Command Center,

Hexagon HQ,

New York,

Back at the Command Center, the Rangers, having returned home, were celebrating their recent success. They were joined by an overjoyed Tensou, rolling away in pure excitement. Gosei, along with Tommy and Katherine, were watching their friends having a ball high-fiving each other.

“Now that’s what I call a Mega Win!” cheered Jake.

“You got that right.” agreed Gia as she put an arm over Jake’s shoulder, causing him to blush. Katherine and Tommy then walked up to the Rangers.

“That was some fine moves you had there, Rangers.” praised Katherine. “And I just loved it when you went all pink on that monster.”

“Yeah, and not to mention letting him see the whites of your suits.” added Tommy, with everyone laughing at his joke.

“Well done, Rangers.” Gosei called as the Rangers turned to him. “I am very proud of your accomplishments. You were able to pull through despite your own self-doubts. Your teamwork and your dedication to helping one another has proven to be far stronger than any weapon. That was what pulled you through when you were using the Megaforce Blaster. And you, Troy, had demonstrated what it means to be the team leader. To keep your team in high spirits is the most important trait of all in a leader. And for that, I am very proud of you.”

Gosei’s speech had enlightened Troy, causing him to smile proudly, knowing that it was his leadership that managed to raise his team’s spirits, earning him pats on the back by his teammates.

“We all are.” added Tommy. “You guys did very well on your mission. Now, you deserve a god rest. Dismissed.” With Tommy concluding the moment, the Rangers shook hands with Tommy and Katherine and walked out of the Command Center, with Tensou following close behind.

“Those kids are really something.” said Katherine.

“They sure are.” agreed Tommy. “It’d be nice for me to get back in my old White Ranger days again.”

“Me too, Tommy.” Katherine said as she rested her head on Tommy’s shoulder.

“That time will come soon…” Gosei quietly spoke. “We need to get along with the plan to restore the powers of old to the other Rangers.” Tommy stepped forward to Gosei, with hesitation on his face.

“I’m not so sure of this, Gosei.” he said. “Can the other Rangers handle it?”

“They are essential to the plan. They will have to face the truth sooner or later…”

Another day, another victory. Will the Rangers be able to prevail the next time the Empire comes? And will Gosei’s plan be put to action without difficulty? Just catch the next episode!

Hexagon Data Entry #1

Log Name: The Power Rangers


For years, the universe has been caught in the eternal conflict between good and evil. When evil strikes, the side of good counters back with a team of superheroes. That team consists of a collection of unique and talented individuals, which added with the valour and determination for peace, were called the Power Rangers. They exist for one purpose; to rid the universe of the forces of evil.


The first-ever recorded Power Rangers have appeared on the planet Earth during the feudal ages of Japan, when the ancestors of the Samurai Rangers first morphed to defend the country from a Nighlok invasion, although some modern-day Rangers have actually lived in times earlier, like Merrick Baliton, the Silver Wild Force Ranger who was from a time almost 3,000 years before the current war against the Empire. The first modern-day Rangers were the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, who in the year 1993, had fought against the evil forces of Rita Repulsa and her band of alien conquerors.


Usually, a team of Power Rangers would consist of a group of teenagers with attitude. Young souls with strength, agility, endurance and above all, a heart of pure good and light, and teamwork.


NS_Sensei_Guinea_Pig.jpgPower Rangers Turbo Dimitria.jpg

These Rangers were chosen by some of the wisest beings of the universe, who were then to train them to their full potential.


Given the power of the Morphing Grid to Morph into heroes in coloured suits, they can utilize many different weapons and also have access to towering robots known as Zords, which many can combine to form larger robots called Megazords.


Ever since the era of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, one team of Rangers fought one generation of villains. When their respective villains have been defeated, the team would pass the torch and give the roles of the Power Rangers to a new team of heroes. But that all changed when the Armada of Emperor Mavro came to Earth. This prompted the current team of Power Rangers at the time, the Megaforce Rangers, to unite with the entire force of their predecessors to destroy the Armada.


Now, with the return of the Empire, the Megaforce Rangers have become part of a much larger role. An organization called Hexagon has been formed to fight against the new threat and reunite the entire teams again to fight a battle of epic proportions.


The Power Rangers have always fought to defend humanity and the universe and have remained loyal to their duties for almost twenty generations. Even now, with a change of traditions, they will stand tall and protect the Earth and the universe…


…for the Power will be with them to the end.

Data Entry End


Power Rangers: Hexagon : Power for Power (Part 1)


December 4th, 2015,

1 ALB,

New York,


“I didn’t anticipate it’d happen so soon. I already knew that the Empire would come back and strike at us for destroying their Emperor Mavro a year ago. But I didn’t think they would act so quickly. They came, catching us unprepared and completely by surprise. They have a fleet of starships aiming right at our planet. The city has taken a direct hit from the initial attacks and those warships could be standing by, ready to bombard the planet again. Fortunately though, the city was spared from more destruction, thanks to the efforts of Hexagon. Now, with the Megaforce Rangers by our side, we may finally have the advantage we need to even the odds against the numerically superior Empire. It was a good thing Gosei had escaped when their Command Center was caved in. The Rangers’ access to the Legendary Powers had proven effective against their leaders. But then came two more Generals, who appear more powerful than that jester-like Commander. I fear that this means that there are far more powerful men in the Empire’s arsenal. And I don’t think even the Rangers with their Legendary Powers can take them down for long. But Gosei knows what to do. He tells me of a plan. A plan that could provide the reinforcements we need to turn the tide of this undeclared war. However, I don’t even know if it’s such a good idea. Could it work? But could it also affect the Megaforce Rangers the way we felt when…?”

“Tommy?” Suddenly, a male voice interrupted the quiet session of journal writing. The man had looked up to see another dressed in a military uniform and a red beret on his head. He deactivated the floating holographic diary on his desk and stood up, tending to the other man. “The Secretary of Defence is here.”

Tommy could only rub his temples in stress. He knew the damage done to New York was unsustainable, but it had to get the attention of the White House. And with much pressure at their hands, Tommy had the feeling that he was about to get a little more than he bargained for than the Empire.

“Alright.” said Tommy. “Let him in.”


Meanwhile, along a corridor in the base, five eager teenagers were chatting away with glee and cheer. They were holding in their hands a type of card each. On those cards, they each had a portrait of themselves on the left side of the card, with their personal details written on the right. Above the details, were a set of initials or numbers, unique to every one of them. They looked at their cards enthusiastically as they strode along the busy corridor, where workers continued to traverse from one room to another, bringing with them clipboards, pens, coffee mugs and other sorts of stuff. A typical scene of non-stop work.

“Can you believe it?” said Jake. “We’re finally agents! We get to all kinds of… um… agency stuff!”

“Don’t get too excited, Jake.” cleared Noah. “Remember what we’re going through right now. This is more than agency stuff. We’re at war here.” The seriousness in Noah’s voice eventually slapped some sense into the over-excited Jake up to the point that he had reconsidered his joyous behaviour.

“Oh, go easy on him, Noah.” said Emma, cheerfully. “I mean, we get to be Rangers again.” But then her voice began to fall into awkwardness. “Which… still doesn’t beat a college education.” The leader, Troy, looked at his teammates’ faces. He could tell that every one of them was feeling a little hesitant of their newfound duties. Moreover, they had to break the Ranger tradition and actually went to tell their parents who they really were. It was not easy for them. Their parents were barely able to process the truth about their children being power Rangers. Some parents took longer than others to even believe their children, let alone allow them to continue their daunting missions in a war which could be far worse than they had ever faced in. Fortunately though, they had the guidance and support of the great Tommy Oliver and the Silver Guardians. They were able to convince the teenagers’ families to allow them to join Hexagon and serve a noble cause. The separation was a really painful experience. It really was a call to arms as they said their farewells, hoping for the day they would return to their families. The heart-breaking moments lingered in their minds as they remembered their family members’ faces when they left for Hexagon. They all tried to overcome their traumas. Emma even tried to feel glad that her mom had finally got that autograph from Joel Rawlings, the Sky Cowboy himself, aka the Green Lightspeed Ranger, though she never told her about Joel being a Ranger. However, despite their efforts, their thoughts were still with their parents and loved ones.

“What I’m still worried about are our families.” said Emma quietly. “What’s going to happen to them? Is Hexagon going to send them somewhere safe?”

“That’s what I heard from Tommy.” answered Noah. But the faces still showed signs of depression and worry.

Troy needed to do something. He couldn’t just stand and do nothing as he and his teammates were worried sick about their families. He had to assure them that everything will be fine. Their families will be safe. It’s what a leader should do. But with his own worries, though, even he couldn’t find any arousing words to say. Then, he took a deep breath to calm his nerves, and turned to his teammates.

“Look, guys.” he began with a gentle voice. “I know this hard for you all. And I don’t like this as much as you guys. But we have to do this. This is what we’re supposed to do. We’re at war with the Empire now. If we don’t focus, there won’t be anyone to come back to.” Everyone began to listen in to Troy’s speech. “Our families will be okay. You heard Tommy. Hexagon will provide protection for them, so we have nothing to worry about. We can trust Tommy. He’s been through this stuff for years.” The other Rangers stood quietly, pondering over their leader’s words. Slowly, the feelings of doubt were being replaced, taking in new feelings of hope and relief for their parents’ safety. “So all we have to now, is to fight this war and win. If we have done it before, then we’ll do so again.”

Then with the speech over, the frowns on their faces had been turned upside down. The leader had done what a leader does best. Their spirits were now high again.

“We get you, Troy. That’s why you’re the leader.” praised Noah.

“I dunno what we’ll do without ‘ya.” added Gia. Everyone else nodded in agreement. With that, Troy gave them a big smile for understanding his brilliant speech.

“Don’t worry, guys.” he said. “We’ll be over with this soon.”

“Excuse me?” Suddenly, the gang is alerted by a voice with an English accent coming from behind them. Turning around, they saw a woman, dressed in a pink blouse with a black suit jacket over it. She also had a long black skirt stretching down to her feet. She also had blonde hair, with a ponytail tied at her back. Her arms were wrapped around her back as she presented herself in a welcome manner. “Rangers. Tommy would like to see you now.”

“Oh. Thanks.” thanked Troy.

“Better not keep him waiting. He may not be the most patient man around, but he could use some punctuality.”

“You must know a lot about him then.” said Gia.

“Of course I do.” Just then, the woman then noticed a very curious Noah staring at her. “Is… there a problem, Mr. Carver?” She asked, causing the boy with the glasses to quickly snap out of his stare and shook his head.

“Oh, sorry. You just… remind me of someone.” But instead of an uncomfortable gesture, the woman gave him a knowing look. And that gave Noah more of a reason to continue looking. Only this time, he knew who he was looking at. “Wait! You are that someone. You’re Katherine Hilliard.” The woman gave him a wink, finally giving Noah an answer.

“Zeo Ranger One, at your service.” The rest of the squad had their faces filled with surprise as they were met with yet another legend in the flesh. Emma was probably a little more excited, since she had used Katherine’s powers before, knowing that all of them were incredibly powerful.

“And you’re the Pink Turbo Ranger too, right?” asked Emma.

“Mmhmm.” Katherine answered. “And well, I was the Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger for a while too.”

“Well, it was nice meeting you, Miss Hilliard.” Troy spoke up. “But I think Tommy is still waiting for us.”

“Alright then.” Katherine nodded. “Go on right ahead. My husband has a really important matter from the looks on his face.”

“Husband? You mean, you’re married to him?” asked Jake.

“Just last month.” She giggled at the memory of that blissful moment she and Tommy tied the knot. “I really don’t know how long it took for him to propose to me, but I guess being a Ranger is getting into him a little bit too much. Well, I’d like to share my memories with you, but now would be a good time to see Tommy. Come along then.” Finishing her greetings, she then walked the other way and the Rangers followed, heading towards the meeting room where Tommy was waiting for them.


The walls of the room were covered in blue leather and the ceiling was supported by brown wooden planks vertically placed between it and the floor. A long red table stretched along the room with blue chairs lining up on the sides. The room was also enveloped in a dim white light, shining above Tommy Oliver. With him at his side, Wesley Collins stood formally and there was also a neatly dressed man in a black tuxedo, walking around the room while talking to Tommy.

“Five buildings destroyed. Roads becoming miniature canyons. And here’s the real deal, a fleet of alien warships floating around as far as the Asteroid Belt, sending down more of those tin-headed clankers and more alien grunts to terrorize our planet.” He walked around, reading aloud with a light blue folder with some paperwork in it. He then shut the folder and put it down on the table, looking at Tommy seriously. The man rubbed his forehead, trying to calm down from the current situation the world was facing. “What does this mean, Mr. Oliver?”

“Well, Mr. Secretary, I can tell you that we’re being invaded. Simple as that.” Tommy answered with a straightforward attitude.

“But I need more than a simple answer. The President is desperate and we need a well-abled body that could stop this invasion. World leaders are starting to panic as well, that even their military feel powerless to stop them. We’re being attacked in many areas. London. Greece. Korea. Russia. Everywhere!” The Secretary of Defence was losing his calm, stressed by the statistics mounted by each attack happening out in the world. The Empire was indeed putting the world leadership on a knife’s edge. For a minute, the room fell silent. The man tried to regain his composure again. “What are we going to do, Mr. Oliver? The odds are against us. Your organization is the only thing we have in countering these invaders. Do you have a plan?” Tommy, in contrast to the Secretary’s stressed out mood, remained relatively calm throughout the talk. He put his hands together and wrapped them together, bending forward.

“I do indeed. In fact, our plan should be here soon. I sent Katherine to get them.”

“Hmmm.” The Secretary finally calmed down. For a while, the tense situation happening above was put aside, for now. All the Secretary had to do was wait for whatever Tommy had in mind. He then looked at Tommy, again, ready to start another conversation. “Look, Mr. Oliver. I’m sorry about my outburst. I just can’t afford to have this nation under attack again. We’ve seen too many extra-terrestrial threats that nearly destroyed our planet several times over. And we need something or someone who can eliminate our current problem. And you are our only hope.” The Secretary had finally started to sound softer with his speech. And that had brought some relief to Tommy.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Secretary.” he said. “Just leave this to us. We have dealt with threats like this before and we’re not going to let it go anytime soon.”

“Speaking of which, that was a nice wedding you two had. It just seems like yesterday when you two were just little teenagers getting through high school like every other normal person.” Tommy chuckled, with his attitude also changing to a more cheerful one.

“And you were that same old police officer who kept Bulk and Skull in line. Time sure passes by fast, doesn’t it, Mr. Stone?”

“Sure does, Tommy. Sure does. I really never would have thought I would be working for the President of the United States after what those two bozzos have put me through. But I had you to thank for that.”

“Hey, you were the one who came up with that counterattack when the Armada invaded Angel Grove. The Youth Center could’ve been beyond repair if you didn’t put those years in the Police Academy to use.”

“It seems that old place had always left a lasting impression on me. I got to admit, even those two numbskulls are just unforgettable.”

“Out of all that, you were fit to becoming Secretary of Defence.”

“It’s a stressful job, but it just got worse with all of this now happening.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Stone. Everything will be under control. The President will soon have little to worry about.” The friendly conversation was then interrupted with the sounds of knocking at the wooden door at the other end of the room. Out there, stood Katherine and the five Megaforce Rangers, looking into the room.

“Ah. Here they are. Our plan.” Secretary Stone looked out at the door. There he saw Katherine with five ordinary-looking teenagers. He was wondering who these kids were and why they were so important to be part of Tommy’s plan.

Tommy stood up and went over to the group standing outside. He then turned back to Stone.

“Mr. Secretary. I’d like you to meet the Megaforce Rangers.” The Secretary rose up from his feet. He walked up to the Rangers with his hands tied to his back.

“Good to see you again, Ms. Hilliard.” he greeted to Kat in a friendly manner. “Or should I say, Miss Oliver?” Katherine gave a knowing smile to her old friend. Stone then inspected each and every one of them while they looked him awkwardly.

“So, these are the new agents I’ve been hearing about?” he said. “They’re going to be your new plan?”

“Yes, Mr. Secretary. They are our best chance on stopping the Empire. Guys, meet the Secretary of Defence of the United States, Jeremiah Stone.” Everyone made small bows as greetings to the Secretary.

“So, Tommy.” Troy called. “Any reason he’s here?”

“He?” Suddenly, Stone stressed out in disbelief. “He?!” Troy jumped at the sudden outburst before having stomach pointed at by Stone. “Now look here, sonny. That is not how you designate a renowned Lieutenant of the Angel Grove Police Academy and Secretary of Defence of the US of A. I’ve been through a heck of training, discipline and back-breaking patrols just to get to who I am now. So you better respect me properly, or you’ll give me twenty on the floor. No questions asked. You hear me?!”

The room fell silent as they all stared at the enraged man, except Tommy who let out a small smile in amusement. Realizing what he had burst out, Stone quickly cleared his throat and adjusted his tie.

“Sorry, old habits die hard, right?”

“Secretary Stone is an old friend of ours, and he’s been brought here to give you guys an update on what is happening now. You may already know what is happening, but you should have a bigger picture.” Tommy gestured for everyone, including Katherine, to be seated at the long conference table. Everyone except Stone had done so. The teenagers sat in the same row while Katherine sat next to Tommy. The Secretary stood by Tommy’s side and took out a small electronic orb. Placing it on the table in front of Tommy, the orb displayed a holographic image of the globe. In many parts of it were covered in glaring red while other parts maintained that plant green colour. Even the oceans had red at some areas. Within these red zones, flashing yellow spots littered the areas.

The Rangers looked on curiously and somewhat worriedly. The huge quantity of red zones and yellow spots seemed to have given them a very straightforward clue about what Secretary Stone was trying to show them. Clearing his throat again, the Secretary pointed out to them each of the yellow spots.

“Now, as you all know, the world has come attack! Once again. Countries are being overrun by an enemy force we thought you had destroyed. Well, it is now clear that you were wrong. The red zones you see in the map indicate the heaviest areas where the worst of the invasion has hit.” He directed their attention to a yellow dot on what looked like the island of Britain.

“The first attacks hit here in London.” At the same time, a small screen showing a besieged London under attack popped out of the yellow spot. Several X-Borgs were seen marching across the streets while pedestrians were fleeing the scene a frantic state of panic. Fire had engulfed some of the building and fallen debris. “Battalions of these tin heads you call “X-Borgs” have been reigning destruction upon the city for some time.” Stone then clicked on the screen and it disappeared back into the spot. Next, he tapped on another; this time in the large landmass that was Russia. A similar screen emerged, showcasing the red walls of the Kremlin crumbling from an explosion. From there, a squad of X-Borgs rushed right in’ one of them started blasting away with its club blaster. Bullets zooming at their direction gives the assumption that they were attacking some security guards or soldiers.

“And here, we have Moscow. Kremlin was busted, but fortunately, the leaders of Russia have been evacuated unharmed.” Stone said with relief, but the tone changed soon after. “I wish I could say the same for President of Brazil.” Again, he put off the screen showing Moscow, Secretary Stone spun the globe with a flick of his pointer and stopped it right at Sao Paulo, Brazil.

“X-Borgs have taken the President hostage and threaten to destroy the capital if we don’t do meet their demands.” From Brazil, Stone then made his mark for South Africa.

“Then here, South Africa is suffering from a water shortage due to these X-Borgs having a little fun time draining the much-needed water for the people there. Then we have…”

From zone after zone, Secretary Stone had shown them all, displaying each and every attack occurring throughout the world. What they had fought in a year ago was nothing in comparison to what they were witnessing now in front of their very eyes. The Empire was causing so much havoc that even Mavro couldn’t do such horrible things when he and his Armada invaded. Stone had even shown the Rangers the problems that were occurring in their very home, making the situation even direr.

The Rangers could only watch in terror as the Empire made its mark throughout the world, terrorizing any city it could find. Citizens were seen fleeing the dangers happening around them as X-Borgs chased them behind. The red hot flames within each scene giving out the horrors of the Empire’s wrath. It was enough to put everyone in dire worry. Having enough of the showcase, the Secretary had put off the holograms and the lights of the room went back on.

“So, now you know how the case is.” he said. “The question now is… Can you five handle this?” The teens looked at each other, seeking each other’s opinions and nods before finally turning to their leader.

“Sir…” Troy stood up, straight and firm. “We have dealt with this sort of thing. And we will not back down from it. All of us.” His friends couldn’t agree more, showing the same dedication Troy had in them. A united team stood ready at that moment when the rest of the Rangers got up from their seats. “And Tommy, I mean, Mr. Oliver says we can have all other teams of Power Ranger teams by our side. We will make it happen.”

“The boy’s right, Jeremiah.” added Tommy. “Evil has always threatened Earth, but that has never stopped us before. The odds may have been against us, but we still prevailed.”

“They have the numbers and the firepower over us.” Katherine joined in. “But there are some things that we have. Trust, teamwork and the Power that has been sent down from team to team.”

“And with all of the Power Rangers by our side…” Troy concluded. “We’ll be sure to even the odds.” From the words of the three, a smile was made on Stone’s face. Touched by the spirit of the Rangers, his worries were starting to fade away. Then, a tear started to fall from his eye. He slowly wiped it off.

“Sorry.” he sniffed. “Th- that was just so tear-jerking, it had to come out.” The other Rangers laughed lightly while Tommy and Katherine looked at each other affectionately, and Wes smiling at Stone’s silliness. It seemed that the whole situation had turned from chilling cold to a heart-warming scenario. It seemed that hope had been restored.


4th December 2015,

1 ALB,

Earths Orbit,

But trouble was not far away. In the flagship of Verinora’s Imperial Fleet, the evil monarch sat at her throne in the command bridge, watching the Earth as her ship flew at cruising speed. Her anticipation for her Empire’s conquest was as fiery as ever. She tapped her fingers on the right arm rest while the other hand was holding her chin. Her butler, Fedalis, was just standing there fiddling with his fingers.

“Look at that pitiful planet and its pitiful populace.” she mumbled. “Just waiting to be conquered and having us as their new masters. But only one problem stands in our way…” She was also watching an overhead monitor that featured a large winged robot that stood victorious in front of an explosion. “My husband has underestimated those puny Power Rangers. And that is a mistake I will not repeat.”

Then, from the doors next to her throne, three of her Generals had emerged. They all stood at attention before bowing down at their sublime leader.

“Your Highness.” greeted General Kalach. “The plan is set to go.”

“We will be ready to strike our newest target.” added General Arkanos.

“And what devious plan have you come up with this time?” asked Verinora.

“We have scanned the local area where the Power Rangers reside. There is a large power plant just near the city. Over at the hills behind it.”

“With enough firepower, we will be able to blow it up and it will be lights out for those punks! Hehehe!” Jestino finished.

“Oh oh oh! Let me go, your Majesty!” Fedalis jumped with excitement. “I can set that power plant ablaze!” But Verinora just shrugged it off.

“You? Take out the power plant? Hah! Don’t make me laugh.” The taunts of the Empress had silenced the eager butler, who could only moan in disappointment. With Fedalis quiet, Verinora turned her attention back turned back to her more able Generals. “Now then, I will send one of you to take on the task. Take a Commander with you and strike the dam with everything you got! Jestino. You will go.”

“As you wish!” Jestino bowed in acceptance. But the other two leaders were not as satisfied.

“What?!” exclaimed Kalach. “You’re sending this waste of talent back down there?!”

“Yeah!” added Arkanos. “He couldn’t take on the Rangers last time! Why can’t the more able Generals like us go?” With their expressions of disbelief, Jestino chuckled and fanned himself.

“Because I am the pinnacle of perfection!” he gloated.

“More like the pinnacle of failure.” taunted Kalach.

“Why you-?!” Jestino, furious at the sudden counter, was about to strike when Verinora slammed her fists onto the arm rests.

“Enough! I will be the one to decide who goes and who stays. Jestino, choose your Commander wisely. And I am expecting you to come back with undeniably excellent results this time!”

“I will not let you down, oh Great Empress! In fact, I just happen to know the perfect henchman for the job. Now, if you will excuse me, I must be off to give the city a blackout to remember! Tata!” With a flick of his fingers, the Jester-like Action Commander strutted off back to the exit. The two other Generals looked on in disgust.

“Blech!” The furious Kalach groaned. “Why must he go? He had his chance to finish off the Red Ranger and yet he still survived to fight another day.”

“He will most likely get more than a bunch of Legendary Ranger Powers out of this fight.” added Arkanos.

“Have patience, both of you.” Verinora sneered. “Soon, your time will come. For now, I will need your protection for the time being. I don’t want another sneak attack from the Rangers if possible. Besides, what better way to prove your potential than by letting them feel easy around Jestino’s arrogance? If they are able to dispose of him, then one of you could go next.” The two Generals eyed each other; intrigue filled in their eyes. “Either way, those puny Rangers will soon feel the wrath of Empress Verinora. We shall make sure that they will not ‘see the light’ again! HAHAHAHAHA!!!”


December 4th, 2015,

1 ALB,

Silver Guardians HQ,

New York,


Back on Earth, as dusk approached, Secretary Stone and Tommy were seen, shaking hands. Brhind Stone was a black helicopter with a yellow line right along the sides. Two lines of Silver Guardians stood at both sides. Katherine and the Megaforce Rangers were behimd Tommy, watching the friendly exchange between old friends.

“Well, now I gotta tell the President that everything will be A-Okay.” Stone told Tommy. “Of course, I won’t reveal any names from your side. I’ll just tell him that the Power Rangers are ready to go.”

“I’d appreciate that, Mr Stone.” thanked Tommy.

“Just remember, everyone…” As Stone kept up with his conversation, he stepped right into the helicopter and the rotors and engine of the aircraft had started. The breezy noise of chopper’s propellor blades slicing through the air filling the atmosphere. Stone sat at the passenger seat and took one final look at the crowd.

“The world can’t take much more! The fate of this planet lies within your hands, Power Rangers! Make us proud! Peace!” Giving a final salute of the day, Stone gave the Rangers one assuring smile before the door slid and closed. The vehicle began to slowly take off as Tommy and the others looked up, knowing the duty they all have to fulfil. He has delivered to them what was at stake and now it was up to Hexagon to make sure that Earth would not fall. They were Earth’s last hope.


December 4th, 2015,

1 ALB,

Power Station,

New York,


Night had taken over. Just over the hill near the city, a power plant stood there. And within that plant, trouble was already brewing. Out in the open, two glowing orbs formed and burst into light, revealing two unwelcome guests. It was Jestino and another hideous-looking monster. It had a purple body with orange coral-like patterns covering his entire body. Other than those, his left arm was a metallic hand with two large wires coming out of the wrist and more wires wrapped at his left shoulder. At the end of each wire, there were three pointers that look like an electric plug. Behind his right shoulder, a branch-like padding struck out of it. (A/N ~ based on Gokaigers Salamandam)

“Ah! Here we are!” exclaimed an excited Jestino. “Time to put out the lights to this rotten city. Tezar! You know what to do!”

“At once, sir.” acknowledged Tezar. The abnormal Commander walked towards a set of large power-boxes with wires connected to it and stretched along to the buildings and power poles around it, protected only by a chain-fence.  Tezar then extended his left arm and the wires stuck to his wrist wriggled around before thrusting themselves towards the boxes. The plugs then latched onto the box, piercing through the metal alloy. “Now, let the feast begin!” With a whip of the wires, the Commander began siphoning the power within the box. Electricity jolted and flowed through the wires from there to Tezar. All that charging started to feed the electrifying monster.

“Oooh! How extravagant.” praised Jestino, clapping his hands. “Bon appetit!” For a while, the electricity continued to be drained. The effects of this was starting show as lights dimmed and power generators slowed down. Tezar was draining more and more energy as the power plant itself was shutting down. Eventually, the generator turbines had finally come to a full stop and the lights were completely shut off.

Meanwhile, the electric bolts surrounding the wires used by Tezar had faded away. It became clear that the hungry Commander had filled his appetite. He detached his plugs and retracted his wires back to him; his hunger satisfied.

“Aaah! That hit the spot.” Tezar gloated as he rubbed his stomach.

“Now then, let us watch as the lights of New York City go off in a shocking instant!” Jestino casually walked and took a good look at the nearby metropolis. Already at that moment, he could see the bright and colourful lights of New York starting to disappear into nothingness.


December 4th, 2015,

1 ALB,

New York,


“Huh?” Walking on the sidewalk, a pedestrian was reading his newspaper near a site of destruction from a previous battle, reading the latest news about the numerous invasions of alien spaceships and soldiers worldwide. Then, the black and white article was being enveloped in a blanket of pure black. Puzzled by this strange phenomenon, he looked up, wondering if there was something up above. But then, that was when he noticed that the bright lights of the Big Apple were getting dimmer and dimmer. Finally, in a few seconds, all of the lights went off, leaving only the lights of passing automobiles to illuminate whatever darkness they could find. Some screams were heard around him, with people now faced with the sudden blackout. Then…


A sudden crashing sound had spooked the man. Trying to find out what had happened, he dug through his pocket and pulled out a flashlight. Putting the light on, he flashed it at where the sound had come from. The light shone right at the source of the crashing sound. The man was horrified at what he saw.

Before his eyes, a disaster. A couple of cars had crashed right into each other; both had their fronts right out dented. Smoke had risen from both of the engines as they seeped right through the openings made as a result of the denting. All around the wreckage, other cars had come to a halt. Above them, there would be red, yellow and greens of the traffic light to ensure their safety on the road. But with the absence of the main power, the devices were useless. And this had brought about the incident before them. Fortunately, the two drivers had managed to stumble out of the vehicles and escaped further harm.

For the man, and for all of the people of New York, however, the pitch black darkness now posed a serious threat. The city was now powerless. And because of that, it was also vulnerable to any possible attack. As if the attacks themselves were frightening, an attack without power could just be the worst thing yet for them.


December 4th, 2015,

1 ALB,

Silver Guardians HQ,

New York,


In the corridors of the secret base, the Megaforce Rangers soon found themselves deep within an empty and dark scene. What used to be a well-lit area with computers and ceiling lights everywhere, was now a tunnel of pure darkness. They couldn’t see anything or anyone, as they aimlessly waved around, hoping not to bump into anything.

“Now what?” groaned Gia.

“Who turned out the lights?” added Jake.

“I can’t see a thing.” Emma panicked a little.

“Everyone, stay calm.” Troy reassured his teammates. “Something just doesn’t feel right.”

“Oh, you think?” said Noah in a sarcastic tone.

“Activating auxiliary power now!” A loud call from Tommy echoed through the tunnel. The next moment, the tunnel was suddenly illuminated with the lights coming flickering back on and the computers in the rooms rebooting. Everything and everyone in the area was visible again. The workers and guards had all resumed to the duties they were tending to before the blackout hit the base. Relief came to the Rangers once they regained their visual of their surroundings.

Then, they looked forward to find Tommy, Katherine and Wes running towards them. Stopping in front of them, the senior Rangers came to give the Rangers the briefing of the incident.

“Rangers.” Tommy began. “It appears the city has lost its main power. The entire area has been blacked out and the population is in panic. We believe this problem is coming from the power plant over the hills.”

“You think the Empire is behind this?” asked Troy.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if they are. Which is why we need you to investigate. But you need to act fast. I don’t know how much longer we can keep up with the auxiliary power.”

“Eric and I will assist you guys there.” offered Wes. “You’ll need some firepower just in case.”

“Thanks Wes.” thanked Troy with a nod.

“Alright Rangers. Go on ahead. Good luck, and may the Power protect you.” After the mossion brief, the Rangers rushed to action, with Wes close behind. Katherine began to feel worried for her successors as they disappeared from the scene.

“Oh Tommy.” she said quietly. “I sure hope they will make it in time.” Reassuring het, Tommy placed a knowing hand on Katherine’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry, Kat. They haven’t let us down so far. They’ll get the job done.”



At the hangar bay, there were two rows of black SUVs with three cars each. Several Silver Guardian enforcers rushed to enter the vehicles while Wes, Eric and the Rangers gathered at the frontmost vehicle outside the hangar. Wes went for the front door and opened it, but not before turning to the Megaforce team.

“Alright guys.” he said. “This is it. Let’s kick us some X-Borgs.” The others took the enthusiasm well and entered the car in high spirits. Eric went in last at the driver’s seat. Buckling up their seat belts, the engine to the car started. With a push to the pedal, the car accelerated forward and raced for the exit, followed by the six other cars behind them. The convoy formed up in a straight line once they reached the gate. Then they turned at the corner and sped off into the city, on its way to the power plant, to put an end to this power crisis.

Virgule Watteau: War Detective (Chapter 3)

Chapter 3: The Mystery of the Missing Posters

After a bit of tea to quench their thirst and to satisfy their appetite, Fern and George were now busy role-playing outside the Walters’ residence as their respective detective characters. As time went by, so did progress for Fern on getting in newer ideas for her next chapters.

“Aha!” exclaimed Fern, in a French accent “Ee-enteresting find here.”

“What?” asked George, speaking like an English man. “Is it a clue?”

“A lollypop stick!” Fern picked up what appeared to be a lollypop stick with a bite dent on it. “Zis could mean only one thing.” Playing his part, George acted like he was shocked.

“You mean?”

“Yes mon ami. Zis is ze work of ze Grey Dove!”

“Blimey. How would he…?”

“Oh he must have followed us here, Bastings. “

“But how, Watteau? How?” George’s voice got real tense, as if he really wanted to know the answer.

“Aha! I… I… uh…” Unfortunately, the mystery was cut short, and so was the role-playing.

“I don’t know, George. Better update on that later.” said Fern, in her old accent.

“Okay.” George agreed, coming back to his usual voice as well. He looked at his watch. “I better get going. I have to be back home earlier today now that my parents aren’t at home.”

“Aww. And I was coming to the good part. Do you really have to go?”

“I got no choice. What if a robber comes in and takes everything in the house before I can even get to the front door?”

“Good point.” Fern sighed. “Well an orders’ an order.” But then, Fern had an idea. She still needed someone to help her with her story for now.

“Why don’t I come with you? Not even your little sister’s at home. So you could use some company.”

“Really?” His face lit up with a smile as Fern nodded.

“I’ll go ask my mum and see if I can go. I mean it’s still early anyway.” She ran back home to do so. George sat under a tree at the garden. After two minutes, she came back out with her notebook and pencil. “Let’s go. She said I can spend time until dinner.”

“Until dinner? Gee. She must really want you to socialize.”

Just then, a loud rumble is heard over the distance.

“Uh oh. We better scoot or we’ll end up as soggy as my notebook’s going to be soon.” George couldn’t agree better. They rushed on to George’s place at just a stone’s throw away. Minutes have passed and rain was pouring real badly. The two entered George’s room upstairs, soaked from the initial drizzle.

“Brrrrr.” Fern shivered as she was completely soaked and freezing. George had also seen better days. “The downpour came faster than I thought.”

George went downstairs for a bit and later, came back with two clean bath towels for Fern and himself to dry off with.

“Well it could’ve been worse.” He then moved and opened his closet door. He then took out a giraffe puppet made of wood. It was also wearing a green tuxedo.

“Ah good afternoon, Wally. Er hey there. And don’t you mean a rainy afternoon? Sheesh, your dyslexia is giving you a real blind eye!” Fern giggled as George displayed his ventriloquism to give ‘life’ to the puppet. The puppet under George’s control then looked and showed its hand to Fern. “Hello hello Fern!” Fern shook it.

“Heya Wally.” greeted Fern. “My, you’re getting better at this, George.” George turned Wally’s face to his own.

Er, what is she saying? I dunno Wally. Maybe it’s my manners. Hey, who’s the one with the introductions, huh?” Fern laughed lightly. She then took her notebook.

“So, shall we begin?” asked Fern. George nodded in agreement.

“Let’s get on with the story.” he said. “Can I see too?

“Sure.” Fern chuckled. They went to George’s study table. George prepared his chair for Fern and another for himself. “Thanks.”

Hey, what about me? Come on.” He placed his puppet on his lap.

“Let’s see.” said Fern, tapping the pencil on her chin. “Where were we? Ah!” As Fern began writing on her notebook, we go back to the adventures of Virgule Watteau.



16th March 1942,

In a small building not far from New York Square, we see our heroes, Virgule Watteau and her partner, Bastings, in the middle of a conversation with a man in casual clothing named Adam Knuckles. He was busy sending out newly – designed war posters to the War Department. She examined the vicinity for clues. Every nook and cranny she searched. Using her magnifying glass, she checked and checked. Bastings was in the middle of questioning.

“Oh thank goodness you could come and investigate, Miss Watteau.” thanked the man, shakingly.

“It is our duty, Monsieur Adam.” responded Watteau. Adam was quite a nervous wreck. He was jiggling and fiddling with his fingers as the search went on. And his hands had a somewhat tasty essence, according to Bastings.

“Do hurry. If I don’t send those posters to the War Department soon, I’m going to be a bane to this country! Darn if only I’d stay here instead of going out for a cup of coffee. Just one cup!”

“Fear not, Mr. Knuckles.” said Bastings. “We will find the culprit in no time.” Watteau checked for clues, walking from here and there, endlessly examining the shelves, tables and even the priting press machine. All she could find were dust, rust and cobwebs. But then, something caught her attention.

“Aha! Bingo!” She extended her hand to a shelf above her. However, Bastings caught sight of what Watteau had found and…

“Wait!” Bastings let out a warning yell, causing Watteau to quickly halt. Bastings rushed over and checked. He took a bit of a sort of spreading. “Hah! Peanut butter.”

“Phew! Once again, you saved Watteau from another ‘orrible rash, mon ami.” thanked Watteau.

“Pardon me, Mr. Knuckles.” explained Bastings. “Watteau has a rather serious case of allergies with peanuts.” But he then licked the butter, much to Watteau’s disgust.

“Eck, Bastings…” She then turned to Adam Knuckles. “Well, Monsieur Knuckles. We believe ze criminal has a razher, distinctive taste for ze peanut butter.” Adam was once again being all jittery and nervous. It was probably all from the tension of letting down the war effort for America. But then, Bastings pointed out a deeper theory.

“Watteau.” he called. The witty detective walked over to her partner, curious on what explanation he would come up with.

“Oui, Bastings?”

“Who else we know of knows your allergies for peanut butter?” Bastings asked. Watteau held her chin as she thought about the people who were aware of her condition.

“Hmmmm… There’s my family, your fazher, and…” Just as she was about to mention the next name, her eyes widenened and her face was filled with anxiety and at the same time, expectation, for this was a name that had her on her toes for as long as she could remember as a detective. “…ze Grey Dove.”

The Grey Dove. A reckless and infamous criminal who stalked the streets of Europe ever since Watteau was first assigned as a detective. Every week or month, this sneaky little thief had been stealing some of the finest treasures all of Europe had to offer. There was no stop until Watteau would crack the case and his plans. The last Watteau and Bastings had heard from him, he was caught attempting a theft at the French Lourve prior to the German invasion of France almost ten days later.

“But how could he have come here?” asked Bastings. “And why?”

“We shall find out soon enough.” But then, as the investigation carried on further, the lights suddenly went off in a blink of an eye!  “What in ze world?”

“Who turned off the lights?” To make things worse, a loud scream was heard. Two seconds later, the lights were back on. And this time, the two detectives were astonished at the change of things after the darkness was illuminated.

“Blimey! Mr Knuckles is gone!” exclaimed Bastings when he noticed the absence of the timid worker. Watteau placed her finger on her lips.


“Quick, Watteau! The opened door suggests that he might have been pulled out from there.” But as Bastings ran out of the door, Watteau then spotted something on the floor at where the nervous poster worker was standing on. She picked it up. It was a small piece of torn paper. It had black edges that looked like it was burned. But a short “We C-” is seen.

“Hmmm.” Without wasting precious time, she put the burned pirce of paper inside her pocket and ran to catch up with Bastings.

After running out of the building, Bastings, followed later by Watteau, ran out to the back alleyway, a large area with a few streetlights and trash cans. They checked everywhere for signs of the missing poster man.

“Look around, Bastings.” ordered Watteau. “Ze criminal must be around here somewhere.” They looked into dumpsters only for cats or rats to run out of them. One cat gave Bastings such a fright when it jumped out and hissed at him before running out. They looked around corners. They even looked up at the rooftops. Just as Watteau was divising a new plan, Bastings looked up at pointed right at the sky.

“Up there. Scoundrel ho!” A silhouette of a large man with a top hat and a cape, and what appeared to be a large bag, hopped right across one building to another like it was a monkey!

“Quick! We shall take…”

“The abbreviated route. I know. I know.” They ran as fast as they could to catch up with the crook. As they caught sight of the silhouette again, they could see that it seemed like it was also carrying someone. They expected that it was Adam being abducted. As they approached the backway of a diner joint, they stopped to find the figure had landed slowly in front of them. Watteau prepared herself to confront the man in the shrouds. Who could it be?

“We meet again, Grey Dove.”

(A/N~ Grey Dove is played by Binky Barnes)

“How’d you know it was me?” The old time foe walked out to the scene, with Adam having his hands tied behind his back and mouth taped.

“Call it an…”

“What? An ‘oonch?”

“Haha (sarcastically). Mock me all you want. You, mon ami, are in big trouble.”

“Now release the captive.” demanded Bastings. The Grey Dove then untied the victim, put him down and set him free.

“Oh thank you, thank you, thank you.” The trembling and traumatized man couldn’t stop thanking his two saviours. “Quick! Arrest him.”

“My pleasure.” As Bastings moved to apprehend the crook, he took extreme precautions for not to make things ugly between them. Surprisingly, however, the Grey Dove willingly showed his hands and was ready to be cuffed. Bastings moved in. It looked like the case was finally solved.

“Wait!” Bastings halted at the sudden call from Watteau. All was silent. She looked at everyone present. “Zis is getting a little too easy. Bastings. Hand me zhat bag.” Bastings tended to the bag. The Grey Dove still did nothing. Bastings carried the bag to Watteau. She looked into the bag.

“Okay, you got me. You foiled my latest plan to steal ze posters. In an attempt to make millions of American dollars, I stole zhem, but I wanted more, so I decided to abduct zis pitiful worker to do the work for me.”

“You were pretty bad at hiding your crime.” cleared Bastings. “Next time, try losing the peanut butter from your hands first before you attempt something.”

“What do you mean? I didn’t use any peanut butter.”

“Then how do you explain the food that was on the shelf in the scene of the crime, which I regret tasting earlier.”

“Why would I eat peanut butter? I know it is Watteau’s weakness but I know it is not right to leave any traces.”

“Which is rather the opposite.”

“Eeenteresting.” She was done surveying the bag and stepped up to the criminal. “Are you sure you stole zhem? Or did you BURN zhem?” Everyone was shocked! It seemed like the Grey Dove abducted the poor Adam Knuckles and took his posters in that large sack. But the great Watteau suspected something else? That the posters were burned? When Bastings opened the sack, all he saw… was black ash and bits of burnt paper.

“By George, how… there’s that whoppin’ feeling. How did you figure that out?” wondered Bastings. Watteau reached for her pocket and pulled out…

“I found… Zis!” The bit of burned paper she found on the floor! Everyone gasped, except the Dove. Adam gasped out in full horror.

“What have you done?!” he yelled.

“Well, zhere!” cleared the Grey Dove. “I admit you are clever, Watteau. Now, if you will be so kind to…”

“Ah ah. Not yet.” Watteau walked around and around the suspect. And then to Bastings and even Mr. Knuckles. It was clear that the case was still far from over. She leaned on her cane with that mysterious detective style…

… And she began.

“It is clear now.” began Watteau. “Ze Grey Dove… is not ze only crook here.”

The Grey Dove was not alone? What could Watteau have in mind?

“Not just the Grey Dove?”

“Let us ask…” She swung her cane and pointed it at…

“Monsieur Adam Knuckles!”

“What? M-me?”

Adam Knuckles? A suspect? The mystery thickened and so did the curiosity.

“When I circled you earlier, I found zis on your shirt.” She showed another bit of burned poster work. Only the eyes and nose of a soldier were visible. Adam was definitely becoming more nervous.

“Uh, I-I…”

“And you said you were out for coffee when ze crime happened.”

“I can explain… Really…”

“Hold up.” stopped Bastings. “I also seemed to notice something as well. May I?” Even Bastings had some supporting evidence which now he had realized.

“Of course.” Watteau obliged and Bastings walked to Adam and grabbed his right hand. He then sniffed it. “Aha! I knew it. Your hand smells of peanut butter! And you said you just had coffee earlier.”


“Well, Monsieur Adam. What is your defence?” Adam shook with all of his strength. His face filled with fear and anxiety. Then, he stomped his foot.

“Okay fine! I did it! I burnt the posters.” The crime has been brought to light. It was Adam Knuckles, the poster boy, who had committed the crime. Now for the plan to be revealed.

“I couldn’t argue about contributing to America by sending these posters. But you know how much I gained for this effort? 100 dollars! Per month! Like there’s not enough money to help us win the war! My boss can’t give me a modest income so I decided to get even. I hired the Grey Dove when he approached me last week. I took all the posters I could carry and burnt them all outside the backyard. All of it! Then I’d ask the Grey Dove to take it all the remains away. It would all be done successfully if you hadn’t shown up sooner. My reasons are fair. Why should I be wrong?!”

Watteau had been paying full attention to the story. The only response she gave was a shake of her head.

“I’m afraid ze War Department was clear about how we will deal with ze one responsible. Bastings, arrest him.” Bastings placed the cuffs on Adam’s hands. The guilt was obvious on his face. The case of the burning posters was solved.

With one case was settled, Watteau now had time to deal with another.

“And as for you,…” As she turned her attention to her long-time enemy, she found him running away out of the alley!

“Ha Ha Ha!” Watteau groaned in complete frustration.

“Bastings, wait for ze cops.” she ordered Bastings to tend to the captured crook. “I got him!” The chase was on. Detective against criminal. The Dove may not be entirely involved, but he still helped in a crime. Moreover, Watteau wanted answers. How did the Grey Dove escape Paris? Why America? All very intriguing questions.



The pursuit continued, through the streets, at the city square, and finally to the docks. The scheming criminal ran along the wooden jetty until he had nowhere to run. All in front of him was pure ocean. Watteau was able to catch up because of this and confronted him once again.

“Okay, Monsieur Grey Dove.” said Watteau. “How did you get here? And why? Tell me before I ‘ave to do you in.”

“Oh you want to know? Well, it was quite simple. Remember ze Dunkirk evacuations?”



George: Wait. What’s that?

Fern: Have you been paying attention to Mr. Ratburn?

George: Sorry. I just couldn’t focus with Buster chewing his gum.

Fern: *sigh* Never mind. I doubt many would know of the event right away.



29th May, 1940.

Dunkirk, France

The war was being fought in Europe. But France was on the verge of a humiliating defeat. The Germans were coming. All there was left to hold out against them were thousands of British and French troopers waiting to be shipped out to the safety of the British Isles.



“Oh now I remember.”




But they were not the only ones. Among the crowd was a lone young woman, in detective wear. We can tell it was Watteau herself. She was carrying her equipment in her backpack. She took a look back sadly. She could see smoke rising over a hill. Knowing that the Germans were getting closer, she hesistantly continued her walk to some of the evacuation ships. She looked around for a probable ship to board. Just then, she heard a familiar voice. A youthful call of British accent, calling her name. She saw the owner of that voice. She saw her old partner, Bastings aboard one of the vessels. She ran to the ship. Up the deck, approached him. She finally smiled since she left home behind.

“I zhought you were in London by now.” said Watteau, still teary-eyed.

“When I heard my dad was going to Dunkirk, I knew it would be an evacuation mission. So I took the chance that I might see you.”

“How could I ever do my work without my trusty sidekick?”

“Come. Let us catch up on things.” They both walked up to the deck. Watteau took one last look at her home soil. A tear dropped down her cheek as the memories she had in France lingered in her mind. All Bastings could do was placing his hand on her shoulder. He had never seen her this emotional ever. Watteau gave a soft smile to Bastings.

“You have never seen me like zis, right?” she said.

“No but everyone can get sappy sometimes.”

“True enough. But you know we can’t conduct our work in London. Knowing the Germans, zhey will attack ze city.”

“How about America? The Yanks want out of this war. Might as well set shop there.” Watteau nodded in compliance.

“Very good idea, Bastings. It is a start.”

Unbeknownst to the reunited duo, a huge crate was being by a French soldier. In that crate was not any food. There weren’t any weapons or ammo either. Instead, inside that anonymous crate, a stoaway lay in wait. As he opened up the box, he rose from the box, dusting off the dust that covered his suit for hours. We see it was none other than the Grey Dove. He coughed up the last bit of dust caught in his throat.

“Pfft pfa! At least it is betteir zhen a sarcophagus.” He walked away from the supplies and continued to lurk in the ship. He would eventually drop down to the United States, waiting for the right time to once again wreak havoc upon the innocent.



“And zat is how I came to America. I followed you two all ze way here. Unknowingly of course.” Watteau, having finally getting the answers she needed, whacked her cane on the wooden floor below her.

“Well you have ended up in my sights again, monsieur. Prepare to be arrested!” But the Grey Dove wasn’t going to give up. He charged at Watteau at full speed. She dodged the charging criminal while giving him a whack of her cane. She then proceeded to grab a rope and swung it like a cowboy’s lasso. She threw the hooped end at the recovering Dove. He was wrapped in a constriction of Watteau’s rope. As she tugged and tugged, the struggling Grey Dove tried and tried to escape. But the heroine detective was finally able to catch him. She held him by the collar.

“Now I got you zis time.” However, the Grey Dove had one last trick up his sleeve. He head-butted Watteau with such force that it felt like a baseball hitting your head. She fell to the ground, barely conscious. The Grey Dove freed himself and jumped onto a rowboat.

“Ha ha ha! I would normally never hit a girl, but you, I made an exception.” The nasty crook rowed away as he laughed the dusk away.

A few minutes later, Bastings arrived. He saw Watteau barely moving on the floor. He ran as fast as he could in a panicked state. He reached her as she tried to recover from the concussion.

“Watteau? Are you alright?  Say something.” he called. Watteau rubbed her head roughly while she got up.

“O-oui, mon ami.” she assured. “But I am, as you say, dumbfounded by ze Grey Dove’s intolerance for certain women.”

“Why I oughta…,” sneered Bastings angrily.

“No fear, Bastings. We will get him next time. I, Virgule Watteau, will make sure zhat zhat fiend gets behind bars soon enough.” They watched as the moon began to rise from the sea before walking away back to their station. What crazy adventures will they have next? Only time will tell.



“To be continued.” Fern finished her tale as she closed her storybook.

“That was excellent.” complimented George. “No it wasn’t.” he spoke again through Wally. It was awesome! Five stars. More! More!”

They looked outside and saw that the rains have stopped. Additionally, it was also getting dusky.

“Did we write that long?” wondered George. “Oh well. Time flies and dang I missed it.” ‘said’ Wally.

“Well, I better get going.” said Fern. “Mom should be making dinner by now.” The two walked down towards the front door. George opened it and both walked out. “Thanks for the company.” thanked Fern. George let out a big smile on his face.

“Hey. What are friends for?” “They make ya spin and spin with their nonsense jokes and pranks.”

“Wally.” “What?”

“Oh. and don’t forget Mr. Ratburn’s assignment on Currency in a few days.”

“Oh no!” George smacked his head, totally shocked by the sudden recounting of his homework. “I forgot! I’ve haven’t even touched it once! Heck, what am I going to do?” “How typical.”

“Relax. It’s not that hard. Besides, if you want help, I’m just a phone call away.”

“You mean it?”

“Hey. What are friends for?” Fern grinned. She waved goodbye as she walked out. George returned the wave and closed the door. Fern walked on and on back home, stepping on the small puddles left behind by the rain. She looked back at George’s house on the way, knowing that she had a great time writing her story with the boy.

“I guess I shouldn’t regret not going to camp after all.”

The End… For Now…

Power Rangers: Hexagon : Return of the Power Rangers (Part 3)


November 25th 2015,

1 ALB,

New York,

Havoc was soon overwhelming at a nearby park. A large yellow monster with wing-like flaps on its arms and blue orbs on its chest, shoulders and spikes on his head (A/N~ Vannain from Gokaiger), was terrorizing the place, stomping about here and there. He began zapping lasers from a crystal orb on his forehead, hitting the grass and starting a small fire. It also blasted a bench, a dustbin and a tree, furthering the blazes.

“HAHAHAHA!!!” The monster let out a maniacal laugh. “Is this really all you humans can do?! Run?! Go on! I live for terror!” It then launched yet another bolt of power, destroying a lamp post. “The more you run, the more fun it is!” It went on a continuous rampage throughout the park, as nearby pedestrians ran for their lives.

Up above in the sky, help was on the way. It came in the form of two spacecraft-looking vehicles. One was a red large galleon-like starship and the other was a smaller and faster green hovercraft with twin booster engines. The two vehicles were fast approaching the scene of the attack and were homing in on the park.

Inside the ship, a young Troy Burrows was at the wheel, controlling the ship. The other Rangers were sitting at the dining table behind him, waiting for the call to arm up. They were all feeling the thrill of going to battle after a year since the Legendary Battle. Now under the new organization of Hexagon, the Rangers were now playing a major role in Earth’s safety once again, with even greater evil to face. It was time to take on the Empire.

“Alright, guys. This is it.” Troy signalled his teammates to make ready. They all stood up and grabbed their Morphers, moving behind Troy.

As the Skyship Zord was above the park, the Aero Rescue 3 Zord was zooming around it.

“Yo guys!” called Joel. “I will be starting my run on that mutated banana.”

“You got it.” Troy responded. “Then, we’ll be next to rain down on his parade.”

“Could’ve said it better myself, son. Alright, making my way now. Watch how the Sky Cowboy does it!” Soon, the Aero Rescue 3 made a barrel roll and dove down towards the attacking monster.

“HAHAHAHA!!!” The monster down below was still causing havoc, firing more of his lasers aimlessly, scaring off nearby people. “I love the sounds of screaming natives. It is simply music to my ears!”



“AAARGGHH!!!” The monster is pinned down by an explosion behind him. “What the…?!” He looked up to find a certain flying object coming right towards him.

“WOOHHOOO!!! Just like old times!” Joel cheered as he pressed the triggers on his control sticks, causing his Zord to fire laser shots at the monster. Making a laser strafing run, the Zord continued to suppress the monster.

“DRRGH! AAAHHH!!!!” The abomination could do nothing but tumble down onto the ground from the explosions. Getting back up, he was now raging mad as his blue crystals became flaring red. “How dare you fire upon the great Neversity! WWARRGH!”

Neversity launched another wave of lasers, trying to score a hit on the attacking Zord. But with each shot fired, they all soon came to be all misses. The Zord was able to pull off stunts, rolls, dives and climbs to avoid being hit by the deadly blasts, further infuriating the monster.

“Why I outta…”


“AAAHHH!!!” Then, Neversity suddenly got hit again, with a bigger explosion. The shots were coming from behind him. He looked there and saw, to his horror, a large flagship floating over him, with its side cannons firing laser cannonballs at him. Neversity was a sitting duck with a barrage of heavy firepower converging on him. He got knocked down by ensuing explosions following that. Soon, after Neversity fell for a fifth time, the Skyship Zord descended slowly down at ground level and made a stop there, with the ship still hovering, but with the bottom nearly touching the ground.

Back in the ship, Troy let go of the wheel, grabbed his Morpher and faced his teammates.

“Well guys.” he said. “Looks like college will have to wait. We got a world to save again.”

“Right!” Everyone cheered and went to the deck of the ship. From there, they grabbed on to ropes from the mast and made one massive leap each down to the ground. They then landed down, with Jake stumbling from his landing. They walked towards the fallen monster. The park was being set ablaze around them. It really was looking like a warzone now. After a while, the monster rose from his feet and faced the Rangers.

“Wh-who are you supposed to be? The comic relief for the welcoming wagon?” He taunted at the Rangers, pointing at them rudely. But the Rangers were not intimidated. Neversity did not know who he was dealing with. The Rangers reached for their pockets and took out their Morphers. They each also pulled out a small coloured figure from their pockets. Then, standing with attack stances, they flipped open and rested their Morphers onto their right shoulders while pointing out the small miniatures at the monster. With a firm stance, the Rangers cried out.

SUPER MEGA MODE!” With their cries, the figures’ legs then folded up, revealing what appeared to be an end of a key.

Pulling the Morphers back, they swung their Keys into the Morphers’ insertion point and twisted them. The top parts of the Morphers soon sprung out to form a pirate-like logo. An unlocking click sound was heard. As that happened, the Rangers then thrusted their Morphers at Neversity.

What came next was the highlight moment. The same cross symbol emerged in the form of an aura and appeared in front of the Rangers before getting sucked into them. The Rangers are engulfed in an energy field covering their entire bodies.

After a split second, the teens soon reappeared. This time, they were not looking like humans.

“What?! Impossible!” Neversity shouted as he flinched at what he saw.

The team were now wearing suits of different colours. Their upper clothes were like those of colonial sailors or pirates, unbuttoned to reveal a black tight one-piece suit from leg to neck underneath it. They were also wearing helmets that were shaped like a pirate’s hat, with a mouthplate and a black visor each. The cross logo was embedded on their foreheads and chests.

With the transformation complete, the Rangers took a few steps towards Neversity.

“Wha-!” The monster was still in a state of panic. “Who are you?!”

The red coloured warrior approached first. He then initiated a roll call, with him and his teammates ready to introduce themselves.

SUPER MEGAFORCE RED!” He greeted with a fist out front.

SUPER MEGAFORCE BLUE!” The blue one making a peace sign, touching his helmet.

SUPER MEGAFORCE GREEN!” The green warrior bent down and made a strong-man pose, flexing his arms.

SUPER MEGAFORCE YELLOW!” The yellow one had her hands on her hips, bending down at the monster.

SUPER MEGAFORCE PINK!” Finally, the pink hero twirled around and made a loser sign at Neversity.

After the individual roll calls, the team then came together and made different poses and made a strong battle cry to end the introductions.


There they were. The very heroes who fought against the Armada and destroyed Emperor Mavro. With the legendary powers of their predecessors, they proved much of a threat to Mavro and his forces. Now, they came together again, united to put an end to the Empire. The Super Megaforce Rangers were back!

“ARGH! Inconceivable!” The Rangers stepped right up to the monster, drawing their Super Mega Sabers and Super Mega Blasters.

“Commander.” Troy shot at Neversity. “We’re here to end your party.”

“Surrender and pull back.” Noah added.

“Or you’ll be in for a one-way trip to defeat.” Jake gloated.

“Because we look like butterflies…” Emma waved her hand.

“… but we sting like bees.” Gia threw a punch at front in the air.

“HAH! You’re no match for me! You cannot hope to topple the great Mavro Empire!” Neversity stomped his foot in frustration.

“Maybe not the Empire yet. But you aren’t going to do any more harm.” Troy pointed his Blaster at him.

“Yeah because there’s six of us.” Noah jumped in. “And only one of you.”

Suddenly, as the Rangers were about to continue the stand-off…


A large ray of light suddenly zapped down, surrounding the Commander. At the next second, there were several beings coming out of the light. The Rangers were soon facing a battalion of X-Borgs and a single jester-like alien accompanying them. He took out his fan with a chuckle as he trotted down the steps of the park path.

“Well, well, well.” Jestino chuckled. “If it isn’t the Power Failures, finally dressed up for the party. HUHUHUH!” He then proceeded to fan himself, taunting the Rangers.

“So, you’re here for Round 2, Jestino?” Troy excialmed.

“Oh, why yes! Thank you for imploring, Red Ranger.”

“We’re not going to back down this time.”

“Oh, tell my agent that.”

“What agent?” Noah asked.

“THIS agent! Neversity! Take them down!”

“With pleasure, boss! X-Borgs! Let’s bring these Power Punks down to size!” The army soon made their battle stances and battle cries. The next moment, the crowd began to charge at the Rangers. Now, with this attacking force charging at the Rangers, the battle had begun. The battle to save Earth.

“Here they come, Rangers!” Troy shouted. “Gia, Jake. Take care of the X-Borgs!”

“On it!” Gia acknowledged, followed by Jake.

“Roger that!”

“Emma, Noah. Get Neversity.”

“You got it!”

“Game on!”

“Jestino, it’s just you and me!” The Rangers charged right at the attacking force, with their weapons at the ready. The stage was set once they came together.

Troy took on Jestino on his own at the courtyard next to a fountain. Gia and Jake banded together to fight off the squad of X-Borgs while Noah and Emma solely fought Neversity.


Gia had her dual Sabers swinging at X-Borgs coming at her, while Jake carried out his part in fighting with one Saber and one Blaster in his hands. Gia then leapt right up, dodging two attacks from a couple of X-Borgs. Flipping in the air, she then swung her sabers at her attackers, causing them to swing around like boomerangs, slashing at the X-Borgs down below. They turned right back into Gia’s hands as she touched down like a gymnast.

Jake was trying to push away from a triple clobbering with three X-Borgs battering at him. He barely had his sword at one hand blocking the strikes. Despite doing his best, he was being pushed down more and more, unable to keep up the pressure on his attackers.

“Jake! Heads up!” He looked up and saw Gia pointing her blaster at the X-Borgs pinning him down. She pulled the trigger and blasted all three enemies with rapid succession. As the goons crashed to the ground, Jake finally got back up and gave a thumbs up to Gia.

“I so owe you a date for that!” he cheered.

“Let’s worry about our little “play date” with these bums first.” Gia added, resuming the fight against a few more X-Borgs. Jake continued to fight back as well.


Elsewhere, around a historical statue, Emma and Noah were squaring off against the alien Commander, dodging incoming laser blasts from his forehead. Noah and Emma tried to make a strike with their sabers on one hand and a blaster on the other. However, with every blast or slash, the monster just kept on blocking them.

“Hey! Noah!” Emma called out to her blue counterpart. “How about a trade?” She showed her saber at him. Noah then nodded.

“Sure, have a blaster on me!” Next thing they knew, it was time to make an exchange. Emma tossed her saber high in the air while Noah did the same. Both weapons went passing over the baffled Neversity. Soon, both weapons made their way to different holders. Emma now had dual blasters while Noah was armed with a double dose of swordsmanship.

“What good would that do?” Neversity taunted.

“I’ll show ‘ya. HIIIYYAAA!!!” Emma leapt and flipped in the air over Neversity and let a volley of energy blasts from both blasters, raining it down heavily on the Commander.


“My turn. It’s time you get a free sample of my swords skills.” Then, Noah jumped right at the monster and slashed at him with his swords. “Slice and dice!” He then continued his pursuit and struck him a few more times, each strike hitting a different part of the body.

“WAARGH! Why you incompetent little…?!”

“Don’t these guys ever get tired of saying that?” Emma teased.

“Gee, Emma. Are we really incompetent?” taunted Noah. “Well, how about we enlighten him a little?”

Both Rangers then leapt up into the air, with Neversity looking right up, waiting to know what would happen next. Once in mid-air, Noah charged up his blades while Emma with her blasters. Once done, the two then unleashed their strongest slashes and blasts. The two incoming projectiles then merged into one big blue and pink energy ball coming right at the alien.

“Uh-oh… NOOOO!!!” The monster was soon enveloped in a blistering wave of searing energy as he is blasted away by the super blast, landing on the soft grass and rolling over. “Drgh… Eeh… URGH!!!” He slammed his fist onto the ground. “I will not sit still for this!” He yelled before rising back up on his feet.


“I got you where I want you, boy!” Jestino went in for a fencing lunge at Troy, but the agile Red Ranger just jumped back just in time to prevent a killing blow to the stomach. He then swung his saber at Jestino. The two clashed and clashed at each other, weapons hitting. “Oh! I will make an effort to eliminate you again, Red Ranger. This time, I won’t miss!”

“Don’t bet on it!” Troy pushed Jestino’s weapon away and drew out his blaster to fire three shots at Jestino’s chest, sending the Commander reeling back. “That’ll teach ‘ya to take me by surprise.”

“Ergh! Take this!” Jestino fired his laser weapon at Troy, but the Ranger quickly cartwheeled to the side, dodging each blast with each revolution. He then landed and shot Jestino again. “AARRGHH!!!” Jestino screeched, rolling on the floor.

“You are not going to take this planet.” warned Troy. “This is your last chance to surrender.” He pointed his blaster at the fallen enemy, who could barely try to stand up, using his sword to pick himself up.

“Duh… Curse you!”


Back at the battle against Neversity, Noah and Emma were still keeping him occupied with slashes and blasts. It was not long until Gia and Jake finished off the X-Borgs earlier and joined in against the monster.

“Time to take out the trash!” The Commander charged up his forehead crystal ball and fired a large blast at the Rangers.

“Guys! Altogether now!” Under Noah’s instruction, they took out their Ranger keys and locked them into a cylindrical insert on the blasters. Twisting the lock, they then locked and loaded, causing a constant energy charge in them while they pointed their blasters at him.

“Time for a…”

SUPER MEGA BLAST!!!” Pulling their triggers, the Rangers’ weapons sent out four mega projectiles out of their weapons. Soon, the quadruple volley soon became one ultimate laser ball, surging right at Neversity’s own ultra-blast. The two blasts collided into what seemed to be a classic showdown between two equally powerful weapons. However, at the very moment the collision occurred, the Rangers’ Super Mega Blast was the one which ultimately got the better of the opposing side and pushed itself and Neversity’s projectile right at him.

“Oh no! Not good! AAAHHHH!!!!” Finally, after a second of a hopeless situation, the helpless monster had finally bit the dust. The double mega blast had rushed right through him, causing a massive explosion from where he was standing.

The Rangers watched as the explosion engulfed their foe; the ensuing fire rising up into the sky. Neversity was nowhere to be seen afterwards with all signs of him being crisped to ashes, literally. The Rangers withdrew their blasters and exchanged high-fives.

“Alright!” Noah cheered.

“Now, let’s go help Troy.” called Jake. The others acknowledged and raced to assist their leader and friend against the evil jester.


However, Troy was not having much luck against Jestino as he was seen rolling away from the steps and back onto the grassy ground below.

“Troy!” His fellow Rangers quickly rushed to his aid and helped him up.

“Ergh… I don’t think Super Mega Mode will be enough to stop this runt.” said Troy, pulling himself back up.

“Ho! Phooey!” Jestino walked towards the top of the steps and fanned himself, looking less amused and bored of the outcome of the duel. “This is getting real boring. I want a real fight. Where are the real Power Rangers?”

“You want the real Rangers? Then you’re about to have your wish granted.” Troy and the other Rangers lined up and raised their thumbs into the air. Next, they pressed down on a button on top of their golden belt buckle. This caused a panel on the buckle to flip sideways, revealing another Ranger key. Each of them picked up the Ranger keys and showed them up.

In Troy’s hand, the Ranger key figure had three white diamonds lining across its torso and a dinosaur-styled helmet.

Gia held a key with a Ranger with a half-yellow, half-black, colour scheme with the black side shaped like a number four.

Emma took out a white key with a ninja-like helmet.

A blue key with a cape and black lines coming down from its shoulders to its legs was in possession of Noah.

Finally, Jake took hold of a green Ranger key that had a white chest part and a black zig-zag pattern running right across the stomach.

They then trusted their Ranger keys out at front in the same fashion as their early transformations.

LEGENDARY RANGER MODE!” Having their Morphers on the other hand, they locked their keys into them. Unlocking them, they let the magic happen as another morph initiated.

It’s Morphin’ Time!

SPD Emergency!

Ranger of Aquitar, Full Power!

Magical Source, Mystic Force!

Go Galactic!

After the transformation completed, the team were ready for battle again. This time, they had a new change in suits. Each of them were now wearing uniforms that looked exactly like the Ranger keys they had previously used. Jestino watched on in surprise as the Rangers made a new roll call each.

Mighty Morphin Red Ranger!

Yellow SPD Ranger!

White Aquitar Ranger!

Blue Mystic Ranger!

Green Galaxy Ranger!

“Well, now the fight just got interesting. Time for reinforcements!” The alien jester snapped his fingers. In an instant, the alien Commander soon had the company of a squad of X-Borgs to back him up.

“Let’s go at them guys!” Troy ordered, causing the other Rangers to join in and rushed towards the enemy, re-engaging in yet another showdown.


“Alright, X-Borgs!” Jake took on five different X-Borgs single-handedly with his Lost Galaxy powers. Wielding a golden sword, he started swinging it at one X-Borg after another. He swung one at an X-Borg and deflected a whack from another. He then brushed off the attack and kicked the X-Borg away. Standing firm, Jake held his sword up and let it charge up in a bright golden flash.

“Quasar Saber, charging up!” After the sword was fully lit up, he made one heavy swing and an energy slash and rocked every X-Borg in his area. Once all of the X-Borgs were knocked out, Jake gloated at the fallen goons with a slash of the Quasar Saber. “Hope you had a nice fall!”

Meanwhile, Noah leapt onto the water and once he was onto the middle of the lake, out came a huge water spout. He landed on the top of the spout on his feet as it propelled him up in the air. The X-Borgs didn’t really know what to do but just look up helplessly. While Noah was in the air, he pulled out a golden flip phone and dialled in some numbers. He brought it up to his left shoulder with a small light coming out of its red tip.

GALWIT NERAMAX!” With a spell cast, Noah then pointed the phone at his enemies down below. The spell caused the water spout to splash up further and came rushing down like a bomb right at the defenceless X-Borgs. “Kawabunga!” Washing them away, Noah jumped out of the water current while it was still running and landed on the ground gracefully. “All squeaky clean!”

Emma had a few more X-Borgs on her end. She then pulled out what appeared to be a paper bird folded in an origami style, resting on her palm. She put it up in front of her face and blew it away.

“Let’s see you like this! Seven Colours of Aquitar!” The bird soared right off. Behind the bird, all of sudden, there was an instant appearance of a barrage of more paper birds, zooming right past Emma and heading for the X-Borgs, leaving behind a rainbow trail each. As they reached for the X-Borgs, they then shone in a bright white flash, cutting through them with razor-sharp edges to their wings and beaks. The X-Borgs were being showered by a flock of powerful artwork as they tumbled down to the ground. “Now that is art.” Emma gloated as she pumped her fists cheerfully.

Gia, on the other hand, was being surrounded by a ring of X-Borgs. In hand was a black handgun with a very thin yellow barrel. She pointed it at one of the X-Borgs and pulled the trigger.

Deltamax Striker!” She let loose a yellow laser bolt at it. And then, she put her legs together and made a tremendous spin, blasting every X-Borg around her. Once she stopped spinning, she could see the X-Borgs all having smoke coming out of their chests. “Down for the count!” she gloated.

Finally, there was Troy utilizing the powers of one of the first modern team of power Rangers against Jestino. This rematch however, was now in Troy’s favour. The two warriors clashed in another duel of the swords. Troy fought like a valiant knight, swinging his sword and parrying like one. Jestino, however, duelled like a graceful fencer as he elegantly attacked Troy with each strike and block.

“Give it up, Red Ranger! Even with the powers of your predecessors, you can’t hope to defeat me!” Jestino chuckled, believing he would still come out on top.

“Oh yeah?” But Troy was not kidding around. “How ‘bout this? Power Sword! HYAAA!” With one rough swing, Troy was able to swipe Jestino’s thin cutlass from his hand and off it flew into the lake. But the extra-terrestrial foe wasn’t through yet. He then opened his fan and used it as a weapon. Troy tried taking it on Jestino, but the fan was surprisingly as persistent as his sword. Jestino utilized his fan, cutting through the air as it made way to Troy’s Power Sword like a real blade.

“How do you like my fan club, Ranger?” Jestino taunted.

“Whatever. It’s just one fan. HAARGGH!!!” At that moment, Troy was again able to force the weapon off Jestino’s hand, followed by a huge slash from the top and slicing at his chest.

“DDAHH!!! Eck! Errgh… Oh… That bites…” Then, it was over for Jestino as he landed on his knees before finally lumping to the ground. The duel was finally over.


After a few minutes, the Rangers, back in their Super Mega Modes and having successfully taken care of the X-Borgs and Jestino, gathered around to get updated on their first major victory against the Empire. This was a prime moment for the Rangers and the world. For the first time in a year, there was still hope after all. The Rangers had finally delivered the first painful blow to Empress Verinora’s army and the victory was all too good for them not to ignore.

“Alright! Victory is ours!” Jake cheered.

“Rangers one. Bad guys zero!” added Gia.


November 25th 2015,

1 ALB,

Verinora’s Flagship,

Earth’s Orbit,


“I don’t believe this!” A loud screeching yell was heard in the bridge of an Imperial vessel. Watching the humiliating defeat on the big screen at front, Empress Verinora was more than displeased. She was fuming mad as she slammed her fist onto the arm rest. Her Generals and butler watched on, also baffled by the turn of events. “That rotten imbecile had failed me! EEERGHH!!! I will not tolerate this. Generals! Return Jestino to the ship. IMMEDIATELY!”

“Y-yes, my Queen!” A startled Arkanos complied.

“As you wish, milady!” added Kalach. Both Generals went running to the doors.

“Fedalis!” The timid butler jumped at the sound of Verinora’s bone-chilling scream. “Prepare the Megafiers! Make sure those Rangers pay!”

“Dah! R-r-right away, Your Highness! DERGH!” Fedalis then made his way across the bridge, passing through the X-Borgs manning their stations and reached the front consoles. There, he found a big red button on one of the consoles. Without a moment to lose, he quickly pressed it.

Outside, the horse statues of the ship begin to light up in the eyes and mouths. After that, the mouths then fired a purple beam of energy each, heading right down towards the blue planet below it.


“Guys, we just defeated two Commanders at the same time! This might be a good chance to show the Empress that we are not going to be underestimated.” Emma pointed out.

“You’re right, but let’s not get too carried away.” Noah quietly said, showing little enthusiasm compared to his teammates.

“What’s up, Noah?” asked Troy.

“Well, do you remember what happens after we defeat a monster?”

“We blasted him to shreds, the villain always has a way to revive the monster and… oh…”

Behind the Rangers, the wide purple beam phased out from the sky and hit where the destroyed Neversity once stood. The ray hit the ground with tremendous force. Then, the ashes and remains of the destroyed alien soon all rise to the air in the beam. They all formed up together to form a gigantic humanoid. As the formation began to be completed, the Rangers quickly turned around and witnessed the transformation.

Finally, after the head was finished, so was the transformation and in a bright flash, the figure changed. This time, it looked exactly like Neversity. The only trouble was for the Rangers was…

…it really was Neversity. Now ten times bigger than the Rangers, he stomped onto the ground causing a light tremor down below and shaking the Rangers.

“HAHAHAHA!!!” Neversity laughed evily, looking down at his now tiny destroyers. “How do you like me now, Rangers?!”

“This is not good. Totally not good!” exclaimed Jake.

“Gee, you think?” said Gia sarcastically. Suddenly, while the Rangers looked kn at the now giant Neversity, two more beams of light hit the ground behind them. They hit where Jestino’s unconscious body laid. Out of the beams, two different individuals emerged from them. The Rangers turned around and saw them, picking up Jestino.

“Who are you?” Troy asked inquisitively.

“I always Jestino couldn’t uphold the task of defeating a bunch of teenagers.” the first alien sneered. “I believe introductions are in order. I am General Kallach of the Supreme Army of the Mavro Empire.”

“And I am General Arkanos.” the other one introduced. “Leading Supervisor of Her Majesty’s Special Forces. So glad to be acquainted. Not.”

“What are you two doing here?” Noah yelled.

“I got some good news and bad news for you, Rangers. Good news is we didn’t come to fight you.” said Kalach.

“Yeah, we are just here to pick up the trash. And when I meant trash, I mean this pathetic clown right here.” added Arkanos.

“But the bad news is, you Rangers got a much bigger problem to deal with.” The Rangers then turned back at the giant monster just showing off his newfound size. “Fortunately for you, we won’t interfere, but be warned. That the next time we face you pseky Rangers again, there will be no mercy.”

“Now if you will excuse us, I believe we have overstayed our welcome. Farewell, Rangers.”

“And good luck in your future battles. You will never know which one will be your last…” In an instant, the three leaders were enveloped in yet another purple beam and after a split second, they disappeared like into thin air.

With the three Generals now out of the picture, they brought their attention back to Neversity who was now making a rampage into the city. He then approached a skyscraper and stood still. Next, his next move had shocked the Rangers. He raised his one arm and swung it down, swiping the towering building. The building’s top floor then toppled down to the ground, making a huge cloud of dust to flush out of the falling rubble.

The Rangers were beginning to feel extremely concerned over the desperate situation.

“Whoa! Good thing the city was evacuated.” said Gia. Then, the Rangers were once again met with another sudden appearance. This time, there was a convoy of black SUVs cruising along the road and parked at the sidewalk. One by one, out of each car, a squad of Silver Guardians rushed out, blasters at the ready. Furthermore, out of the lead SUV at the front, three men walked out. Two of them, Wes and Eric, joined their men in the formation while the third man, Tommy Oliver, approached the Rangers. He walked up forward to meet them.

“Rangers, you guys handling well?” Tommy checked in on them.

“No problem here, Tommy.” Troy answered. “But I wish incould say the same for that building. Or the city if we don’t do something.” But Tommy’s face still looked calm. He then reached for backpack behind him and unzipled it. Picking through the bag, he pulled out five devices that had the same face as their mentor Gosei. He handed it to them one by one and the Rangers took them.

“Our Mega Morphers?”

“As you know, the Legendary Megazord is no longer available. But you still have the Gosei Great Megazord. Now I want you guys to morph into your Mega Modes and pilot it against Neversity. Except for you, Noah.” The veteran Ranger then looked at Noah.

“Noah.” He spoke. “I want you to pilot the Skyship and join Joel in providing air support.”

“You sure, Tommy?” asked Noah.

“If you feel you’re up for it.” Noah then looked at his leader, the one who owns the Skyship Zord.

“Go on, Noah. Why don’t you take the wheel?” Troy suggested. With his permission, Noah complied.

“Alright. I’m off to the Skyship. Oh wait. First things first. Gosei Great Megazord.”

The Rangers all held their second Morphers. Holding up to the air, a digitizing flash appeared at their fingers. The flash formed a card with a picture of a different Ranger in it. Placing the cards into the mouths of their Morphers, they then clamped down, shutting the mouths and the eyes soon glowed green.


The Rangers then transformed yet again. Now, they have become Rangers with a more nature guardian-like theme.

“That should do it. Time to summon the Mechazords!” The Rangers summoned another set of Power Cards. These cards had the images of robotic animals; a dragon, a shark, a phoenix, a snake and a tiger. The Rangers inserted the cards into the Morphers again. Closing the Morpher again, its eyes lit up again. They pushed their Morphers into the air and called out their Mechazords.

Summoning Mechazords!” called out a voice that sounded like Gosei. Then, from out of the sky, a blinking flash of light emerged. Afterwards, five different objects came speeding out in a line. They were five heads of the same Zords that were in the Rangers’ cards.


At the same time, Neversity was stomping his way through the city, ready to unleash his fury on the buildings. But as he was about to level another structure…


“DOOAAHH!!!” The monster was distracted by a frenzy of lasers coming from above. As that happened, the five Zord heads were swarming over him like mosquitoes. Neversity tried swatting them down, but the Zords were just too fast for him to land a hit.

“There they are!” called out Noah. “Okay guys, I’m going to man the Skyship. Wish me luck!” He ran towards where the Skyship was floating in the air. The Ranger then grabbed on to one of the five ropes dropped down from the ship. After that, he was hoisted up to the ship and disappeared into it. The other Rangers prepared to call out to their other Zords. They all deployed their Morphers again and pointed them at their Zords.

The Dragon and Phoenix Mechazords flew off into the sky again, the Snake and Tiger Mechazords soared away to some nearby mountains, and the Shark Mechazord zoomed right for the sea, diving into the deep blue water.

Up in the air, two planes were flying by; one a jumbo jet and the other an F-22 Raptor. The Dragon and Phoenix Mechazords flew right in front of the two aircraft close enough to be attached to them. The aircraft were then covered by a bright light emitted from the Mechazord heads. The light soon took up a transformed into two different bodies. The jumbo jet had a dragon’s body with two large flapping wings and a long neck and tail.

Dragon Mechazord!

The smaller jet fighter had a bulkier design with jet engines attached to its wings and flaps.

Phoenix Mechazord!

After the conversion, the two developed Zords detached from the vehicles as they flew off, leaving the vehicles to disperse as well.

The same transformation process happened to the other Zords as the Snake landed in front of a speeding train and gave itself a long snake-like body.

Snake Mechazord!

The Tiger reached for a construction dozer and made a bulky body that looked like a cat with a stance of sneaking up on its prey.

Tiger Mechazord!

And the Shark submerged until it latched onto a nuclear submarine, developing a shark body that looked similar to the Phoenix Zord.

Shark Mechazord!

As the Zords detached and drove or swam off, they soon converged into a convoy, heading for the battlefield. Neversity could see the incoming Zords coming right at him.

“Your Zords won’t do you good, Rangers! Take this!” Neversity then let one sharp laser blast at the Zords, causing explosions to rock them. However, despite the barrage, the Zords kept on moving undeterred.

“Come on, guys! Let’s get into the fight! HYAA!!!” Troy ordered all his Rangers into their Mechazords, jumping into the air and into their individual Zords. Each Ranger then hopped into a cockpit with bright white walls and a golden Gosei logo behind them. Their Morphers were locked into a small power box at a control console in front of them. They held onto a pair of control sticks and used them to control their Zords. Troy knew that it was time to put their forces together to combat the giant threat that was Neversity. And the best way to do this was to combine their powers.


“Rangers, let’s put ‘em together!” The Ranger complied with Troy’s orders. Once again, a Power Card came zapping at their fingertips. This time, they all did not have different cards, but rather the same one. It was the picture of all of the Rangers’ Zords all combined into one large robot. They inserted their cards into the Morphers and locked them in.

Zords Combine!” The Gosei voice called, bringing the Zords together in a tight formation. The sequence began with the Snake Zord cruising along the city. The Tiger Zord then came right in front of it.

“Gia, ready to dock?” asked Jake.

“You got it, Jake!” Gia then pulled her control stick back; her Zord reversing towards the Snake Zord. The Snake Zord then bent its tail right to the side until it was almost touching the left side of its body. The Tiger Zord drove right through, allowing the Snake’s tail to go right into a hole at the back of the Tiger. A big shaking tremor was felt inside the cockpit of the Snake Zord, Jake trembling a little from the force.

“Whoa! Alright, going up!” Jake pulled his control stick up. The Zords’ mouths opened as their bodies started to lift right up into a ninety-degree angle, leaving their heads on the ground. They now looked like a pair of legs with the hips on top.

“Beginning combination pattern… and set!” Troy manoeuvred his Zord as its big claws slowly approached the new hip section of the pair of Zords. Its claws latched onto the hips as the Dragon Zord’s body was adjusted slightly to the front. The neck was then slided into the body as the head was locked onto the chest. There were two black insert points on each side of the Zord, which the two other Zords; the Shark and Phoenix, flew right by and locked themselves onto each one, forming a pair of arms. The final step of the transformation was when the top of the headless robot flipped over and revealed a head, with two small wings raised on the sides. The tail of the dragon detached and became something like a sword, which the right Shark hand was able to grab a hold of it. With all the Zords combined, the combination was finally complete.

Inside the robot, there was a larger and wider cockpit which had five seats and five control consoles in front of it. Four of the Rangers teleported to each set. They then grabbed hold of their control sticks and were now primed for battle.

Gosei Great Megazord, Ready!” The Megazord’s head turned to face Neversity, who was watching the Megazord with caution. But he wasn’t so convinced.

“Bah! Even if you have your Megazord, you still don’t have a chance!” The Megazord punched its fists together and showed its right one at Neversity.

“We’ll just see about that.” Troy challenged. “Noah! You read me?”


In the Skyship, we see the Blue Ranger taking the wheel of the Zord, turning it around and around.

“Roger that!” he answered Troy’s call. “I’m bringing her around. Hey Joel! You ready for some flyboy action?”

“Aye, Captain!” The Lightspeed Ranger acknowledged. “Ready to soar!” Noah looked out the viewport and could see the Aero Rescue Zord making a flyby around the Skyship. Both vessels then headed towards the action as the Gosei Great Megazord was heated up for the epic showdown between giants.


The towering robot continued to steady itself for anything that Neversity might throw at it. The Rangers inside were handling the Megazord controls firmly, poised to strike.

“Okay, guys. Let’s see what we can do. Three against one may not be fair…” Troy pondered.

“But when have the bad guys ever played fair?” Gia pointed out.

“Good point.”

“Time to give them a taste of their own medicine.” said Jake.

“I’m one step ahead of you guys.” added Emma.

“Neversity! You’re going down once and for all!” Troy declared, showing a thumbs down.

“I don’t think so! Just come at me with your best shot!” With the challenge now in session, it was finally to set things in motion. The battle had begun!

“Megaforce! Go!”

The Gosei Great Megazord and Neversity charged at each other with full force. As they came in contact, the two clashed their fists into each other, initiating a lockdown. Both sides tried to shake the other off, and after a minute, the lock had been broken. The Megazord went in for a punch to Neversity’s tentacle head. As it went for another, the monster blocked off the attack and scratched his adversary’s chest.

“Whoa!” The Rangers could feel the force of the attack from inside as they struggled to regain control. Neversity struck the Megazord again with a kick to the chest. After that, he leapt into the air and tried to pounce the Megazord down, but then, the Rangers had prepared for the attack. “HYAA!” The robot raised both arms in the air and caught Neversity as he was about to land on the Megazord. Holding on to his stomach into the air, the Megazord then turned around and around, making a spinning cycle.

“D… Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! WAAARGHHH!!!” After five spins, the Megazord then tossed the dizzy alien away, causing him to roll into a building. To the Rangers’ horror, the building had tumbled down on top of him. Another structure down for the count.

“Whoa! I think we overdid it a little.” said Gia.

“We better finish this guy off and fast.” cleared Jake. But as they were about to get to that, the battered monster had stood up again.

“Errgghhh! Now you have made mad, Rangers!” The monster charged up his forehead crystal and fired another laser at the Megazord. It hit the ground with such force that the Megazord was struggling to keep balance. The Rangers inside were feeling the full force of the shakings inside the cockpits caused by the explosions.

“Darn it!” Troy slammed the control console in front of him.

“Ech… Troy.” Jake called. “I don’t think we can take another hit like that.”

“Argh…” Gia tried to maintain her composure despite the dizziness in her head. “Come on, boys. We’re not going to let one monster defeat us.”

“Gia’s right.” Emma gave her staunch support to her best friend. “Evil like this has never stopped us in the past. And it won’t stop us now.” With his friends’ backing, Troy took a deep breath to relieve himself of his frustrations.

“You’re right, guys. No way are we backing down now! Noah! Joel! We could use some backup right about now!”

“Copy that!” Noah acknowledged. “Joel, would you do the honours?”

“Don’t mind if I do, rookie!” called Joel from a speaker. Soon, the two hovercraft moved in for the attack. The smaller Aero Rescue Zord started the attack by swooping in right in front of Neversity. Joel pulled the trigger and fired two green laser blasts at the giant’s hip, causing him to fall onto his knees. With the Aero Rescue Three zooming away, the monster got up again, but then he was bombarded by more explosions. These were coming from the side-mounted cannons of the Skyship Zord, blasting its way at the alien, buying time for the Gosei Great Megazord to regain its balance.

The machine managed to rise up, ready to go at it again against Neversity. It grabbed its sword and walked towards him while he was still being struck by the Skyship.

“Looks like we got the upper hand now.” The Megazord raised its sword and charged at Neversity. After being a sitting duck for a minute and once the guns fell silent, he did not have time to react to the Megazord’s fast charge at him. It then swung its sword down at him, slashing the downed alien on the head. Followed by more slices to the body, Neversity was sent flying towards the ground again. There was no way he was going to recover from these combined attacks long enough to gain any more ground. So instead of advancing any further, he began to back off, trying to at least recover enough before going at the Rangers again.

“This ain’t over yet, Rangers! I can still blast your little tin can robot into smithereens!”

“We don’t think so! Noah, Joel!” Troy alerted his fellow companions in the air.

“You don’t have to tell me twice, fearless leader!” Noah saluted as he turned the wheel of the Skyship and headed for another run, Joel following closely behind. Neversity tried to down the two ships by firing another laser blast at them, but they dodged the incoming projectiles and fired their weapons at the alien again, scoring direct hits.

Once the aircraft were done with their run, the die was cast. The Gosei Great Megazord stood by as Neversity tried to get back up.

“Alright, Rangers.” Troy gladly spoke. “It’s time we save the city. Let’s finish this!” At Troy’s call, the Rangers summoned more Power Cards, displaying the Megazord in the middle of swiping its blade, blazing with flames, down. They locked their cards into their Morphers and the Megazord had its sword at the ready.

The Megazord raised its sword, high enough to perform a really powerful slash. The blade soon ignited into a blaze as it went up.

Victory Charge!” Next, five apparitions of the Mechazord cards appeared around the Megazord and all of them let out a stream of energy each on the weakened monster.

“Arrgh! I-I can’t… move…” Neversity weakly muttered.

Finally, after trapping Neversity in energy harnesses, the Megazord flew off and was speeding right for Neversity. At the moment the Megazord was in range of the monser…

Mega Strike!

… it let out all of its strength and gave one heavy slash at Neversity. The flame of the blade followed it down as the slash cut through the monster’s body.

“AAARGGHHHH!!!” Neversity yelled in extreme pain.

Once the final strike had been done, Neversity was no longer the eager and violent Commander that the Rangers fought so hard against. He was now limping in all directions and losing balance, unable to even stand firm.

After a few minutes though, the fallen monster could take it no more. With the last of his energy gone, Neversity had stopped moving altogether and fell backwards.


Landing on the ground, he was soon engulfed in a huge explosion as all signs of him were being disintegrated into nothing. The Gosei Great Megazord took up its sword and punched into the air. The Rangers inside were cheering for their victory, standing up and raising their fists into the air as well.

“Mega Rangers…” As Troy was about to strike a victory pose, he then stopped in thought. Something about his usual victory pose just didn’t feel right now.

“What’s up, T?” asked Jake.

“I think we should change our victory cry. Something that fits our new roles as agents. Alright, here it is.”

Rangers of Hexagon! Mission is accomplished!

“Simple, but fitting. I like it!” Emma complimented. And so that was how the first battle ended. The Rangers were once again victorious!

Down below, the Silver Guardians were also celebrating the Rangers’ first successful battle against the Empire. They were tossing their berets into the air and high-fiving one another.

“YEAH! Alright!”

“Way to go, Rangers!”

“Send the Empire packing! WOOH!”

Meanwhile, amongst the crowd, Wes was simply nodding in approval. Eric took out his specs and watched the Megazord, impressed by the outcome of the situation.

“I gotta admit. They’re good. But let’s see they challenge my Q-Rex one day.”

Lastly, Tommy was standing still with a broad smile on his face. This was one moment that he couldn’t feel any happier. The Empire had lost a battle to Hexagon. The Rangers have turned the tide. But the war had just begun. He knew very well that the Empire would still be out there to try and try again until they get what they want. Hexagon had to be extra prepared to handle the rest of the Imperial forces in the future. But for now, he was using the moment to watch the glorious moment of victory. He would think about future affairs later.


November 25th 2015,

1 ALB,

Verinora’s Flagship,

Earth’s Orbit,


Aboard the command bridge of Verinora’s flagship, silence filled the area. At her throne, Verinora was just watching the screen where the events down below were being played. She could only tap her fingers at her throne, silently observing the humiliating defeat of her Commander. It was at that moment that she now understood the true power of the Power Rangers. Now she knew what she was up against. A force that destroyed her husband and his precious Armada.

Soon, the silence was broken with the arrival of General Kalach and Arkanos. They were dragging a heavily battered Jestino as his legs were sliding across the floor as he moved. He was still unconscious.

“Looks like those Rangers are not to be underestimated after all…” Kalach silently spoke to himself. “I might have to delve into their story very soon…”

“You’re Majesty.” Arkanos spoke up. “The Rangers were able to beat us after all! What are we to do? Only your guidance can lead us much further.” But Verinora still didn’t utter a word for another minute. Then, after that, she finally said something.

“It appears that we may have a worthy adversary to deal with.” The tone of her voice, however, wasn’t one of impatience, defeat or frustration. It was rather a calm and easy one. It almost seemed like she was anticipating such an outcome. “Those Rangers are more powerful than I thought. Now I know why my husband had fallen… No matter. I will have my revenge and defeating the Power Rangers will make the conquest of Earth all the sweeter! You may have won the battle, Rangers! But you haven’t won the war! I, Empress Verinora, and the Empire of Mavro will make sure you will finally be ended for all eternity! LONG LIVE THE EMPIRE! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”


November 25th 2015,

1 ALB,

Gosei Command Center,

Hexagon HQ,

New York,

After finishing their battle with Neversity, the Rangers headed back to the Command Center in Hexagon HQ. All five of them congratulated each other on a job well done. Tensou was rolling around the Rangers gleefully. Tommy and Gosei were watching the Rangers celebrating their victory. Tommy was very proud with the Rangers for their efforts, but now was the time to think about the future. The Empire would be sure to send endless waves of enemy soldiers and leaders to try and take over Earth. Even with the Megaforce Rangers back with their Mega and Super Mega powers, it probably would not be enough to take on the entire Empire. He needed more firepower. He needed reinforcements. There could be one way to solve the problem, but something was bothering him. What could Tommy have in mind?

Shaking his thoughts, he then tended to the Rangers. He walked up to them and the team stood at attention. Tensou rolled back to Gosei’s side.

“Well Rangers.” Tommy began. “You did well on your first battle.” The team couldn’t help but feel thankful for Tommy’s comment. But Tommy’s appreciative face turned into that of seriousness. “But this isn’t over. It was only wave one. Verinora could be sending more of her men to try and conquer Earth again.”

“We will need all the power we can get to combat the Empire.” Gosei joined in the conversation. “You have proven to them that you are a force to be reckoned with. They underestimated you and that had caused them today’s downfall. Remember not to make the same mistake, Rangers.” Everyone complied with Gosei’s advice.

“So, now that we’re Hexagon agents.” Emma wondered. “What do we do now?”

“Now since you’re part of the organization, I will have to tell about accommodations. We will need you guys to act as a fast-response force, so I need you to be as punctual as you can. That means you now have to reside here for the time being.”

“Reside?” Noah, and everyone was surprised. “You mean, we have to live here?”

“It will be until the Empire is dealt with.”

“But what about our parents?” asked a worried Gia.

“Don’t worry. I have prepared to explain the situation to your parents. They will have to know that you guys are Rangers.” The Rangers now were really concerned. All the while they have been Rangers, even their parents did not know of that fact. Now, they will have to know the truth. Even Tommy was feeling a bit hesitant. Nearly every Ranger in history had to make sure that those closest to them, other than those associated with the Power Rangers, had to be kept in the dark. Who knows what would happen if they had found out and would eventually be the targets of the villains they would face?

Troy then walked up and faced his teammates.

“Guys, maybe we should stay here.”

“But Troy…” Emma looked at him in disbelief. “What about our families?”

“Yeah, I really ain’t ready to leave the comfort of my good old bedroom.” Everyone stared at Jake, who had decided to remain quiet.

“Look, I know you guys aren’t ready to get our parents and families involved in this, but we have no choice. You heard Tommy. We need to be here to report in as soon as we can. And the faster we respond, the sooner we can face our enemies. We have to stop the Empire, no matter what the cost. We’re all in this together.”

After a moment of silence, the team began to understand more now. Slowly, they felt a little easier towards Troy’s speech. They would have to collaborate to Hexagon at all times if they are to defeat the Empire at the best convenience possible. They all smiled and walked towards their leader.

“Alright, Troy. We hear ‘ya.” The Red Ranger smiled at his friends’ support for his leadership.

“I know this is difficult.” Tommy spoke. “But it’s for the best. Your families need our protection and we need their approval of your presences. It won’t be easy, but all will work out in time.” The Rangers understood Tommy’s statement. With everything settled and taken care of, the Rangers finally got the brief on what they have to do.

“Rangers. This is the dawn of a new era.” Gosei suddenly said. “The times where one generation of Power Rangers defending the Earth at a time has to wait. For now, Tommy Oliver aims to bring this new organization to unite all the Power Rangers in existence and combat the Empire.”

“As agents…” added Tommy. “…you will need to help us find all the past Rangers and inform them of our cause. In the meantime, I will have to find a way to return their powers to them.”

“Right.” agreed Troy.

“Well, anyone has any questions or objections?” The team shook their heads to each side. “Then in that case, I would like thank you all for signing up for this. It might be a little too soon to say this, but you guys maybe our only hope in stopping the Empire. We could use your help.” With Tommy’s speech over, the Rangers disbanded and went out of the Command Center.

“Come on, guys. Let’s check this place out.” suggested Noah as they headed for the exit.

“I hope the cafeteria has some desserts.” said Gia. “You still owe us Noah.”

“Yeah yeah…”

As the Rangers left the cave, Tommy and Gosei soon turned to each other.

“They really are a great team, aren’t they?” said Tommy.

“Indeed.” answered Gosei. “I am not sure what would happen if it were not for them.” Tommy nodded in agreement. “Tommy.”


“I understand you’re trying to find a way to restore the powers of the past Rangers. Come right here. I might have an idea. However, it might be a very risky plan.”

“Go on, Gosei. I’m all ears.”

“Very well.”


The Empire has suffered its first major defeat, but can Hexagon be able to find the past teams of Power Rangers before it’s too late?

Power Rangers: Hexagon : Return of the Power Rangers (Part 2)



November 25th 2015,

1 ALB,

Hexagon/Silver Guardians HQ,

New York,

Five teens were in an SUV heading through the city of New York. All around them, the city was once again, a very busy place, filled with pedestrians and automobiles. Only this time, the atmosphere was very much different. Traffic jams filled the roads and crosswalks. People were rushing in different directions as if they were running from a bull rush. And with good reason. It was an evacuation, and the people of New York were rushing to safety once again.

Troy looked at the flashing scrolling signs on the buildings, displaying the disturbing news of his early encounter with a returning enemy. He held onto his chest where he was shot from Jestino’s surprise attack. It was well bandaged inside his shirt, but the pain lingered for a while.

However, nothing was worse than the feeling he had inside of him. All the while, he knew that this sort of stuff would happen. The Armada really did feel like just the beginning. And now, here was the rest of the cavalry. An empire bent on full furious revenge.

It was only wave one and the Rangers were beaten to a pulp. It was almost like the day the Armada first struck without warning. And they sent a large force of ships against the Rangers. The attack earlier was just a small dispatch force. How could they beat an enemy that could easily wipe them out with a swift blow?

Fortunately enough, one man was determined to come and save the day. Thanks to the intervention of the Silver Guardians, the Rangers were saved from an unpleasant end. And now the Rangers were heading for a place where they will find an answer to the new problem.

The Megaforce Rangers were sitting at the back seat with the legend himself, Tommy Oliver, with other well-known Rangers, Wesley Collins and Eric Meyers at the front, with Eric driving. Behind them, a long line of black cars followed suit. They couldn’t help but feel curious about why they were being sent to another place.

“So, let me get this straight…” Gia started. “You want us… to be agents to your, um…”

“Hexagon.” Tommy answered. “An organization formed to counter the threat of the Empire.”

“Empire? You mean those guys?” asked Noah.


“So, how do you guys know about the Empire?” wondered Emma.

“All your questions will be answered when we reach our base.” Everyone agreed and stayed on for the ride.

They drove on and on, until they reached a tall building away from the bustling roads of the big city. The team looked out the window to marvel at the building’s architecture. Additionally, Noah noticed a rather interesting sight. Outside the structure, there were twenty-four flags hoisted in a straight line. He couldn’t help but notice something significant from the flags.

“Hey, those flags.” He pointed at them. “They have the symbols of the past Ranger teams.”

“That’s quite a good eye you got there, kid.” remarked Eric. The lead car drove at the front into the driveway while the other cars drove around of the building. The lone car parked right at front. Once done, the Rangers all exited the vehicle and walked inside the building. They passed through the hallway and towards the elevators.

“Whoa, dude.” Jake could just stare at how cool the building’s interior.

“This is the Silver Guardians’ base.” said Noah.

“Yep.” Wes nodded. “With my dad currently retired and all his shareholders getting equal money, I decided to get him to let Eric and I keep the Silver Guardians.”

“Yeah, no more paid jobs to save lives. Made us look like mercenaries than real heroes.” The group walked into two different elevators. In one of them, Wes pulled out a keycard and slid it on an activation panel. Soon afterwards, the elevator went down. Way down…

Troy noticed the elevator going down a lot longer than any ordinary elevator could.

“Okay, either this elevator is slow, or are we really going way too deep?”

“You’ll like what you’ll see, Troy.” Tommy assured him.

And so the elevator continued down underground.

After a minute, the elevator had come to a stop. When the doors opened, the teens were in for a big surprise. Exiting the lift, they were soon met by the other Rangers and all eyes were viewing the massive hangar bay around them. They walked on the catwalk towards another pair of doors on the other side. As they came midway, Troy turned to his right and what he saw below the catwalk took him by surprise.

“The Skyship?” He stopped by the railway and saw the mighty Zord that was once his own, docked in a hangar bay with machinery hooked to many of its sides. The other Rangers joined in to witness the Legendary Zord.

“The Skyship is undergoing some major repairs.” explained Tommy. “The Legendary Megazord was so crippled that the damage was beyond repair. The four other Zords, however, weren’t so lucky.”

“They’ve been destroyed?” asked a shocked Gia.

“I’m afraid so.” The Rangers couldn’t believe their ears. Their most powerful Megazord yet, having been heavily damaged by the might of the Armada, leaving behind a wrecked Skyship and worse, the other Zords rendered useless. It was such a fine marvel of invention until the Armada decided to put it out of commission.

“Well, what is the Zord doing here?” Emma wondered. “Didn’t Gosei bring it back?”

“Oh right!” Suddenly, Noah was hit with sudden realization. “At times like this, we would have to go to our Command Center and tell Gosei. Couldn’t we just go there?”

“Hold your horses, Noah.” assured Tommy. “We will get that covered later. For now, just come along for the tour.” Noah nodded and the team went on ahead. They made it to the other side of the catwalk and entered through the doors.

They came into a corridor where people in labcoats and lighter black suits. They all had the same hexagonal-shaped symbol embedded on their clothes, signifying their allegiance to the organization underneath the ground.

Tommy showed the Rangers the many rooms and their purposes.

“And there’s the control room. It helps us to monitor any trouble from across the world. Every nation in the world has a system of cameras and are being operated to make sure Hexagon gets a full view of the world.”

They exited the room after looking at the various computers and consoles. They then walked again through the corridor, examining more rooms. There were laboratories, training rooms, supply rooms, mess halls, bedrooms and more.


They then stopped by another smaller hangar bay, where a large green hover vehicle was docked. It had two large jet engines at the back of it and two frontal cannons and two long-boarded landing gear.

Below the ship, there was a man, dressed in a stylish black jacket with green highlights. He had his right hand spraying some paint on it. His left hand was holding a cowboy hat.

The group entered the hangar.

“Giving her a new paint job, I see?” called out Tommy to the man. He stopped what he was doing and ran up to them, putting on his hat. He made a low-five with Tommy before shaking his hand and doing the same with Wes and Eric.

“Hey. Cowboy’s gotta pimp his ride if he wants to make show biz.” the man laughed.

“I would like you to meet the current team of Power Rangers. The Megaforce Rangers. Everyone either waved or said ‘hi’ awkwardly. All except Emma.

“Wow! “ she said with glee. “You’re the Sky Cowboy!”

“Hey, yeah!” he responded.

“Oh my gosh. My mum is like a huge fan.”

“Well, I’m obliged, young lady. What’s your name, girl?”

“I’m Emma, the, um, Pink Ranger.

Meanwhile, as the Sky Cowboy shook hands with Emma and the rest of the team, Noah looked at the man and for some reason, he suddenly recognized him.

“Wait!” he urged. “You’re Joel Rawlings. The Green Lightspeed Ranger!” Everyone else, except for the other older Rangers, were shocked to hear Noah’s call. Emma was especially baffled. Her mother’s favourite star turned out to be the Green Ranger of Lightspeed Rescue!

“Well, looks like someone has been keeping track with his homework. Hehehe.” teased Joel. “That’s right, y’all. This Sky Cowboy’s all green with Lightspeed Rescue.”

“Wow! I mean, just… Wow.” Emma couldn’t bear her thrilled expression.

“Hey I tell ya what. After this, I’ll give your mom my autograph. How’s that sound?”

“Ehh… sure!” Emma stuttered.

“Well, we gotta get going with the tour, Joel.” said Wes. “Send our regards to Angela.” The Rangers waved goodbye to the Sky Cowboy as he went to resume work on his paint-job.


The group continued walking down the corridor.

“How long has this place existed?” asked Troy.

“This place was built for the Silver Guardians as an underground test facility for most of the Silver Guardian technology. I can say a year after our days as Time Force Rangers came to an end.” answered Wes.

“But after a while, when Wes and Eric took over the Silver Guardians from Wes’ father, he decided to lend all available resources to me and thus I was able to build up this base from the ground up; filling it with eager recruits. These people around us are all dedicated to preserving the Power Rangers legacy by helping me run Hexagon.” added Tommy.

The group soon headed on over to a room with an elegant style. There, they saw various memorabilia on some tables and on the walls. There was even a roster of almost twenty photos, each containing a team of five, six, or in some of them, more colourful heroes in them. Behind a large wooden desk facing the doors, there was a large portrait of a floating bald head, pale and illuminating.

“Whoa.” Noah was in awe as every bit of Ranger nostalgia hit him. Jake was just as impressed.

“Glad you like what I have done with the place.” said Tommy. “But we’re not going to begin talks here.” Then, Tommy reached for a statue bust of a Green Ranger and pushed its head up front like a lever, revealing a small red button. He pressed the button and, to the teenagers’ surprise, a bookshelf moved up front and turned into a 180° angle, revealing an entranceway into a deep, stone-walled corridor and a spiral staircase descending downwards. “This will lead to the place.”

“Watch your step.” Wes and Eric stayed as Tommy and the others walked in first before entering themselves, shutting the bookshelf behind them.

The group walked down the steps, passing through torches on the wall. After a minute, the Rangers approached a stone door and Tommy opened it. The Rangers soon find themselves in a very spacious rock chamber with mist drifting from under their feet. There were also five stone podiums lined up in a circle and a bright torched table lighting up the cave.

“Whoa…” The Rangers found themselves in a state of awe as the cave’s walls were soon lit up with torches.

“So, is this where begin?” asked Troy.

“Indeed.” responded Tommy. “But first, I’m going to have to introduce to you an old friend of yours.”

“Who?” Jake asked.

“That will be me.” Jake was suddenly shaken by the low and deep echoing voice coming from behind him. The rest of the gang turned around to face a dark, shadowed wall. When two torches lit up, they saw a very familiar face. On the wall, was a white and gold face that looked like a Moai statue with green eyes. As it talked, the green eyes and red mouth flashed. “Welcome back, Rangers.”

“Gosei?!” The Rangers were both surprised and happy to see the sight of Gosei, their mentor.

“Then, that means…”

“Say no more!” Suddenly, the group is joined by a small little rover robot with two wheels and a squared head.

“Tensou!” The wheeled little robot swirled around and sped right for the Rangers. He was then greeted with hugs and strokes.

“It’s good to see you here.” said Gia as the robot giggled in happiness. Troy soon got up and headed for Gosei.

“So, how did you two get here, Gosei? What happened to the Command Center?”

“Unfortunately, Troy.” Gosei began. “During the first attack on New York, an alien ship in orbit bombarded the Command Center as well. The cave could not sustain itself for long as it came down. Tensou and I gathered whatever we could, including your Morphers and the Ranger Keys, and evacuated the Center just in time. We then teleported here, where Tommy Oliver built this new Command Center.” Tommy walked to Troy’s side, explaining his side of the story.

“We knew something like this would happen. So, after the Legendary Battle, I spoke to Gosei and prepared for an emergency plan so that he can retreat here at Hexagon HQ.”

Soon, Troy acknowledged the story and headed back to his friends. Tensou rolled to Gosei’s side.

“But how do you know about hexagon, Gosei?” asked Emma. Gosei took a minute of silence, before answering her question.

“Because you have been selected as Hexagon’s agents and it is a great honour to fight alongside your predecessors to counter the Empire.”

“Whoa! Hold up!” Jake stopped, with Noah walking with him.

“We? We get to fight alongside other Rangers?” Everyone couldn’t hold their excitement. To meet Tommy Oliver, Wesley Collins and Eric Meyers again, that’s a real shocker. But to fight alongside more of their favourite predecessors? That’s a shocker times ten! They were really pumped doing so during the last Legendary Battle, but now they get to do it again, possibly many times over. It was a real honour.

“So, what is this whole story?” asked Troy. “Of the Empire and Hexagon?”

“Ah, we were wondering when you would ask that.” said Tommy. The Rangers all gathered around to hear it all. They were about to get a full story of the Mavro Empire and the history of Hexagon.

Then, the fire at the central table lit up at a very bright flame, startling the Rangers.  Next, the flame then formed a ring of fire, and in that ring, there was an image of a memorable scene. It was the Legendary Battle, where all the past Power Rangers united to battle the last of Emperor Mavro’s forces.


“The Legendary Battle.” Gosei started. “A pivotal moment in Power Rangers history. Every single Power Ranger coming together to battle the might of the Armada. You Rangers have made that battle one to remember. To add up to things, you have also thwarted the efforts of the Warstar fleet, the Toxic Aliens, Metal Alice’s robot army and eventually, Vrak himself. Thanks to you, Mavro, his two heirs, Vrak and Vekar, and the entire bulk of his Armada, has been destroyed, bringing the world back to peace.”

“But not for long.” Tommy joined in. “I was afraid something like this would happen. I knew that if Mavro and his Armada was to be destroyed, that would leave his Empire coming right at Earth for total revenge and domination.” The vision changed from the ending of the Battle, to an empty field of space. “This footage was taken from one of our fellow Rangers, Andros, just a few months after the Battle.”

“This is Andros, Red Space Ranger. DECA has detected a very peculiar occurrence in Sector Epsilon, almost a few light-years away from KO-35. The Megaship is in the area now. Scanning for energy disturbance.”

The video displayed almost a minute of emptiness. The Rangers watched closely to see what has been captured. Suddenly, they saw what that very thing was.

It was an alien spacecraft. It looked like the same alien warship that attacked the Rangers earlier. It was soon followed by another two ships behind it.

“What the?” The stunned voice of Andros could easily be identified by everyone watching. “Oh no. Andros to Tommy. If you’re seeing this, then your suspicions are correct! There are still Mavro warships out there. Calculating their trajectory, they seem to be heading for one location. And the one planet within the trajectory… is Earth. I do not know what this means, but if you ask me, there could very well be an Empire left behind and they’re coming for revenge. Going back to report KO-35 to alert all allies within range of the fleet. Andros out.” The footage was paused. The Rangers weren’t so enthusiastic as before.

“So, it isn’t over?” Troy asked.

“Afraid not.” Tommy answered. “I felt somehow that the enemy force we took out was only an Armada. And whenever there’s an Armada, there’s always an Empire to serve. And when there’s an Emperor like Mavro, we can be sure that there’s an Empress that could be equally as dangerous as him.” An Empress? As bad as Mavro? The thought couldn’t get out of the worried Megaforce Rangers.

“The Mavro Empire is a force to be reckoned with.” said Gosei. “When I was under the mentorship of Zordon, I have witnessed the many atrocities and conquests of their dreaded expansions. Under Mavro and Verinora, the Empire became so powerful, that it eventually split from other villainous organizations, even Dark Specter’s United Alliance of Evil.”

“And we all know how powerful the Alliance was before Zordon sacrificed himself to save us all.” added Tommy. “In fact, speaking of said sacrifice, I wasn’t even sure how such a force so infamous could even survive the energy wave that purified or destroyed most of the Alliance’s members. A large force of them were hit, but Mavro survived. We then found out from our espionage forces that the Empire’s home planet was in a galaxy too far and dark for the Energy Wave to hit. Mavro and his family must’ve retreated there before the event. How they knew of what would happen exactly, that’s a bigger mystery.”

“And thus, the Empire has preserved, and while many different generations of Power Rangers continued to fight different generations of villains, the Empire began to rebuild and expand. Without the competition with Dark Specter, it was able to gobble up remaining worlds and eventually, sought their sights on Earth, starting by sending the Warstar fleet under Vrak and Malkor, to survey and besiege.”

“And that’s where you guys came in.” Wes joined in.

“With my guidance, you were able to utilize your Megaforce powers to combat Warstar and their allies. Then, with the powers of legends, you were able to handle the arrival of the first wave of Vekar’s forces and then, his father, Mavro.”

“With a little help, of course.” Eric muttered quietly.

“And you know what happened next.” Tommy cleared. “We all came to fight by your side and Mavro and his Armada have been vanquished. And soon we all thought it was over.”

“Until now.” Gosei added.

“Once the battle was over, we decided to take the initiative to start picking up from the aftermath. While I was assuming the possibility of an Empire out for revenge, I had to take action and gather info from every Ranger I knew. I went to various resources, beginning with Wes and Eric. Next, there was Lightspeed Rescue, and so on and so forth. Eventually, I talked to Gosei about you guys.”

“So, about us being Hexagon agents?” Tommy nodded to Troy.

“Why us?” Noah added.

“Because you were able to handle not one, but four major villain organizations and were able to be there to unite every single Power Ranger in existence. You were to be that decisive force. We’ve been watching you from the moment the Armada invaded, and we believe we’ve seen it all from you. And now, we want you again. Rangers, the reason why I formed Hexagon, was to relive the glory days. Where Power Rangers of old would come together as one, to defeat a threat far greater than even Dark Specter. And we’re going to do all of this under an orderly fashion. The old traditions of passing on the torch from team to team are no more, at least for now. I am hoping you guys will join us as we gather all the past heroes and unite to defeat the Empire and Verinora. That is Hexagon’s primary goal. And in the future I hope, that Hexagon will stand to the tests of time and continue to watch over Earth and the universe for as long as it can.”

“So, Rangers.” Gosei spoke. “The question now lies…”

“Will you join us…?” Troy looked at Tommy as he extended his hand. He then turned to his fellow Rangers.


“You’re the boss, Troy.” Jake said.

“Whatever decision you make, we’ll gladly respect and follow.” added Emma.

“Besides, we could use all the help we can get.” suggested Jake.

“Yeah. It’s still your call.” Gia ended the group discussion. With all the answers in place, Troy looked back at Tommy.

“Have you made your decision?” Troy thought about it for another few seconds. Could this actually work? Under an organization of his predecessors, could it be enough to fight the Empire? And will the Megaforce Rangers decide the fate of the planet, for better or for worse?

Finally, Troy finished his thinking and faced Tommy, with his answer.

There was a handshake…

“Alright, then. We’ll do it.” Tommy and the other Rangers couldn’t be any happier. From behind him, Troy could hear the joyous giggles and high-fives coming from his teammates. He went over to join the group cheer.

“WOOHOO!” Tensou rolled around and around in delight. “We got our Rangers back!” Tommy then walked over to them and the teenagers stood at attention.

“Megaforce Rangers. Welcome to Hexagon.” Tommy, followed by Wes and Eric, shook the hands of the Rangers one by one. Gosei and Tensou watched on happily as the puzzle is now complete. The Megaforce Rangers have joined Hexagon.


Suddenly, the chamber is rocked with the wailing sounds of an alarm. Trouble seemed to have found its way to the Rangers once again.

“Looks like the Empire decided to stick around for round two.” said Jake. Wes reached for his wrist communicator.

“Captain Samuels. Get the men ready to counter. We’ve got another red alert. Go!” He ordered his men through the communicator before turning it off to join the Rangers. The Megaforce Rangers gathered in front of Gosei.

“Rangers.” he spoke. “The time has come for you to heed the call to action once again. I will now give you your Morphers and some of the Ranger keys you may use.” The Rangers acknowledged. “I want each of you to stand at each one of the podiums of your respective colours.” The Rangers went towards the five podiums. Troy headed for the red one, Gia headed for a yellow one. A black podium was chosen by Jake. Noah went for a blue podium. Finally, Emma took her position at the pink podium. “Now, hold on to your podium and concentrate. Allow the Power inside of you to be channelled into the podium.”

Grasping each side of their podium, the Rangers closed their eyes and focused. They could feel a flow of energy deep inside them, pumping from their bodies to their hands. A visible coloured aura was emitted around each of them. And soon, those auras were soon sucked into the podiums. As the energy is transferred, the podiums began to open up. Inside the openings, there was a gold and black flip-phone-like device inside each of them.  The Rangers took out these devices.

“Alright, we got our Morphers back.”

“And now for the keys. Tensou.”

“Already on it!” Tensou had disappeared during the obtaining of the Morphers, and now, came back in with a few Ranger-like figures on his back. There was a set of five of the same type, with some other Rangers. The team grabbed a hold of two each. With that done, the team was now all set and ready to go.

“Alright, men. And women. Follow me!” ordered Tommy. Everyone acknowledged as they headed out to the staircase.

“Good luck, Rangers. And may the Power protect you.”


The Rangers were now running along the same corridor out from Tommy’s room. They ran back into the hangar bay where the Skyship Zord was being lifted via elevator.

“Joel Rawlings here!” A loud echoing voice of Joel from a loudspeaker filled the room. “Aero Rescue 3, ready for lift off!”

At that time, the green hovercraft of Joel Rawlings was seen flying over an opening door above the Skyship. After a few seconds, the doors were wide opened. The Megaforce Rangers were standing on the catwalks over the Zord.

“Okay guys.” Tommy stood in front of them. “From this moment on, all means of transportation will go to the Skyship. It will now act as your mobile command center and battleship. I’ve also got word from Gosei that you may also call upon your Megaforce Zords in case of any… big problems. You guys ready for this?” Troy nodded before turning to his fellow Rangers.

“Let’s do it, guys!” he cheered.

“Right!” The Rangers were now ready for combat. With their Powers back, the team ran into the Skyship.

Inside the Zord, the interior was simply like that of a luxurious sailship (A/N~ aka the same interior from the Gokai Galleon). The Rangers went up the stairs to the top floor, where a steering wheel was located at. Troy took hold of the wheel as the other Rangers sat at a fancy dining table behind him.

“Hold onto your seats, guys!” Putting to the pedal to the metal, Troy pressed down on the accelerator down on the floor and turned the wheel around. As a result, the ship began to take off, hovering on its way up the door.

Down at the catwalks, Tommy, Wes and Eric were witnessing history in the making. Hexagon was finally ready for action. They looked on with pride as their new agents were ready to save the world.

“Take a look at that.” Tommy remarked. “We’re finally kicking it off. I hereby declare Hexagon fully operational.”

The Power Rangers are finally ready for action once again. Will they be able to thwart the Empire’s first invasion? Find out soon!

Power Rangers: Hexagon : Return of the Power Rangers (Part 1)


November 24th 2015,

1 ALB,

Hexagon/Silver Guardians HQ,

New York,

Back at the underground base, at the same hangar bay housing the mighty Super Mega Ship, two men walked along the catwalk over the ship. They had a few conversations over the whole situation they are at. They stopped halfway to the middle of the catwalk and oversaw the massive frigate down below.

“So Tommy.” began Wes. “What makes you think that an alien force twice the size of the Armada is coming for us?”

“Whenever there’s an Emperor, there’s always an Empress, Wes. Don’t forget that we’ve only defeated the Armada, but we have not defeated the Empire it served under.” answered Tommy. “And once word of Mavro’s defeat reaches the rest of his Empire, they could be coming to get their revenge. That is why we started all of this.”

“Hexagon, huh? Is that the name we’re going for?”

“We function like the Pentagon, only we will be dedicated to protecting the Earth and other systems in need, from the incoming Empire. That’s why those files you gave me contained information regarding all the past Rangers. I want our organization to be built in a basis in which everyone can contribute; coming together as one to protect the universe. And it was all made possible thanks to five teenagers with attitude.”

“Intriguing.” Wes then turned his attention to the big red ship below them, leaning against the railing. “How did this thing get here? Shouldn’t it be with the Super Mega Rangers?”


“After the Legendary Battle, the Rangers decided to live out their normal lives so they gave the Zord back to their mentor, Gosei. Then, when Hexagon was formed, I talked to Gosei and he let me keep the Super Mega Zords. The Legendary Megazord they combine into had links to Auxiliary Zords which were in fact some of the Zords of the past Rangers, and I have plans for those Zords and more. It’s taken a lot of damage since the Armada bombarded it.”

“And the Q-Rex Zord. Was it the same Zord Eric used back in the day?”

“Absolutely. Even Time Force in the future knew that they would have to lend a hand as well.” Wes couldn’t agree more, thinking about the team of Power Rangers that he once served with, the memories he shared with them, and the feelings he had for one particular member. It was a gang of friends that he would treasure forever.

Even Tommy had people to remember. However, he did not have just one team, but four. He has met numerous Rangers in his past and with this many acquaintances, he felt that all of these teams of Rangers could come together and unite against evil. That came when the Armada launched their final assault on the planet Earth. Every Ranger in existence was able to join forces and engage the massive X-Borg army and together with the Super Mega Rangers, the Armada was destroyed and the Earth was saved.

Now, he felt that the entire continuity of Rangers should unite once again; this time on a regular basis that different teams should keep in touch with each other and be there when one would be in dire need of assistance. This idea became Tommy’s idea of a unified Power Rangers organization. He called the organization, Hexagon, to become the universe’s ultimate saviour.

“Tommy.” Wes broke the brief moment of silent reminiscence. “There’s just one problem though.” Tommy raised an eyebrow at Wes. “How are you going to contact them all? Are you going to ask Gosei for the call?”

“Apparently yes. I mean, he was Zordon’s pupil after all. He is the closest being to Zordon.”

“That’s a good idea. Oh, and speaking of which, where are the Super Mega Rangers anyway?” Tommy wondered to himself about Wes’ question. Now that the Armada has been destroyed with Mavro, what are the five Super Mega Rangers doing now?”


November 24th 2015,

1 ALB,

New York,

At a harbour, on a wooden jetty where boats and yachts were lined up and docked at, a lone teenager was staring at the clear blue sky. He couldn’t help but just delve into emptiness as peace took over in his mind. He stared at that very sky; the sky that was once clouded in sheer darkness from the onslaught of the Armada. This young man; now he was one of those people who was there when the Armada hit the Earth. He was, in fact, one of those who fought the Armada. He was a Power Ranger. He was Troy Burrows, the Super Megaforce Red Ranger.

After fulfilling his prophetical dream of a union of Power Rangers against the Armada a year ago, Troy was now enjoying the peace of the post-battle times. He had graduated from high school and was now searching for a higher education in college. But for now, he was using this time, to reminisce the epic battle and his times as a Power Ranger.

As he was gazing at the sky, little did he know that someone was sneaking up on him. The being was slowly creeping up behind him, reaching his hands at Troy’s shoulders. As soon as he could reach him, Troy quickly stood up and grabbed one of the hands. With his strength, he pulled the person and threw him towards the sea. The person was sent flying towards the salty sea and plunged into the water head first.

Troy looked on, with a grin as his attacker was struggling to stay afloat. His arms flailing the water surface, suffocating. Troy bent down and smirked again.

“Come on, Jake.” he teased. “When will you ever give up?” He watched as his friend and fellow Ranger, Jake Holling, tried to remain floating on the surface, gasping for air as a result of a failed antic.

“Troy!” coughed Jake. “You – mind helping me?” But Troy did not move an inch and instead, teased Jake some more.

“What are the magic words?”

“Okay! I’m sorry! Please please! Get me out of the water!” Troy shook his head and finally lent a hand to Jake. The poor boy in a black jacket grabbed on and Troy pulled him back up. The soaking boy was dripping sea water all over the floor.

Jake Holling was the Megaforce Black Ranger and then the Super Megaforce Green Ranger. He was an ace when it came to football and proved to be quite an exceptional athlete in other sports since the Armada’s invasion. Now, after graduating from high school, the Black and Green Ranger was now spending time with Troy and the other Rangers.

“Dude. Have a sense of humour, will ‘ya?” complained Jake. “This jacket is dry and clean only.”

“Come on, man.” responded Troy. “You know I’m not the type to fall for these sort of things.”

“Whatever. Come on. The others are waiting for you.” With matters settled, the two walked towards the harbour building. At the seats outside, there were three other teens conversing with each other. Upon seeing the approaching duo, one of them, a blonde girl with a black jacket and a yellow shirt underneath, stood up and walked towards them. She stepped towards Jake and gave him a punch to the shoulder, startling him.

“Ow! What’cha do that for?” asked Jake in pain. He was alarmed by the action, before suddenly being surprised some more by a small peck to the cheek by the girl.

“One, that’s for being an idiot. And second, that was for being my idiot.” Jake blushed with crimson red spreading at his cheeks. Troy walked away from the couple, who were tending to each other for a while, and went to greet the other two friends; a boy with glasses and curly hair, and a girl with a blue denim jacket and a pink pair of shorts. These three friends were the rest of the Megaforce Rangers; Gia Moran as Megaforce Yellow, Noah Carver as Megaforce Blue and Emma Goodall as Megaforce Pink.

GSxt7QC - Imgur.jpg

“You done gazing at the Sun yet?” asked Noah. “Because I got a college application search to do and I really want to head off to charge my laptop.”

“Relax, Noah.” said Troy. “You got the whole holiday to find a college. Besides, with brains like yours, who wouldn’t want to have you?”

“Yeah.” added Emma. “Try not to overwork those brains of yours. Just chill out for now.” Adjusting his glasses, Noah thought about it for a while. However, he could not argue with his friends about their opinions, especially since they made sense to him for being about his intellect.

“Well… I guess you guys have a point.”

“After all, we did beat the Armada. We could use the rest and relaxation.” Jake joined in the conversation, with his hand holding on to Gia’s.

“And don’t forget. You still owe us some treats after our last football game.” she teased, causing Noah to groan.

“Well it wasn’t like I wanted to play.” He tried to defend himself.

“But you still did.” But Troy bombarded Noah with a sense of irony and mockery. Noah could only sigh in defeat.

“I never liked sports anyway.” His giving in caused the other Rangers to laugh about, before comforting him with friendly hugs and high-fives.

“So, let’s say we head to Ernie’s!” Emma declared.

“I’m with you!” agreed Gia. The five of them walked on, spirits risen and mouths watering with anticipation for a sweet dessert. Emma was skipping along, when she noticed something was missing. She looked behind and saw Troy, not moving a muscle and had his head down. It was clear to Emma that he was thinking of something. And from the looks of it, he wasn’t having happy thoughts about whatever it was that got into his head. She walked towards him, aiming to seek out his worries.

“Hey, Troy.” she called out to him. Troy snapped out of his thoughts and focused on Emma’s call. “Are you coming or what?”

“Oh. Um, sorry, Emma. I was just… thinking…” Emma tilted her head in curiosity.

“About what?” Troy remained quiet for a few seconds until he finally spoke up.

“About what Jake said. About the Armada.” More curiosity drove Emma to ask on again.

“Yeah… what about it?”

“I’m… I’m just having some sort of bad feeling.”

“What’s so bad about what Jake said?” Emma scoffed, not sure where Troy was heading, but the look on Troy’s face was something not worth joking about.

“I dunno. I just think the Armada… was just… I don’t know if I should say this.”

“Well, go on. I’m listening.” With his friend’s approval, the

“Emma, I feel like… that…” Troy was struggling in his mind, hoping to find a way to bring up his thoughts to Emma. But finally, after much thought, he decided to shrug off his feelings of doubt, now declaring his thoughts as nothing but mere paranoia. “Ah, never mind. It must be the old vibes of our last Ranger days.” Emma gave a soft smile, assured about her friend free from worry, but her curiosity remained. What was Troy thinking about exactly? Did Jake say something that gave him the chills? Was there something about the Armada bothering him? Now it wasn’t just Troy being in the thought train. Emma decided to take the ride with him. But for now, all doubts must be set aside because it was time for desserts.

Troy eventually saw that the three other friends had stopped and were waiting for him. Eventually forgetting about his worries, he and Emma went to join their companions to the local ice-cream shop and favourite hangout place. But something did bother him earlier. What was Troy worrying about? What did it have to do with the Armada? Was he sensing something that might just be coming?

Little did he know, despite being a subject of paranoia, something was coming…


November 24th 2015,


Earth’s Orbit,

Up in the orbit of Earth, all seemed quiet and calm. However, suddenly, a lone starship approached from out of nowhere and was heading straight for Earth. It was the same ship that traversed the Asteroid Belt with a fleet of other ships behind it. But for now, it came in alone, with no backup. Inside the bridge of the ship, many foot-soldiers were hard at work, operating the mighty vessel from within the command bridge. Sitting atop a fancy throne, there was the head honcho of the ship; an empress. A furious empress.

“We have arrived at last, my faithful subjects!” she gloated. “We have arrived on Earth! Home of those dreaded murderers of our great Emperor Mavro! The time has come to start our attack! Fedalis!” Answering her call, was a tall alien, who was wearing a delicate blue robe of royalty with golden highlights and had a French-style moustache. His shoulders had a large spike each coming out of them. With an eyepiece worn, he looked like a figure of royalty.

RST-Madame_Noir.png BascoTVA.PNG YokubaridoTVA.PNG

“Your Excellency! You called?” He took a bow before the Empress and she stood up to face him.

“I need you to check on the X-Borgs. Go now and see to that they are ready to strike the planet!”

“At once, Your Highness!” The butler-like alien quickly scurried away towards the hangar bay of the ship. Meanwhile, at the bridge, another figure approached the throne. This alien was a bulkier one, strapped in tough red leather armour, with a white fur collar around his neck. He wore black and gold gauntlets and boots. His head had two black flaps and two longer red straps lining down his body. (A/N~ This alien is based on Basco’s armoured form from Gokaiger) He saluted to the Empress Verinora and bowed. Soon, he was followed by yet another peculiar alien. This one had orange and black pointy diamond armour, with a green inner body (A/N~ This will be Yokubarido also from Gokaiger)

“My Empress.” greeted the former, with a low and cold voice. “Arkanos and I are ready for deployment.”

“Just give us the word!” exclaimed the latter. Verinora raised her hand at the two.

“Patience, Generals Kalach and Arkanos.” she said. “We will send a small party down below to see whether these ‘heroes’ are really that powerful for my beloved husband to be defeated.”

“All the more reason for us to be sent in, my liege.”

“You must remain here. I want you both to protect me as I witness the powers of my opponents.” The eager Generals finally gave up convincing their Empress and bowed to comply. The three of them then looked at the blue planet in front of them. “Just you watch, Power Rangers. We are the Mavro Empire. We have grown more powerful, even more powerful than Dark Specter himself! We shall claim your world and destroy you all! HAHAHAHA!!!”


November 24th 2015,

1 ALB,

Hexagon Base,

New York,


The sudden sounds of sirens echoed through the corridors of the underground base at Silver Guardians HQ. People laden in black military uniforms rushed along the corridors, while people wearing white lab-coats ran into different rooms. Three figures soon ran towards what appeared to be a control room with different control monitors and consoles.  Workers were monitoring and operating the computers closely as the alarms continued to ring across the base. The three figures, Tommy, Wes and Eric, stopped at one of the consoles, where a woman was operating it. The monitor in front showed a radar screen, with rays scanning around the center and several alarming red blips appearing at each wave.

“Report!” ordered Tommy to the woman.

“Mr. Oliver! Several unidentified objects have been detected! And they are entering the atmosphere. Fast.” Wes looked on at the screen as it switched to a very worrisome scene. There, he saw the sky being filled with a wave of alien ships coming down. The ships had multiple foot-soldiers docked underneath them as they descended down to the surface.

“Wait.” he pointed at the ships. “Aren’t those transport ships for X-Borgs?” He noticed the many soldiers under each ship.

“No way.” said Eric, quietly. Tommy could only rub his forehead, stressed by the situation at hand. He was well suspicious that the events leading up to the Armada were all too little. He knew of the possibilities that the enemy would come back and exact their revenge. Now, all of his suspicions were all happening right in front of him.

“I was afraid this day would come…”

Acting quickly, Wes and Eric nodded to each other and ran out of the room. They rushed through the corridors and out along the catwalks of the hangar bay and back towards the elevators. Taking the lift up, Wes and Eric exited the lift and hurried through the hall and exited the building. Outside, there lined a squad of officers, standing at attention as the two superiors stopped in front of them.

“Alright, men!” shouted Eric. “Hustle up!” The officers stomped their feet with a shout of attention, complying with Eric’s command.

“SIR! YES, SIR!” Wes then walked towards them.

“Listen up. There has been a string of alien ships heading right for us. We need to contain the situation and face them head on. We need to push them back to wherever they came from. Leave no X-Borg standing. Do I make myself clear?”

“YES, SIR!” With the guards ready for action, Wes and Eric wasted no time and ordered their men to their vehicles, all set for action. The men all rushed right in one by one into their transports. Wes and Eric took their own car and buckled up. Eric took the wheel with Wes riding shotgun. Then, all vehicles soon started their engines and rolled right out of their parking spaces. The two superior officers took the lead, wondering how such a normal day of peace soon turned into yet another day of chaos.



November 24th 2015,

1 ALB,

New York,

On their way to their favourite hangout place, the five teens, the Megaforce Rangers, were gleefully walking along a sidewalk. It was such a peaceful atmosphere with not many pedestrians and most of the vehicles in the area were just parked cars. It was all quiet for the road to Ernie’s.

For now…

“So, what’s on the menu, Noah?” taunted Gia.

“Anything that doesn’t leave me broke.” answered Noah, earning more snickers from his friends. But the friendly gestures wouldn’t last…


Suddenly, their trek was soon interrupted with sound of a woman screaming, followed by more people doing the same. They were all alerted to the screams and ran to see what all the commotion was about. Then, they stopped to find a crowd of residents fleeing their homes and running past the Rangers.

“What’s going on?” wondered Jake.

“Why are they running?” added Emma.

“Someone’s cooking went horrible?” joked Noah.

“Better go check it out.” Troy suggested, acting on his Ranger instincts. The others followed with his command and all of them headed on towards wherever the fleeing crowd was running from.

As they arrived at a row of shophouses, they found more people retreating away from the scene. Eventually, among the people running was a bald man in a yellow T-shirt and a white apron tied around his waist.

“Ernie!” called Gia. The ice-cream shop owner stopped in front of the group, panting in extreme exhaustion.

“Kids!” he exclaimed in panic. “You got to run!” He panted some more before letting a strong breath out. “Those things are back. They’re going to invade the planet again!” Finally, after a brief encounter, the middle-aged man picked up his feet and ran again, leaving the atunned group behind.

“Wait, Ernie! Who’s back?!” Noah called as they watched Ernie flee like a mad cow. All of them, except Troy.

“Guys…” He was looking up at the sky. His face was filled with uneasiness and concern as a troublesome sight appeared right above him. The others turned around and faced the sky as well. To their horror, there was the very thing they feared the most.


Up in the sky, there a pair of alien starcraft landing down to the street the Rangers were at. When they were almost touching the ground, the force of repulsorlift boosters blew like a wind at the Rangers. Then, from underneath, one by one, soldiers with silver helmets and club-like blasters touched down onto the ground. As they landed, they immediately took action. They surrounded the Megaforce Rangers and pointed their weapons at them.

The gang huddled up, outnumbered by what appeared to be dozens of these soldiers. It looked like a familiar scenario. It was deja vu for them. This was almost exactly what had happened almost a year ago. This was a repetition of the invasion that caught the Earth unaware. These were the same soldiers that attacked the planet and served in the mightiest force of villains the world had ever seen.


“X-Borgs? More of them?” Troy looked on as he and the others were being threatened to stand down. Seeing no choice, they raised their hands up and chosen to do nothing but comply.

“I thought we took down the Armada.” said Jake, in complete panic.

“Did we miss the spot or something?” uttered Gia.

“I think it’s more than just a spot…” Troy murmured. Somehow, all of this was not so sudden for the teen. Somehow he knew this was going to happen. What mad ehim think so in the first place anyway?

The troops soon closed in, trapping the Rangers further. Then, the standoff was soon interrupted with the sudden arrival of a smaller alien ship arriving to the scene. It landed right on the road in front of the Rangers. The X-Borgs standing in front of the ship moved out of the way, revealing the landed ship to the Rangers. It opened its door and out came a monster and two larger blue Brusier X-Borgs with their lobster like claws. It had a funky wardrobe, having sharp and jester-like features to his clothes, with a black mask over his pale white face to complete the makeover (A/N~ Bibaboo from Gokaiger) He walked towards the Rangers with a star-like weapon in hand, striding to them like he was on a fashion show runway.


“Aah! A perfect day for a perfect conquest!” he gloated. “Now, where are they? The, so-called, Power Rangers, hmmm?” The X-Borg next to him, pointed for him the group of teenagers standing stiff in front of him. The alien scoffed before walking towards them. He stopped in front of Troy, taking out a fan with his other hand and fanned himself.

“Hmph! These little children are the Power Rangers that destroyed the mighty Emperor Mavro? Hah! These fools look like nothing more than mere children?” He taunted the Rangers by letting out an insulting laugh. But Troy wasn’t so provoked.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“Agh! Where are your manners, boy?” The alien jester took his fan and gave a light flick to the head. “I am Jestino! Action Commander of the Mavro Empire!”
At that moment, the group was taken aback. Mavro Empire? What did he mean by that?

“Mavro Empire?” Noah pondered aloud. “But we destroyed Mavro. His Armada has been obliterated with him.”

“Hah! You brats only destroyed the Armada. But did you take account for the vast and glorious Empire that it served?” It made complete sense. An armada is most definitely the result of imperial glory. It would make sense that by only destroying the Armada, there was still an empire with its flags flown by it. But still, the question remained, what about Emperor Mavro? He was destroyed, thus leaving no other being capable of leading his empire. Unless…

“Who else is out there leading you?” asked Troy.

“Hmph! Why! The Empress herself of course!” An Empress. There was the answer. Whenever there is an Emperor, there’s always an Empress. This was the most plausible theory for Troy.

“So, that means… there’s more to come than the Armada…”

“That’s right! And our forces are right above you, waiting to strike back, to exact our revenge for the destruction of our righteous leader! This is the beginning of a new era! Long live the Empire!” Jestino raised his fan, shouting out with full glory, followed by the X-Borgs and Bruisers around him. This was not a very good day for the Rangers. It has been a year since defeating one of the most evil villains ever in Power Rangers history, and now, there’s an angry Empress, with an Empire almost five times bigger than the Armada, raging their way to the Earth. And all they wanted was a nice vacation. Instead, they got a little welcoming reception that would spell doom to the entire world.

“What are we going to do?” Emma whispered, clutching onto Gia’s arm.

“I don’t know.” answered Noah. “We left our Morphers back at the Command Center.”

“This is not good.” uttered Jake, holding onto Gia’s shoulders.

“Troy.” Gia whispered. “You better have a plan for this.” But despite their ears peeled for Troy, the stunned leader couldn’t budge. He was busy fixing all the information he had just taken from this predicament. But then, he snapped out of it and tried to come up with a way to get himself and his comrades out of the crosshairs. Finally, he had only one option.

“There’s only one way to settle this.” He slowly walked towards Jestino, approaching as if he wanted to say a few words to the alien. Jestino did not have a clue on what the Ranger had in mind, but he took it as if the Ranger wanted to surrender, looking down at Troy’s seemingly pacifistic nature.

“Well, now. Coming to surrender, hmmm? Excellent choice.” Troy had his head down and his hands in his pockets. Then, he looked up, with a smirk on his face.

“Who says I was going to surrender?” Suddenly…

“Huh? ARRGH!!!” Without warning, Troy caught the Bruiser at Jestino’s left side and grabbed its arm, catching everyone, especially the Bruiser by surprise. Wrestling with the shocked minion, he pointed the arm and pressed on a button on the arm. As a result, the arm fired out a laser blast, hitting one of the X-Borgs. He pressed it again, and again, pinning down X-Borg by X-Borg.

Jestino just couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Fooled by Troy’s trick, he quickly decided to take action.

“Don’t just stand there! Destroy them!” Jestino gave the order to attack. The other Rangers soon found themselves in for a hefty brawl and grabbed an X-Borg each. The battle had begun.

At one corner, Jake handled two X-Borgs. Noah took on three. Gia and Emma banded together to beat a few more. Troy, on the other hand, took on Jestino and the two Bruisers. Remaining X-Borgs stood by to await any withdrawals from their engaging comrades.

Noah grabbed a broken pole down on the road and used it as a battle weapon. It wasn’t one of his Ranger weapons, but it would have to do. He began the attack by swinging the pipe at the X-Borgs, only for it to be blocked by their weapons. They pushed him away, but Noah was able to recover and swing the pipe in a roundhouse at the X-Borg behind him. The two X-Borgs attempted to strike, but Noah returned the favour and blocked the attack, followed by a sweeping kick at their legs during the parry, toppling them down. Two more X-Borgs went in to replace the fallen and opened fire with their club blasters. However, Noah, showing his amazing prowess in swordsmanship, quickly swung the pipe and, like a baseball bat, deflected the blasts in many directions. Shot by shot, they had just been blasted back away from the impact of the pipe. Finally, Noah finally finished off the two by tossing the pipe at them, hitting both in one hit.

In the meantime, Gia and Emma were both working together to battle about six X-Borgs at their end. One tried to hit them, but Gia blocked the blow and gave it a swift kick at the thigh. Emma grabbed the arm of another X-Borg and tossed it aside to the ground. She then did some arm blocks on two more X-Borgs and brushed them off before doing a sidekick at each of them.

Jake watched momentarily as an X-Borg went in for an uppercut, but the seemingly fragile boy blocked the attack and punched the goon’s face. He then grabbed hold of another X-Borg’s weapon and swung it off, going in for a nasty kick to the head. He then quickly noticed two more enemies going in for a double smack, but out of reflex, he unconsciously ducked under the incoming blows. With the narrow miss, he then got down on the ground and did a spin kick, knocking the two X-Borgs off their feet.

Gia grabbed hold on another X-Borg by the neck. “Hey Emma!” she called out to her friend, who was knocking out another few more foot-soldiers. She managed to take hold of one as she responded to Gia’s call. Knowing of what Gia had in mind, she looked back at the X-Borg and tossed it towards Gia. And as she had expected, Gia tossed her X-Borg towards the other. At the end, the two X-Borgs went colliding into each other.

“Alright!” The two girls cheered simultaneously as they shared a high-five.

Troy, on the other hand, was busy tangoing with Jestino and the two Bruisers. He landed double punches on the Bruisers before squaring off with Jestino himself. The Commander launched his attack on the teenager, swinging fists at him, but Troy kept on dodging and blocking. Even kicks didn’t stop him. Troy fought hard against Jestino with all his might. He landed a punch to Jestino’s chest, sending the alien reeling back. There, one of the Bruisers tried to blast him. But as the projectile was launched, Troy immediately ducked, allowing the blast to zoom right above him and hit the other Bruiser. Troy then picked a fallen blaster on the ground and kicked it up to his hands. Next, he fired the weapon at the first Bruiser, knocking it out. Jestino then moved in for another attack, using a sword to slash at him. Troy used the club weapon in a melee showdown. Jestino struck first, but Troy blocked the attack, locking the two weapons together. After a few seconds, the lockdown was broken and the two clashed upon each other in a series of swings and parries. The two seemed evenly matched as not a single attack could even lay a scratch on each other. But finally, after having had enough, Troy swung his club up, knocking off Jestino’s sword and made another club strike down at him. This time, it was a successful hit. Sparks flew as Jestino took the full force of the hit, flying back towards a parked bus. The bus now a deep dent, and Jestino slumped down on the ground, laying his head on the dent. While the other Rangers were busy fighting the X-Borgs, Troy moved in and pointed his weapon at the fallen Commander. Jestino could barely look up, holding his head up with his hand.

“It’s over now. Leave our planet.” Troy warned him, more than ready to pull the trigger. But instead of being intimidated, Jestino could only look down…

…and gave a small chuckle.

“Heheheheh.” He finally looked back up again, smirking. “Oh, Red Ranger. You really don’t have a clue, do you?”



“Troy!” The other Rangers panicked as they saw Troy getting blasted by Jestino, who did it with a laser blaster in his right hand. Troy was sent flying and landed on his back on top of a parked car. The force of the fall caused the car to be crushed at the roof. Troy lay stiff on the roof, clutching his stomach where the blast hit. He was groaning in pain as he struggled to get back up. But it was no use.

Just then, Jestino got back up to his feet and pointed his blaster at Troy. He then used his other hand and reached for a communication device.

“Command.” he called through the device. “Bring in the rain! HAHAHAHA!”


From outer space, the command ship of Empress Verinora fired a huge laser from below it right down onto the Earth.



At that moment, the gigantic projectile came blasting right down, causing a massive explosion behind everyone. Everyone within the vicinity, including the other Rangers and X-Borgs, were knocked back by the force of the explosion. The Rangers fell onto the asphalt while Troy watched in horror as his friends had been knocked off.

“NO!!!” he yelled. Jestino, meanwhile, was laughing in pure excitement as the mighty blast nearly engulfed the Rangers. But they were pretty much beat up and it seemed like they had no strength left to fight.

“Now, that was artistic. HAHAHAHA!!!” Jestino gloated as he inched closer and closer to Troy, still having his blaster pointed at him.

“Oh no.” Emma and the others could only watch helplessly on the road as Jestino moved closer to deal the final blow.

“Troy, get out of there!” Gia screamed.
“Don’t you touch him, you clown!” shouted Jake.

“Troy!” added Noah. But none of their pleas could help him. Troy was immobilized by the ambush and he couldn’t move his legs. Jestino reached for the trigger.

“Bye bye, Red Ranger.” It all seemed hopeless. They had just had enough trouble defeating the Armada and that nearly took their lives and the Earth was saved from a possible destruction. But now, a year later, it has come back to bite them. And they had barely fought the first wave. Now, Troy was done for. Meeting his end at the hands of a jester.

Jestino touched the trigger and…


“AARRGH!!!” A laser blast was shot. Troy still had his eyes closed, still waiting for the shot to be taken. He then opened them, expecting himself to be dead. What he saw however, was far from that. He saw that he was in the same street he was pinned down at. He also saw Jestino, who was now further away, holding onto his stomach as smoke drifted from it. He let go to reveal a black dent on his stomach. Troy was still dizzy from the blow earlier, but immediately he knew, that he wasn’t dead. He was very much alive.

The other Rangers quickly got up and came to Troy’s aid. Seeing his friends as they helped him up from the car wreck, he felt a sudden sensation of great relief and hope. He was saved from certain doom.

“Thanks guys.” Troy thanked his friends for the save. But Emma shook her head.

“Uh, Troy. That wasn’t us.” Troy raised an eyebrow, confused.

“Then, wh-who did?” His friends faced behind them. Troy looked to where the blast came from. And at that moment, his eyes widened. He saw a most surprising scene.

At the road behind them, there was a row of black cars all parked within a line. Out of the cars, several men in black uniforms and with black shades pointing blasters at the stunned alien. One of the men, had a blaster that was very different. It looked like a silver, red and black Tyrannosaurus head. Smoke drifted out of the nozzle of the gun as the owner lowered it down and adjusted his shades. Then, another man came from behind him. He wore a red beret and no shades unlike the other men. He pointed his blaster with one hand and with his other hand, he pulled out a badge. Concentrating on Jestino, he inched closer to the scene.

“Halt!” he ordered. “Silver Guardians! You’re under arrest!”


The other Rangers couldn’t believe it when they saw the man. They recognized him from the battle against the Armada. He was a valuable ally to them.

“What is this?!” yelled the downed alien jester.

“You have exactly five seconds to leave the premises!”

The Megaforce Rangers helped Troy and ran towards the troop of men. Hiding behind the leader, they started watching the action unfold.

“Wesley Collins!” Noah called out, mentioning the name of the leader.

“So that means… that’s Eric Meyers?” Jake pointed at the other leader.

“The Time Force Rangers are here to help us.” remarked Troy as he was still hanging on to his friends.

download (1).jpg

“That’s right, guys. But you just stay put.” Eric said coolly, patted Troy’s stomach, causing him to flinch a little from the pain. “Let the professionals deal with this.” They complied.

“Who do you think you are, hmmm?!” Jestino yelled some more. A few of the surviving X-Borgs and the Bruisers rallied to his aid.

“We’re the Silver Guardians. And we’re here to put a stop to your invasion. So either leave this planet or we will be forced to shoot you.” Wes warned, showing the alien that he meant business. But Jestino didn’t budge.

“Hah! You dare challenge the might of the Empire?! Destroy them!” He ordered his X-Borgs to rush in and take them down. But as they got in range, the Silver Guardians made ready to fire.

“FIRE!” Eric ordered his men to blast the incoming wave. They pulled the triggers. One by one, laser bolts came zapping from the blasters and right at the X-Borgs, cutting them down.

“DRRGH! Bruisers, finish them!” Next, it was the Bruisers’ turn to attack. But the Silver Guardian leader, Eric, took his turn as well to shoot.

“Quantum Defender!” With a perfect aim, he launched rapid fire blasts against the larger warriors, putting them out of commission. Jestino could only watch in terror.

“AAAHH! No no no no NO! This was not supposed to happen!” Anger took over as he made a desperate attempt to charge at the Guardians himself.

Wes signalled to Eric and aimed at the alien.

“Chrono Blaster!” Along with Eric’s Quantum Blaster, Wes’ weapon also fired shots at Jestino. The alien jester was hit with a wave of blasts, sending him flying back and landing on the road. He struggled to get up.

The Megaforce Rangers watched in awe as the Silver Guardians easily took on the last of Jestino’s forces.

“WOO! Alright!” They cheered on, except for Troy. While he was happy that he survived, he felt a little down. He felt that he wasn’t strong enough to take on Jestino and yet there was a whole Empire waiting to have their go at the Earth. This sense of worry made Troy ponder about his team’s capabilities. Were they not enough to take on the Empire?

“Now then.” Eric pointed his blaster at Jestino again, as the battered alien got back up. “Are you going to leave, or do we have to make you?”

“Drgh! You have not seen the last of me!” The Commander swung his arm back as he retreated. Suddenly, a portal opened up as he fell back. But before he could enter, he took one last look at his victorious enemies. “You Rangers may have defeated many evil beings. The United Alliance of Evil, Dark Specter, Mavro, whatever! But do know this. The Armada was only just the beginning! The Empire will make short work of you and this planet! Farewell! HAHAHAHA!!!” With his last laugh of the day, he walked right into the portal and disappeared.


The damage had been done. The street was a warzone. A huge crater was left on the road. Car and bus wrecks littered the streets. The buildings around the area were also damaged from the explosion earlier.

Nevertheless, the only side that took the casualties were the Empire’s. The Silver Guardians were all at ease, relieved by Wes and Eric. Setting up to return back to HQ, the two Rangers turned their attention to the Megaforce Rangers, who were tending to an injured Troy.

The Red Ranger had his stomach wrapped in a bandage and some smaller patches to his legs and hands. His clothes were burnt from the blast by Jestino. But more importantly, his morale seemed to take the biggest hit. He felt so defenceless against the sudden blow. He underestimated his opponent and as a result, he and his friends paid the price. His friends tried desperately to cheer him up. They were a little shaken, but still held on. They were that close to losing their best friend and a valuable leader.

Approaching them, Wes and Eric got their attention.

“Hey, Troy, is it?” Wes asked. Troy looked up and nodded.

“Yeah, that’s me. Thanks for the save” He responded with a small smile.

“No worries.”

“You must’ve taken a bad hit there.” Eric pointed out at his injury. “But I gotta hand it to ya. Not everyone can survive a blast like that.” Troy’s spirit rose as the Quantum Ranger gave his remark.

“That means a lot.”

“Hey, what are Red Rangers for?” The group exchanged laughs and talks as the Guardians saddled up ready to leave. But suddenly, as Wes and Eric were ready to leave, a lone car arrived from the same direction as the Guardians. This one had different symbols as opposed to the Silver Guardian logos. It was a silver hexagonal symbol with a golden lightning bolt on the hood and side doors. It parked right in front of the Rangers. The Megaforce Rangers wondered what it could be doing there, but the Time Force Rangers knew what was going on. And they had the feeling that it will be the start of a brand new era.

“What’s that car doing there?” asked Emma.

“Oh, that.” Wes got ready to explain to the younger Rangers. “Look, we weren’t just here to save you. We’re here… to recruit you.” Everyone couldn’t understand. What did Wes mean by “recruit”?

“Recruit us? For what?” asked Jake.

“You’ll see. We’ll let him do the talking.”

“Him?” Troy and the others looked at the mysterious car. Then, the back door opened. Out came a pair of feet. As the door closed, a man came out.

At that moment, the Rangers were astonished. Right in front of them was the very surprising sight. The sight of a legend.

The man in a brown jacket and green shirt walked towards them, hands behind his back. Soon, shocked faces became smiling ones as the man came closer to them. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

“Hey, guys. We meet again.”



The battle has been won, but the war has just begun. Will the Megaforce Rangers be able to save the day? Find out next time!


Virgule Watteau: War Detective (Chapter 2)

001Chapter 2: Fitting In

(A/N~ Story told by Fern. And just in case, Watteau and Bastings will be played by Fern and George)

December 5th, 1941,

It was a dark and cold night in the streets of New York City. As cars rolled by the busy roads and pedestrians walking by. In an old littered alleyway somewhere in the middle of the city, there were people with rugged clothing and shabby footwear, sitting down on the cold, cracked floor, suffering under the harsh conditions of the Depression that put most of the people’s population under poverty and unemployment. Just then, a shadow loomed over the road. Its owner, a dark and mysterious person in a blue trench coat and a bowler hat for attire walked slowly along the alley, with a cane in hand. As she passed by a lone sleepy beggar, she tossed a coin on his shabby hat and moved on. Moments later, she was at a doorway of an old apartment building. There was also another similarly dressed man waiting outside. The two approached one another. The female person raised her lowered head to face the man.

Bonjour, my dear Bastings.” asked the French woman. “How fares your search for ze suspect?”

“Quite well, Watteau.” responded Bastings. “You’re just in time.”

Ah yes, the great Virgule Watteau, known for her crafty detective skills and witty attitude. The best detective in all of Paris, now here in the United States of America, along with her trusty English partner, Bastings.

“The suspect lives right in this creepy looking building.” said Bastings

Oui.” agreed Watteau. “These American buildings are rather mysterious as zey come, mon ami. Let us knock on ze door and meet him face-to-face.”

“Right-o, champ.”

Excusez moi?” She raised an eyebrow.

“You know, how we English say “friend”? Mon ami?

“Ah yes, ze English slang, oui? Come on, then.”

They rang the doorbell and waited for the recipient to respond. Who would come to greet them? Would there be a mob of angry thieves coming to work them up? Or perhaps a trap contraption waiting to be sprung at them? Or maybe…

(Door opens and out comes an innocent woman)

“Yes? Can I help you?” Fortunately enough, there was only a middle-aged woman at the door, with no signs of hostilities.

Oui, madame.” Watteau greeted the woman. “We came to see to your son. A… Ronald Patterson?”

“Oh? I don’t think he is expecting anyone tonight.”

“And why not madam?” asked Bastings. As far as they knew, the woman didn’t look like she would do anything to the two detectives, let alone not knowing anything about what was going on.

“Well right now, he’s asleep. He just got back from the clinic.” she explained.

“Asleep?” Bastings wondered. “Are you sure?”

“Why yes. He’s soundly in his bed right now.” But Watteau was not convinced. She grabbed her chin and thought deeply.

“If it’s okay with you, madame.” Watteau asked. “May we at least see him for ourselves?”

“Um, okay. If you’d like. But I must warn you, he’s a very deep sleeper.”

“Oh we’ll be on our best behaviour, won’t we, Bastings?”

“Certainly.” agreed her trusty sidekick.

The two courageous partners walked into the rather docile-looking home. They followed the young lady up the stairs and into a room. This was it. The lair of the possible suspect behind the theft of the Golden Necklace of Mandelius. But as the door opened to reveal this dark room, we could nothing but a bed and… him! The suspect, Ronald Patterson. It seemed as if the young madam was right. The young man was lying down on the bed, snoring loudly with his glasses on. Watteau watched him closely. For over a minute, she looked on and on. Then, the verdict has been reached.

“Well, I rest my case.” said Watteau. “He is lying peacefully…”

She seemed to walk out of the room.


She reached her arms at the sleeping man and…


Ronald jumped out as high as he could. The shock was not out of a rude awakening but rather it looked like he was expecting the great detective to have left.

“How did you know?!” the shocked and guilty man yelled. He finally confessed.

“Oh but ze great Watteau knows…”

Half an hour later, we see Ronald being taken away by the local police. The mother looked on, sobbing at the sight of her son who had committed a crime behind her back. Watteau and Bastings comforted the young woman and walked off to the alleyway.

“Another case closed here in ze Big Apple.” gloated Watteau.

“By George, Watteau! Oh wait that was weird.” said Bastings.

“What was?”

“Every time I say “By George” I… There. That strange feeling.”

“Isn’t zat English slang?”

“Yeah but… ah never mind.”

They continued their trek towards the nearest taxi stop. “

Anyway, how on Earth did you know he was faking?” asked Bastings. “Even I was convinced.”

“You figure it out.” Such was Watteau’s answer. “I will give three guesses.”

“Um…?” He thought hard. “Was it his snoring? It was rather loud.”


“He was… sleeping facing up?”

“Try again. And you sleep like that too.”

“He… uh… didn’t have a bath when he should?” Watteau leaned on her cane.

“Bastings, no one would sleep with zheir glasses on, right?” She finally gave the answer.

“No one would sleep with their…?” His face brightened. “Oh! Now I get it! Jolly good show!”

“Nothing ze good Watteau can’t handle.”

And once again, the great Watteau solves another mystery. With the duo on the prowl, no one was safe from them.

(A/N~ Ronald is not played by Arthur. And so his mum wasn’t played by Jane Read as well)

“Wait, what does this have to do with my poster book?” asked George.

“Hang on, George. A good writer is a patient one. And you don’t have to wait long. Now where was I? Oh yes.”

Six days have passed and in that morning, the detectives are taking a well-deserved break from crime-busting in their office. Recently, America was not the same to them anymore. The nation was rising up against isolationism. America was at war! The Japanese Empire bombed Pearl Harbour and people were marching here and there to play their part in the newly-declared war. But as for the two detectives, there’s not much of a reaction. They continued to settle in with their work. Bastings was out for a bagel while Watteau was sitting idly at her desk. It was full of the typical paperwork, piled up in a big stack of it, and a table lamp to fill the eerie darkness. She was waiting for the nearby phone to ring, signalling her next mission. But all she could do is relax, hands behind her hand, laying her chair back and her feet on the table. Her radio was playing out a slow and sad French song. The next minute, Bastings came in with his bagel.

“Oh dear. Who turned off the lights?” He turned on the ceiling light. But Watteau didn’t look like she needed a little light in her room.

“It was perfect for ze atmosphere, Bastings.” she complained.

“Well, how could anyone do their work in darkness?” Watteau tapped her cane on the table lamp.

“Oh right.” Bastings closed the door behind him. “You should see what happened out there! The store was empty! People are now so focused on war against Japan, the bagel store was practically empty.”

“Well, what would you expect?” said Watteau. “Ze factories developing ze munitions and weapons should compensate for the unemployment. Good reason, we? Well, no time to waste. Let us get back to work.”

Bastings returned to his desk. Watteau opened her drawer to search for something to do, for the lonely office room was giving her no fun. Then, she took out a piece of paper. She looked at it for a while. Bastings could see a tear coming down her cheek. What was this tear, he wondered. Was it a tear of tiredness? Or was it tear of a painful memory? Bastings knew too well about what it was. He got up from his chair and approached his superior.

“You still missing your family?” he asked quietly.

Oui.” Watteau sniffed. “It has been a year since I left Paris. A year after ze Germans took over France. I was with zhem before they took Paris. But after I left, they didn’t follow.” Another tear slowly descended. “What if zey didn’t manage to make it?” Her voice grew tenser. “What if ze Germans got zem?” And tenser still. “What if… what if…?” She couldn’t take it anymore. She covered her face with her hands as she cried her heart out. Bastings sat next to her and wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

“Don’t worry, my good fellow.” Bastings reassured her with the greatest of care. “I’m sure they’ll be fine. I’m sure the Resistance was able to save them.”

Watteau slowly stopped her crying. She wiped off the tears and smiled at her caring partner. If there was one thing that made Bastings the perfect partner, it was being there for his superior when she was feeling the blues.

Merci beacoup, Bastings. I’m really glad to have you as my partner. It was you and you father who got me out of ze horrible nightmare.”

“Likewise, Watteau. You will be with them again. I’m just as worried for my father too. He is probably taking on the Jerries in Africa by now.”


Suddenly, the drama ended with the radio broadcast suddenly changing from the sappy 20’s music to a news broadcast.

“We interrupt this broadcast with breaking news! Word just came in from the American ambassador of Germany that Hitler has declared war on the United States! Repeat, Germany is at war with America! It was also reported that Italy has also joined Germany in this sudden chain of events. It is clear that America will have to fight on two fronts in this hour of darkness and war. More news coming up after these messages!”

Watteau turned off the radio. It was bad enough the Germans took her home country of Belgium and then France. But now, it seems that America was next.

“Well, Bastings. It looks like ze Germans are not playing around anymore.”

“They are rather ambitious. Did you hear the news? They’re at the gates of Moscow too.”

“Zis is not good at all. But one good zhing has come out of zhis.” She smiled to Bastings. “England is no longer alone. Salvation has arrived for your king and country, mon ami.”

“Now that you mentioned it. Yeah. Fear not. Let us pray for the best. Now we have to focus on our…”

Just then, the phone rang. Watteau picked it up and answered the call.

Bonjour. Zis is Virgule Watteau’s office. Uh huh. Oui?

Then, Bastings saw it. A small grin on her face. This could mean only one thing.

Oui, Monsieur Director, we are on our way.” The phone is put down. Watteau readied her cane and magnifying glass. She put on her trench coat.

“Come, Bastings.” she called. “We have another mystery to solve.”

Bastings got up from his seat.

“Tally-ho!” he shouted.

As he exited the room, Watteau stopped and looked at the small piece of paper again. She blew a kiss on it and put it back in her drawer. She then walked out to catch up with Bastings. As we look closer into the drawer, we could see a small picture of a happy family in a countryside. A little girl stood in the middle of her parents, crouching down at her level. We can clearly see, that the little girl in the picture, was Watteau herself.

To be continued…

“Well?” asked Fern, hoping that her friend acknowledged her work. She gave a little longer time to read the rest for a few minutes. George had a slight case of dyslexia, which almost hindered him from reading words.

“Not bad for a start.” he acknowledged. “I actually liked it a lot.” One thing Fern liked from her stories was positive feedback she got from her friends.

“Glad you did.” Then, she looked at her wall clock. Its big hand was pointing to the north-east direction while the small one pointed south-east. “Say, I think mom should be done setting up refreshments. Wanna come down now?”

“Sure. And maybe afterwards, we can help inspire you with a little outdoor role-playing?”

“You’re on.” She placed down the pencil and notebook and the two kids walked down the stairs.

Virgule Watteau: War Detective (Chapter 1)

Virgule Watteau: War Detective

Arthur is © of Marc Brown and 9 Story Entertainment

Chapter 1: Pouring in Ideas

One morning in a small house in Elwood City, a young and eager writer was practically almost all day in her room coming up with the ultimate masterpiece. Something that outclasses all her other works. She adored detective or mystery novels and practiced her literature skills through role playing and her doll sets. For now she is coming up with a premise to start her new work. Her name is Fern Walters and her stories were mostly about her “alter ego”; a 1930’s French detective named Virgule Watteau. And that’s what THIS story is going to be about.

As she was about to put her pencil to use, a few knocks on the door stopped her. She sighed at the thought her mom would give her what seemed to be an endless amount of chores.

“Come in.” she called out. As the door opened in, it was indeed her mom, but instead of a list of chores, there was a different type of news.

“Fern, George is here to see you.” Fern smiled as her good friend from school entered the room to accompany her as she was writing.

“Hey George.” she greeted

“Hey Fern.” George greeted back.

“Well I’m going to prepare tea.” said Miss Walters. “Make yourself at home, George.”

“Sure thing, Miss Walters.” As Ms Walters left the room to make refreshments for the two, the kid duo tended to Fern’s work.

It’s a bummer that I didn’t get to go with the others to summer camp.” said George. “I couldn’t even leave the house now that my parents are out to a week’s vacation with their friends.”

“Well I wasn’t in the mood for outdoor stuff so I didn’t really bother packing” reassured Fern. “But you’re welcome here anytime, George.”

“So what’s the scoop this time?” asked George. Fern sat down on her bed and was ready to reveal her plans for her new story.

“I just thought of something after Mr Ratburn’s class on World War II. Something that outranks ALL my other works!”

“Is it going to be another one of Ladonna’s wacky tales?” George asked. Fern giggled as she remembered the time when she couldn’t think of a story to write and consulted to her classmate from Louisiana for help.

“No silly. What if the great Virgule Watteau and her sidekick Bastings went on the adventure of their lives? A single conflict brings them to their biggest set of cases and mysteries yet. It all begins now!”

“And about WWII?”

“That’s sorta the setting of the story.”

“You’re going to get Watteau involved in the fighting?”

“Well not exactly. But rather help out at home. You know, detectives solving cases in America.”

“Sounds like a plausible idea. But how are you going to start it off?” But Fern rested her head on her hands as she placed her elbows on her desk.

“That’s where I’m stuck at.” she said. “I don’t really know where to begin.”

“Hey, which reminds me.” George had something in mind. “I have this book about war posters from my uncle for my birthday last month. Wanna take a look for a bit?” Fern needed a break from half an hour’s worth of brainstorming for her premise. She nodded in agreement. George opened up his bag that he brought along with him and rummaged into it. He felt for his book when he took rather different item. It was an action figure of Bionic Bunny.

“Oops. I forgot to give this back to Buster at school.”  He put the figure back into the bag and continued searching. He finally took out a blue book with Rosie the Riveter’s “We Can Do It!” signature poster. They opened the book and read through the various war posters. They were quite amazed about how these symbolic pieces of art. They saw that most posters symbolized victory, the need for freedom and liberty and safety in the home front. But there were others that were rather disturbing.

“Yikes!” she yelped after looking at a very traumatizing, medieval-styled German poster. “These German posters are kinda scary.”

“They did terrorize Europe back then.” added George.

“And some of the Russian posters were just as scary, but some of the others are quite patriotic. I liked the American and British ones best. I can see how influential these works of paintings were.” Just then, Fern’s eyes and smile widened as if she had one of those “eureka!” moments.

“I got it!” she jumped.

“Got what?” asked George, curiously.

“My story! I now have an idea on how it will begin.”

“Great! So you wanna get to it?”

“I suppose. Thanks for bringing the book over.” George raised an eyebrow.

“Huh? That was what you had in mind?” he asked again.

“Something like that. Let’s get to work. Wanna help me out?”

In a British accent, George gave a proper thumbs up.

“Bastings reporting for duty!” Both sat on Fern’s bed and Fern grabbed her pencil. She took out her notebook and was prepared for the beginning of her masterpiece.

To be continued…

Power Rangers: Hexagon (Prologue)

Power Rangers: Hexagon

Disclaimer: Power Rangers is owned by Saban Brands.

Hey readers. So here I am with yet another ambitious project to run on. It’s basically a story that is based on an idea that came from a writer on the Wild Force series which he was unable to initiate due to the Saban-Disney transaction of the franchise. There are amny fanfics that came afterwards about the proposed season and this story will be one of them. So, for now, I hope you like this prologue I made to start off the day. Be sure to read & review, and I will catch you in the first chapter coming soon. See ya!



The planet Earth has been saved. It had been spared from the terror that was the evil Armada. It was all thanks to a very special force of good and justice.

For many times over, the world had been threatened by countless forms of evil, with goals varying, from conquering it to even destroying it. But there was only one way to stop each and every one of them.

There were teams of chosen individuals with attitude, selected by some of the wisest beings, to wield new awesome powers, powerful weapons and mighty robots called Megazords. Together, as one, each team of these heroes worked together to defeat their respective foes.

And when the Armada came in far superior numbers, the many teams eventually came as one, to form the biggest and most powerful combination of heroes anyone has ever seen. With the help of five teenagers with attitude, they clashed head on against the might of the Armada and the X-Borg army under the maleficent Emperor Mavro. Eventually, after much of fighting, the heroes got the upper hand and destroyed the Armada, taking Mavro with them. It was the Legendary Battle and the victorious legends that emerged were like no other. They were the greatest hope for the Earth. They were…

…the Power Rangers.


(A/N I will make the abbreviation of the Legendary Battle as ALB as in After Legendary Battle)

November 24th, 2015,

1 ALB,

Silver Guardian HQ,

New York City,

The bright afternoon shone over the busy city of New York, bustling with countless cars and other automobiles. And among the traffic jam, a lone black car just made a turn, free from the endless line of cars crowding the road. From there, it was smooth sailing as the car drove through the road without much difficulty.

Inside the car, at the driver’s seat, was a man, barely at his mid-30’s. He was wearing a red beret and a pair of shades. He was also sporting a thick, black military-grade uniform with long sleeves and several pockets on a darker vest over it. He was alone in the car; the passenger seat next to him had a silver briefcase with a logo that had the initials of ‘GGD’ on it.

The black car drove through outside the urban area and to a coastal area where a harbour was. In front of the car, there was a tall building, almost sixty-feet-tall. Outside the building, there was a flight of steps ascending towards the structure, where a group of similarly dressed men were standing in two lines, while one man stood in front of them. At both sides of them, there were also two lines of 21 different flags; each with a different insignia on them.

The car drove on the driveway in front of the audience. The man furthest ti the front waited for the car to make a stop, having his hands behind his back. The car soon made a complete stop in front of them. The driver then exited the vehicle and walked towards the men. He approached the other man and stood there. A smile formed on their faces, followed by a handshake and a friendly pat on the shoulder of the latter. The rest of the men behind remained standing at attention, motionless. The two men seemed to have shared a strong friendship, one that would eventually allow them to become exceptional partners in this orderly fashion.

“So, how was your day?” asked the first man. The other took of his glasses, closed the temple parts together and hooked them into his pocket so that the shades stick out.

“Well, you know, the usual traffic.” he replied. “I came here as soon as I could, Eric.” His voice changed from a friendly matter to a formal one, as if he was in the military.

“Do you have the package, Wes?” asked Eric. Wes nodded before he headed back to the car and opened the passenger door to take out the silver briefcase. Closing the door behind him, he walked back to Eric, pleasing the latter with a grin. Wes then handed Eric the briefcase. “Good. Let’s head on in.” He moved his head, motioning for Wes to follow him into the building. They, followed by the other men, all grouped up together and walked up the steps towards the building.

“So, what do you think the boss has got for us this time?” asked Wes.

“You mean your dad, or that boss?” Eric replied with another question.

“You know who I mean.” Eric gave a quiet snicker at the answer.

“Yeah, he is waiting inside. We shouldn’t keep him waiting. Whatever’s inside that case, it must be real important.”

“It has been a year since we defeated the Armada. I don’t really see why we should hide… whatever this stuff is.”

“All the more important.” Once they got inside through the doors, they walked on, passing through different types of people; some who were similarly dressed like them while there were others who wore black office suits and ties. The interior was a wide hallway like that of an ordinary office building. As they walked on, they approached a set of elevators. The anonymous men following them were soon told to be at ease by Eric while he and Wes walked into one of the lifts. Inside, the panel displayed a total of 60 plus buttons. There was also an extra panel with a small blinking red light. Wes then pulled out a key card and swiped it at the panel. Afterwards, the elevator soon began the descent downwards.

It took almost three minutes to journey to wherever the two men were going. Once those three minutes were up, the men could feel the force of the elevator slowly grinding to a stop. Next, the elevator suddenly shook and the doors finally opened.

They exited the elevator and walked along a long catwalk. They were in a very spacious room that looked like a hangar bay where below the catwalk, there was a large red sailship-like vessel, with anchors tied to the sides of the ship. It had cannons mounted across the sides and three large metal flaps that look like large sails. At the front it had a large gold and silver horn sticking out like a crest. Furthermore at the back, there were four protruding jet engines. All around the ship, mechanical arms swayed here and there, with torches fixing the ship while people down below constantly manned the arms. At one of the “sails”, a symbol that resembles a “skull and cross” like those found on a pirate ship.

Wes and Eric continued stepping across the catwalk, while work was being carried out down below. They soon approached a doorway. Stepping right outside, the doors opened automatically. They walked through a set of hallways, passing through more people. Finally after a minute of walking, they reached a certain pair of sliding doors that opened upon their arrival.

They walked inside what looked like a very dark room, with almost nothing in sight. Nothing, except a dim light in front of them. The doors closed and, in an instant, the room lit up, illuminating all darkness.

The room was something like a rich man’s room, with a long desk and a wheeled chair. There was also a portrait of a mystical-looking head with no hair and an illuminating effect behind it. Most importantly, behind the desk, there stood a man, standing firmly with his hands behind his back. He was watching the portrait in front of him while Wes and Eric awaited at the desk, putting the briefcase down on it. The man in front of them took a brief few seconds before he finally noticed the presence of the two officers.

“So…” he began, with a charismatic tone of voice. “You brought the files?”

“Yeah we did. So that’s what inside this case?” asked Wes. The man turned around while Wes and Eric stood at attention. He then gave a small chuckle.

“You don’t have to be so formal. We’ve known each other for a long while.”

“It’s out of habit.” said Eric with a grin, “Get used to it.” Wes gave Eric a slight nudge to the arm in response.

“Okay, maybe a little too informal there.”

“Anyways, yes, these are files that contain enough information that, should it fall into the wrong hands, it could spell disaster to the world.” The man opened up the case, revealing the stack of paper sheets kept in a folder. He took the folder and took out the papers. He then examined them one by one. On those files, there were the pictures of several coloured suits and the portraits of certain people, one for each coloured suit and helmet. Some of them have a symbol, symbols that match the ones on the flags outside the building.

After viewing most of the files, he placed the files back into the folder before looking up at the two men. His face had a very strong expression with spiky hair and a small beard. Around his neck, there was a medallion with a shield-like crest on it. He smiled at the face of the two officers and crossed his arms.

“So, you sure they are ready for this? And are you sure that something far worse than the Armada is coming?” The man looked towards a corkboard. It had maps, symbols and portraits. Up at the top middle, there stuck five larger pictures. Those were pictures of five teenage kids and each photo had a different colour; red, blue, black, yellow and pink. The red one had a man with gelled hair, a dark brown jacket over a red shirt. The blue one had a kid with glasses, curly hair and a blue shirt. The black one showed a kid with a big nose and a short-sleeved black shirt. Next, the yellow photo showed a girl with long blonde hair, a black jacket and a yellow shirt underneath. Finally, the pink picture had a girl with the same hairstyle, but it was coloured black instead and she had a blue denim jacket over a white shirt.

The mysterious man turned back at his company with a confident smile.

“I’m sure. So says Tommy Oliver.”


Meanwhile, up above the planet and into the stars, all is quiet as asteroids drifted along in one huge field. But then, out of the blue…

An asteroid soon exploded into a million pieces by a laser blast from nowhere. That was when a huge vessel appeared from where it came from. It had two frontal cannons and four large engines at the back, as well as two horse-like statues on it. Its cannons fired again, destroying more asteroids in its path. Behind it was a sight a little more unsettling. Amongst the dust caused by destroyed asteroids, more ships of its kind hovered behind, doing the same as the first ship. To make things more frightening, there was a larger ship right below them. It was almost the same as the other ships, except for a few differences. It had a large and sharp dorsal fin and extra missile pods on each side of the ship.

Inside the ship’s command deck just on top of it, there were multiple control consoles, each one manned by a weird-looking goon with a cylindrical metal head and metallic shoulder armour. Also, at the back, a tall throne stood atop a podium of stairs. On the throne, there was an alien figure, fiddling its fingers on the sides of the throne. It had a feminine figure with long wavy tentacles dropping down and had horns on her head. Her face looked like a skull face with a set of sharp teeth showing. Her shoulders were pointed out on the sides and she had a long draping cape. The alien continued to watch as her ship blasted asteroids on the way to wherever it was going. She raised her head and let out a small dark chuckle.

“Full speed ahead, my minions!” the alien ordered her subjects around her. “Those foolish Power Rangers will pay for what they did to our most powerful armada of the Empire. And more importantly…” She then clenched tightly and flung it to the side.

“They will pay for what they did to my beloved husband! They will submit to the rule of the Mavro Empire. I, Empress Verinora, swear it! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!” She yelled out, promising herself that her fallen husband, Emperor Mavro, would be avenged. The fleet of ships accelerated on towards their next destination. The destination of where she will have her revenge. The location…

… was Earth.

The Empire is fast coming. Can Tommy Oliver find a way to stop this pending threat before it’s too late? Find out, when the first chapter of Power Rangers Hexagon kicks off!


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